Birthday Messages for Sister

543 happy birthday wishes found:

You are there and I am here, but
I am still thinking of you on your
special day, my dear.

No matter how far away from each
other we may find ourselves, you’ll
always be on my mind and forever
in my heart.

Happy birthday, my beautiful sister.
Touching birthday wishes for my forever friend
Two gorgeous girls with matching birthdays
For a sister so dear
I just wanted to say
I’m wishing you the most
Magnificent birthday. 

Happy birthday from my
Heart to yours, sister.
You are the best sister in the whole world
It’s mine and my twin sister’s birthday
Growing up we might have fought
We’d annoy each other non-stop
We got on each other’s nerves
For any other sibling I’d swap.

But I’ve grown to learn I’m very lucky
As baby sisters like you there are few
And deep down the truth is that 
I’d never trade a sister like you!

Happy birthday, my dear sister!
We're like two peas in a pod
A sister like you is a dream come true
These birthday wishes 
Are written with love
For a sister who was sent to
Me from the heavens above.

Happy birthday, my true 
Blessing of a sister.
Happy birthday to a sister so dear
who however far, is always near.

Sending you all my birthday love today.
My elder sister, the wisest person I know
I see a lot of myself in you, little sis
My dear sweet sister
Today is your special day
May it imprint on your heart
In the most memorable way.

Happy birthday and best wishes.
A simple birthday wish for my dear sister
Happy birthday to my fabulous sister
At times you might be annoying
Sometimes you drive me mad
But you’ll always be my sister
And really, you’re not all bad!

I guess if I’m totally honest
I wouldn’t choose anyone else!

Happy birthday to you, sis!
Happy birthday, dear sister!

What better gift is there than a 
sweet, thoughtful, and touching 
birthday message written from 
the heart? Something so truly 
sentimental that money simply 
cannot buy.

Okay, yeah, you guessed it…
I forgot to get you a gift!
Happy birthday to a sister who is a master of disguise! On the outside, you appear adorable and cute, but inside there hides a naughty little monster!
Another year brings another 
birthday to celebrate a brother 
who is simply unlike any other. 
You are a godsend of a sibling 
and I’ll forever be grateful to be 
your sister. 

Happy birthday, dear brother. 
May your special day bring the 
same warmth and happiness to 
your heart as you bring to mine. 
Having a sweet sister like you who touches the hearts of so many truly is a privilege and an honor. I’m so blessed to be related to you. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday to my dear sister who is
unlike any other.

You are truly unique and to me, you are as
special as can be. I can’t imagine there’s
another sister out there who is more
meaningful or as amazing as you are.
From each other, we’re far away
And we might not speak every day
But you’re always in my thoughts 
And you’ll forever be in my heart.
This is why to me, 
We’re never truly apart.

I’m sending you my dearest 
Birthday wishes today, sister.
If I had to describe what a sister
means to me in one word, I would
simply say everything. You mean
the whole world to me and more,
sis. You truly are a godsend.

I’m wishing you the happiest
birthday possible today.
Happy birthday to a sister who isn’t just special on her birthday, but who to me is special each and every day.

May this new year of your life bring you all the happiness and joy that your kind heart can hold.