200+ Best Blessing Birthday Wishes for Your Son

As you reach this magical milestone,
my wonderful son, I am sending you
the happiest 25th birthday wishes
with all my love. 

Forever proud of you,
Behind a great son is an even better mom
Happy birthday
to the perfect son!

You’re polite,
and respectable.

You work hard at school
and get great grades.

You hang out with a great
bunch and your friends
are all lovely.

I am very blessed to
have such a perfect,
wonderful son!

Have a fantastic day,
my dear boy!
To the world’s greatest and most
spectacular son, I’m wishing a
very happy birthday from mom.

May your special day be as
special as you are and may
all of your hopes, dreams,
and wishes come true today.
My wonderful little boy turns 1 today! Happy first birthday, my sweetheart!

You might not fully know or understand yet, but I love you with my whole heart. There truly isn’t anything as special or as unique as a mother’s love for her son.
Today, my wonderful son turns
a quarter of a century old!

To say I am proud of you as you
reach this magnificent milestone
would be a huge understatement.

May you continue to fill my heart
with pride by being the inspirational
person that you are, and here’s to
the next 25 years being as great
as the first have been!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you, my beloved son.

I’m sending you wishes for a
heart-warming birthday this year,
for you truly are my biggest blessing
whom I hold so very dear.

Enjoy your special day, you deserve it.
Son, I’ve only ever wished the best for you in life and I’ll continue to do so forevermore. Happy birthday from mom. 
Happy 18th birthday, son.

Today marks the beginning of you
becoming a man and you already
have a strong foundation to start
from. I’m so very proud of you.
To my wonderful son on your 25th birthday, know that not a single day has passed where I haven’t been grateful for the blessing that you are. Happy birthday!
My darling son, I want to wish you a very, very happy birthday today!

I know I tell you all the time, but I am so proud of you and everything that you are. You fill me with pride each and every time I look at you. You really are the best gift life could’ve given me.

Enjoy your day, and enjoy being spoiled rotten with lots and lots of gifts today!
My dear son,

No matter how old you become
To me, you will always be
My most special one. 
You truly are my pride and joy.

May you have the very best
And happiest birthday today.
It’s your special day, son
Happy birthday we’ll sing
In joyous celebration of
All the joy that you bring.
You’re truly inspirational
The most wonderful boy
So here’s to you this year
And many more to enjoy.
Happy birthday, mom! Year after year it becomes even more apparent to me just how lucky I am to be your son!
My dear boy, the older you get the
better you become! You just keep
improving with age!

I’m proud of you, son. Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you today
My pride and joy, my son.

However old you become
However big you grow
My heart will always belong to you
That I want you to always know.

I’m sending you all the love a
Father could have, my boy.

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