Birthday Messages for Sister

543 happy birthday wishes found:

I wish I wasn’t so far away on your
special day but know that I’m thinking
of you and wishing you the happiest
of birthdays today, my dear sister.

We’ll celebrate when we’re next
together in person, I promise.
Today is my birthday but not mine alone
I’m proud to call you my sister
Happy birthday to a wonderful woman who I’m lucky enough to call my sister! May you have the most fabulous birthday celebrations ever today!
We're twins but one of us is younger, sis
You're my favourite person and best friend, sis
Happy birthday, my dear sister!

How is it possible that as the years advance, you somehow manage to look younger and younger! I hope that’s something that runs in our family, sis!

May you have the best birthday today!
A sibling's love lasts forever
I'm proud to have a sister like you
Happy birthday, my dear sister.

Every year that your birthday comes around it reminds me of all the wonderful memories I have of us, especially from our childhood since growing up with a girl as great as you made being a kid so sweet.

May your birthday this year warm your heart the way you’ve warmed mine all these years.
Happy birthday from your favorite sister! I thought it might be nice, on your special day, for you to know that you’re my favorite brother too!
Our birthday is my favorite day of the year
Wishes of happiness to brother from sister
For an elder sister like you
And for everything you do
I’m wishing you a great birthday
And a wonderful year ahead too. 
May it be full of surprises
And many special moments
May it warm your kind heart
Just as you’ve warmed mine.

Happy birthday, sis.
I couldn’t ever forget your birthday, sis
People usually think you're the younger one
Happy birthday, my dear sister.

Just because we can’t be together in person, it doesn’t mean I’m not thinking of you on your special day today. You could be as far away as the moon and still, you’d never be far from my thoughts.

I’m sending my very best wishes and lots of love your way today, sis.
Close to my heart
You will always be
The whole entire world
You mean to me
Of you, I will forever be
So incredibly fond
For siblings undeniably share
A unique and special bond.

Happy birthday to you,
My dear sister.
Happy birthday to you, little sister!

Your birthday is a truly unique one
As even when all is said and done
You might well be another year older
But you never age or get any wiser!
Happy birthday, dear sister. It truly is heart-touching to have a beloved elder sister who I can look up to the way I do you.
I’ll admit that when we were
growing up together there
were times when I used to
think that you were the worst…

You’re still not perfect but hey,
you’re not far off!

Happy birthday to you today,
my near-perfect sister!
Happy birthday to my cute, crazy, and
forever fabulous sister! You’re a girl I’m
almost always glad to have as my sister!
My dear sister,

I’m writing you a letter on your birthday, filled with words from the heart to let you know just how dear and meaningful you are to me. We grew up alongside one another, we’ve come a long way, making lots of wonderful and touching memories along the way. You always have, and always will be, one of the most special ladies to me.

May you have a truly happy and joy-filled birthday this year, sister.
I’m wishing a heartfelt happy birthday to my dear brother today as he turns another year older and more wonderful than ever. Best wishes to you from your adoring sister.
For my dear sister who truly deserves the
world, I’m wishing the most heartwarming
birthday I could give someone.

A very happy birthday to you, and may
your special day see that all of your
dreams and wishes come true.