Birthday Messages for Son

472 happy birthday wishes found:

You’re 25 today, son! Happy birthday!

I hope you don’t have a quarter-life crisis but if you do know that I’ll be right here next to you. 
Happy birthday to a very special lady
who’s celebrating another glorious
year of life today!

I am so thankful for all that you are
and all that you do. You truly are an
amazing mom to this very lucky son!
Happy birthday to my wonderful son.

The older you get, the more of myself I see in you. You are a man after my own heart and I will always be so proud of you, my dear son.

Best birthday wishes from dad.
I am so proud of how you’ve grown up
and of the man you’re becoming. You
should be incredibly proud too, son.

Happy birthday from dad.
A son like you
No matter what you do
Will always shine brightly
To me, in my eyes.

I’m wishing you the most incredible
18th birthday today, son.

May the future that awaits you
Be full of the most wonderful
Opportunities and experiences,
Bringing much success to your life.
You make me proud each and every day and the more grown up you become, the more of myself I see in you. May you continue growing to be even more of the wonderful man you’ve already shown yourself to be.

Happy birthday from dad, my dear son.
Happy birthday to the best son any parent
could wish for!

You are the biggest blessing in my life and
you make me feel like the luckiest mother
in the whole world. Thank you for always
being the wonderful boy that you are.
My spectacular son, I’m wishing you
the happiest of birthdays from the
deepest depths of my heart today.

You continue to inspire and delight
just by being the wonderful person
that you are, my sweet boy.
Each year that I have you in my life to cherish is another blessing, my dear boy, but your 18th birthday is a particularly special year to celebrate.

May all the happiness in the world come your way as you celebrate your first day of adulthood today. Happy birthday, son, from your ever-adoring mother.
Happy birthday to someone so very dear to my heart! Not only are you my son, but you’re also my very best friend.

It brings me so much joy to see what a wonderful person you have become.

Enjoy your day, buddy!
I’m sending your birthday wishes from the heart today, my dear son.

May you have a birthday that’s as wonderful and as unique as you are, as you truly deserve a great day that celebrates the blessing that you are.
A son like you who has created a love so true will forever be a special blessing in my life.

Happy birthday from mom, my dear boy.
Happy birthday to my son,
a boy like no other.

Every single day you make
me proud to be your mother.

Happy 25th birthday to you today, son!

I will always care and worry about
you deeply but now that you’re such
a responsible young man I can finally
start to relax a bit!

Thank you for being the wonderful
young man that you are! 
You are my biggest blessing and my greatest joy. I adore you with my whole entire heart, I always have, and I always will.

May you have the spectacular birthday that you are so deserving of this year, my dear son. Happy birthday from mom.