Birthday Messages for Son

Were found 21 happy birthday messages:

My son, you’re my greatest achievement in life, and everyday you make me proud to be your mother. Today I wish you a happy birthday and once more I say:

I love you forever and ever!

Happy birthday, my dearest son!
I wish you only the best:
lots of love, success and
the richest experiences.

I love you unconditionally,
and that is something that
will never change.
You are part of me, and
that means a chunk of my
heart will always belong to you.

One can only imagine all the wonders a son will bring into our life. I know now a tad more about it, for my lovely son, came into mine dazzling like the brightest star. And today we celebrate that special moment he became part of our world.

Happy birthday, my son, my love! May your day be filled with joy and may your wishes come true. I love you unconditionally, and forever my happiness will be linked to yours.

Happy birthday, son!
Once you were a tiny baby,
now you are a big boy and
one day I hope you’ll be a
great man. That’s the path
I’ll be glad to see you take,
but nonetheless, wherever
you go, whomever you
became, I will always love
you and be proud of you.
Have a wonderful day!

My son, hope you have a happy birthday! Take some time to celebrate, but also to thank for all the good things you have in your life. Love you with all my heart!

Happy birthday, my lovely child! Grow as you will, you'll always be my baby. Wishing you tons of happiness, love and health.

Lovely baby of mine, today marks the first year of your life, and what a year that was. Every second of it was of wonder and joy, for even the not so good was perfect on itself.

You are the light of my heart, the love of my life. Happy birthday, my angel!

One year ago you came into our lives and cast upon them a beautiful light of love and happiness. It’s your first birthday, my angel, the first of many more.

And all I ask is for you to find joy in every second of your life, my precious baby!

Dear baby, happy first birthday! May this year be the first of many many more, always filled with joy, love and health.

Happy first birthday, baby boy! For twelve months you’ve been blessing our lives with joy and love.

And all we want is for yours never grow shorter of happiness, and that all your dreams may be achieved by you.

We love you!

Happy first
birthday to the
cutest baby
of all time!
I hope your little
heart will grow full of
love and kindness;
always smiling,
always grateful.

May you be the light
that brightens the lives
of those around you

It was boring being an only son. But everything changed on the day you were born. I gained a playmate, a friend and someone to take the blame when I misbehaved. But then you learned how to talk.

Love you, little bro! Have the most wonderful of days!

Dear mother-in-law,
I’m grateful to have
you in my life, for you
are truly the best and
I am the proudest
son-in-law there is.

Today I’m wishing you
a wonderful birthday,
and I hope life never
stops surprising you
with lovely things.

Since the day you were born you took hold of a big spot in my heart. You are a wonderful boy, the most dearest of nephews, and I love like if you were my own son.

Have a lovely birthday, and may your dearest dreams come true!

I thought of your son as one of a kind. But then I met you and I was glad to see that there was two. Both of you are so gentle and loving. I could not wish for a better family than this. The apple really doesn't fall far from the tree.

I hope you have a fantastic day and a fantastic year to come!