Birthday Messages for Daughter

Were found 24 happy birthday messages:

Daughter of mine,
I remember the day
you were born as
clear as yesterday;
it was the happiest
of my life. Today we
celebrate it yet again,
for you have casted
your beautiful light upon
our lives another year.
Happy birthday, love!

On this auspicious day,
the one in which you
came into our lives, I’m
wishing you, my child, the
most wonderful birthday!

You are the daughter of
my dreams, and yours
is the laughter that brightens
my days. Love you with all
my heart, and I will love
you forever and beyond!

My loving daughter, today we celebrate your life, your beautiful and lovely existence. Happy birthday, my child!

May your life be blessed with much love, happiness and health. And may all of your dreams come true.

I’m sure they will, because as long as you fight for what you want, and always be true to yourself, you will thrive and be successful. Love you, my dear!

You are an amazing woman: a loving mother to our grandchildren, a great wife to our son and a lovely daughter to us. We love having you in our family.

Thank you for all your kindness and joy.

Have the most amazing of birthdays!

Happy birthday, my lovely daughter! Wishing you a wonderful day, and a lifetime of joy and success. Love you, my beautiful girl!

To you, my beautiful and loving daughter, I wish a wonderful birthday! May your life be always happy and full of good surprises.

In me you’ll always find the most truest of loves, and all the comfort and care you’ll need. All I want is for you to find happiness, no matter what. So never stop looking, never stop fighting for you and for your dreams,

I’ll be here to celebrate your victories or pick you up in defeat. Love you more than life itself!

Today we celebrate the birth of a very special person indeed, our lovely daughter-in-law!

You are a sunbeam on the life of those around you and a true blessing in the life of our son. He is a different man since he met you. Thank you for being the beautiful woman that you are.

We wish you a fantastic birthday and many more to come!

Happy birthday, dear daughter-in-law! You are the shiniest star in the galaxy of our family! May all your wishes come true!

Let us begin by forgetting this in-law nonsense and just call you daughter. So, dear daughter, this is your special day and we have chosen this day to say that you are very special to us.

Our son always had a sweet tooth, so, no wonder he chose such a sweet girl to share his life.

You are a spectacular mother to our grandchildren. They follow you around everywhere you go and they truly love you and admire you.

You really warm the hearts of everyone around you with your gentle smile and your way of caring after others.

Please feel all our love in this special day!

You are the perfect spouse for our son. We never thought he would ever find the right person. Someone who could give him love and care and who would be a good wife for him.

But then you came along. You were so sweet that you won him over immediately. Well, you won us over immediately with all your grace and tenderness.

Every day we have you in our lives is more special because of it. We are so happy for having you here and for sharing many more years. You are a great addition to our family!

Have a very special birthday, dear daughter-in-law!

You add loads of fun to our family gatherings. We are blessed for having you in our lives. Have an amazing birthday, dear daughter-in-law!

Happy birthday, my lovely child! Grow as you will, you'll always be my baby. Wishing you tons of happiness, love and health.

Lovely baby of mine, today marks the first year of your life, and what a year that was. Every second of it was of wonder and joy, for even the not so good was perfect on itself.

You are the light of my heart, the love of my life. Happy birthday, my angel!

One year ago you came into our lives and cast upon them a beautiful light of love and happiness. It’s your first birthday, my angel, the first of many more.

And all I ask is for you to find joy in every second of your life, my precious baby!

Dear baby, happy first birthday! May this year be the first of many many more, always filled with joy, love and health.