Birthday Messages for Son

481 happy birthday wishes found:

To my wonderful son on your 25th birthday, know that not a single day has passed where I haven’t been grateful for the blessing that you are. Happy birthday!
I was blessed with the greatest mother ever
Son, you are a boy who deserves nothing but happiness day in and day out, and even more so today on your very special day.

I’m sending you heartfelt wishes of love and joy, my boy. May your birthday this year be as wonderful as it can possibly be.
Happy birthday, dad!

You might feel fortunate and blessed on your special day, but the truth is that really I’m the lucky one for being your son!
Happy birthday to someone so very dear to my heart! Not only are you my son, but you’re also my very best friend.

It brings me so much joy to see what a wonderful person you have become.

Enjoy your day, buddy!
Happy birthday to my favourite son!

A mother shouldn’t have a favourite but
you’re so wonderful it’s difficult not to!
My dear son,

No matter how old you become
To me, you will always be
My most special one. 
You truly are my pride and joy.

May you have the very best
And happiest birthday today.
Happy birthday, my dearest son!
I wish you only the best:
lots of love, success and
the richest experiences.

I love you unconditionally,
and that is something that
will never change.
You are a part of me, and
that means a chunk of my
heart will always belong to you.
For a son so spectacular,
So great and swell
I’m hoping these heartfelt
Wishes find you well. 

Happy birthday, sweetie.
It’s time to celebrate
As today our son turns 18
We’re very proud parents
On the birthday of our teen!

Cheers to you, son!
I am so proud of how you’ve grown up
and of the man you’re becoming. You
should be incredibly proud too, son.

Happy birthday from dad.
My dear boy, the older you get the
better you become! You just keep
improving with age!

I’m proud of you, son. Happy birthday!
A son like you
No matter what you do
Will always shine brightly
To me, in my eyes.

I’m wishing you the most incredible
18th birthday today, son.

May the future that awaits you
Be full of the most wonderful
Opportunities and experiences,
Bringing much success to your life.
Happy 25th birthday to you today, son!

I will always care and worry about
you deeply but now that you’re such
a responsible young man I can finally
start to relax a bit!

Thank you for being the wonderful
young man that you are! 
Happy birthday from your old dad,
my dear boy.

I want you to know that for as old
as you get, I will always look out
for you and give you everything
that I have.

You are the most important
person in the world to me, son.
I’m wishing you the best
On your 18th birthday, son
As your path into adulthood
Has well and truly begun.

May you have endless adventures,
The greatest opportunities, and
Above all, constant happiness in
Everything that you do.

Happy birthday, son.