Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

Were found 26 happy birthday messages:

Today I am wishing my lovely daughter, the apple of my eye, the very best birthday! 

I hope that life always brings you happiness, just as you deserve. You are the sweetest, kindest, most caring young person I know, and I am so proud and lucky to be able to call you my daughter! 

Sending you all my love on your special day this year, my dear!

Kisses from mom!
I am so blessed that my best friend just so happens to also be my daughter!

You can never be too close to your daughter and I wouldn't change our relationship for the world, my dear!

Wishing you lots of love and all the happiness possible on your special day! I hope you have the happiest birthday ever, my darling daughter!
Daughter of mine,
I remember the day
you were born as
clear as yesterday;
it was the happiest
of my life. Today we
celebrate it yet again,
for you have casted
your beautiful light upon
our lives another year.
Happy birthday, love!
Today I am one very proud mom,
as I am wishing a very happy
birthday to my number one girlie! 

Girls stick together and I’ll be glad
to always have you by my side, my
darling daughter! 

You are an exemplary human being,
my dear, one of which I am blessed
to have as a daughter and as a friend.
There’s something so special and so
unique about you, as you have such
a special way of brightening the lives
of all of those around you!

Wishing you all the love and happiness
possible on your special day, my dear!
Happy birthday, daughter!

I know that today is a special day for
you, but it’s also an equally special
day for me as I get to celebrate the
birth of my incredible daughter! 

Sending you lots of love today!
Sending the biggest and
the best birthday wishes
to my fabulous daughter!

I hope your day is as special
as you are, my dear!
My gorgeous girl turns another year older
and another year more beautiful today!

Lots of love from mom!
Wishing the very best birthday to
my gorgeous daughter today!

I hope your day is filled with nothing
but happiness and good times!

You deserve the world, my dear,
and today I hope you get that!

My best wishes and lots of kisses
to you, my darling daughter!

Today I have the pleasure of
wishing a very happy birthday
to my spectacular daughter!

You make me prouder with
each passing year, my dear!
I am so lucky to have such a
wonderful, kind and special
daughter like you!

Thank you for continuing to
grow into the beautiful person
that you are becoming!

Lots of love from your
incredibly proud mom!
It’s true that every mom thinks
they have the best daughter,
but I actually know that I do!

Wishing you lots of love and
happiness this year, my dear!
I’ve been nurturing you since
you were young and I don’t
see that ever changing even
as you get older!

It’s a mother's prerogative!

Love you, my dear daughter!
Happy birthday, my dear daughter!

This year I am sending you the
biggest gesture of motherly love
that I can think of - a heartfelt
birthday message just for you!

I’m wishing for all of your dreams
to come true today, and that you
have nothing short of a lifetime
of happiness ahead!

I love you with all my heart, my
beautiful daughter!
Happy birthday, my
dear daughter! 

You are blossoming
into such a beautiful
young lady! 

Wishing you many
years of happiness!
Happy birthday from your number one fan: your loving mom!

Wishing you a lovely day and an eventful year ahead, my dear daughter!
Happy birthday, my sweet daughter!

You really do take after me, as you’re
incredibly smart and stunningly beautiful!

Lucky you!