Birthday Prayers

Were found 39 happy birthday messages:

I’m sending you a sweet birthday
prayer from my heart and hoping
that your special day is full of
many wonderful blessings.

A very happy birthday to you today.

May God continue to cast love and
joy upon your life.
I’m sending my greatest prayers and blessings to you on your special day today, my friend.

I hope you’re greeted with an abundance of love on your birthday this year!
My most precious prayers and wishes are reserved for you today, my dear!

A very happy birthday to you!
On your birthday this year, my dear, I have only the sweetest prayers in my heart for you. I wish for only happiness to grace your life each and every day, but just that little bit more so on your special day.

Happy birthday to you today!
On your birthday this year, my friend, I have a simple birthday prayer for you.

My hope for you is plainly this, that the year ahead brings only good things to your life, showering you with an abundance of joy and happiness.

My prayer is pure and simple as it may be, it’s truly special in all its simplicity.
Happy birthday, my dear! As you celebrate another glorious year of your life, know that you are constantly in my prayers and always in my heart!
Happy birthday! I always pray that your life is surrounded by love and joy, but I am praying just that little bit more for you today on your special day!

I am so thankful to God that you are a part of my life, my dear!
On your birthday today, my dear, I am praying that you are blessed with all of the most beautiful and wonderful things life has to offer! Happy birthday to you!
May your heart be blessed with the immense love of those who adore you.

Happy birthday! My sweetest prayers to you today!
I pray that the love of God shines brightly upon you each and every day of your life, my dear. I’m wishing you a truly joyous birthday today!
On my birthday this year, I just want to take a moment to give thanks to our Almighty Lord for blessing me with all the greatness I have in my life.

I’m truly grateful for all that I have, and I pray for another glorious year ahead!
Happy birthday, my dear!

You truly are such an integral part of my life, and I pray that this birthday brings you all the happiness in life that you are so deserving of.

I’m sending you all my love today!
I’m praying that the Lord gives you all
the strength you need to overcome
any of life’s difficulties, my friend.

You have a beautiful soul and deserve
to be rewarded with the most blissful
year ahead! Happy birthday to you
today, my dear!
Another glorious year has passed us by and I pray that the year ahead is just as kind to you, my friend!

I’m sending my most special wishes and lots of love to you as you celebrate your birthday today!
Happy birthday, my friend! The world is filled with so much beauty and I pray that as much of it as possible comes your way.

You have the kindest, fullest heart out of anyone I know and you deserve only the most beautiful things in life!