540+ Lovely Birthday Wishes for Sister

548 happy birthday wishes found:

Having a sister like you is one
of my greatest blessings in life.
I’m sending my very best birthday
wishes your way on your special
day today.
You’re really lovely now, sis
You’ll always be here in my heart, sister
Happy birthday, my dear sister!

How is it possible that as the years advance, you somehow manage to look younger and younger! I hope that’s something that runs in our family, sis!

May you have the best birthday today!
You’ll always be my little sidekick, brother
I'll always be older than you, little sis
Birthdays are a time to be thankful for all the wonderful things in your life, near or far, which is why I’m reminded of what a fabulous sister you are.
You’ll always be my sister from another mister
Two gorgeous girls with matching birthdays
From one sister to another, I want you to know how grateful I am for the unique bond that we share. Happy birthday, sis.
On this very special day that is yours,
I have only the sweetest birthday
wishes for a sister who is as close
to my heart as you are. You truly
mean the world to me and I am so
grateful to have you in my life, sis.

Wishing you a truly fab birthday.
A simple birthday wish for my dear sister
It’s mine and my twin sister’s birthday
Happy birthday to my dear sister who is
unlike any other.

You are truly unique and to me, you are as
special as can be. I can’t imagine there’s
another sister out there who is more
meaningful or as amazing as you are.
Beautiful birthday wishes for my little sister
We're like two peas in a pod
Happy birthday to my dear sister who I’m actually quite fond of now!

She’s not nearly as bad as I used to think she was when we were younger!
Sister, you bring so much joy and light into the world. May your special day be blessed with all the things that make you happy.
Happy birthday to you, little sister!

Your birthday is a truly unique one
As even when all is said and done
You might well be another year older
But you never age or get any wiser!
I’ll admit that when we were
growing up together there
were times when I used to
think that you were the worst…

You’re still not perfect but hey,
you’re not far off!

Happy birthday to you today,
my near-perfect sister!
Happy birthday, dear sister. It truly is heart-touching to have a beloved elder sister who I can look up to the way I do you.
Happy birthday to a sister who isn’t just special on her birthday, but who to me is special each and every day.

May this new year of your life bring you all the happiness and joy that your kind heart can hold.
These birthday wishes 
Are written with love
For a sister who was sent to
Me from the heavens above.

Happy birthday, my true 
Blessing of a sister.
Happy birthday to my sister from another mister! We may not share the same father, but you couldn’t be more of a sister to me!
Happy birthday, my dear!

A friendship like ours is so rare and
unique that in the whole world, I am
sure there are only a few.

I never knew it was possible to have
a friend like a sister until I met you!

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