Birthday Messages for Son

481 happy birthday wishes found:

Many congratulations to you as you turn 25 years of age today, my son!

It’s true that most people think their son is special, but I know for a fact that mine is!

A very happy birthday to you!
My son, I hope you have a happy birthday!

Take some time to celebrate, but also take
a moment to appreciate all of the good
things you have in your life.

Love you with all my heart!
There is no other day more perfect
than your birthday to tell you how
incredibly proud and how much I
admire who you’ve become, my
dear son. You’ve turned out to
be a wonderful boy and the
sweetest person.

I have only the greatest love and
an abundance of pride for you.
Happy birthday from mom.
My beloved son, as you turn 18 may you cherish all of the wonderful things that are already in your life and continue to welcome even more.
On the day of your 18th birthday
What can I say to you, my son
To recognize all of the incredible
Things that you have done.

I could tell you over and over
About how proud of you I am
That you’ve grown up to become
A true inspiration for your mom.

May you enjoy your special day
Of celebration, my wonderful son.
Congratulations, son. May you have the very best and happiest 18th birthday today.

I wish the best for you always, but I’m wishing just that little bit more so today.
Happy birthday, sport!

Today is a very proud one for me,
as it marks another year of what
a remarkable young man you are
turning out to be!

You truly are a credit to me,
and I couldn’t be any prouder
to call you my son!

Have a wonderful birthday, my boy!
On your very first birthday
that sees you turn one,
I want to wish you a happy
birthday from my heart
with lots of love from mom. 
Happy birthday to a very special lady
who’s celebrating another glorious
year of life today!

I am so thankful for all that you are
and all that you do. You truly are an
amazing mom to this very lucky son!
Dear son, your special day has come around once again but in reality, each and every day should be special for a kind, sweet, and wonderful boy like you.

Happy birthday to you, and may all of your days be happy and full of joy.
You’re 25 today, son! Happy birthday!

I hope you don’t have a quarter-life crisis but if you do know that I’ll be right here next to you. 
My dear son, I always have your best
interests at heart but I’m sending my
very best and extra special wishes to
you on your special day this year. I
hope everything you wish for today
comes true for you.

Happy birthday from your forever
adoring father.
Each year that I have you in my life to cherish is another blessing, my dear boy, but your 18th birthday is a particularly special year to celebrate.

May all the happiness in the world come your way as you celebrate your first day of adulthood today. Happy birthday, son, from your ever-adoring mother.
You make me proud each and every day and the more grown up you become, the more of myself I see in you. May you continue growing to be even more of the wonderful man you’ve already shown yourself to be.

Happy birthday from dad, my dear son.
A son only has one father
I’m so glad that you’re mine
You’re always there for me
You’re my rock, my lifeline.

Happy birthday, dad.