Birthday Messages for Daughter

363 happy birthday wishes found:

To you, my beautiful and loving daughter, I wish a wonderful birthday! May your life always be happy and full of nice surprises.

In me, you’ll always find the truest of loves and all the comfort and care you’ll ever need. All I want is for you to find happiness, no matter what. So never stop searching, never stop fighting for what you believe in and always follow your dreams.

I’ll be here to celebrate your victories and I’ll also be here to pick you up when you’re down. Love you more than life itself!
May your 21st birthday bring you happiness
You’re 18 now but you're still my little girl
May God grant you many blessings on your special day this year, daughter. You are my eternal joy.

Happy birthday with love from mom.
A birthday prayer for my beloved daughter
Heartfelt 18th birthday wishes from mom and dad
It would be impossible for me not to cherish you as much as I do when I have a daughter as precious as you.

The adoration I have for you is greater than that I have for any other. You mean everything to me, my dear, you are my whole entire world.

I hope you have the most wonderful birthday ever today, my darling girl!
Niece, I’m so proud of you as you turn 18
Happy birthday to my grown-up daughter
Happy 18th birthday to my wonderful daughter! May this very special milestone warm your heart just as you’ve warmed mine for the last 18 years.
Today, I’m wishing a very happy
18th birthday to my daughter.

You are my pride and joy, my
inspiration, and each year you
continue to make me proud.

I wish only the very best for you
as you embark on your journey
of adulthood, my dear.
Happy 7th birthday, daughter
Heart-touching wishes for a sweet daughter
My sweet daughter,
Even before your very first birthday,
I have loved you with all my heart.

Happy birthday and lots of love from dad.
Being the mom of a fab 21-year-old is a blessing
Happy 18th birthday from mom and dad
Today, my darling daughter, you become an adult. I hope you know how meaningful you are to me and how proud I am to be your mom.

Happy 18th birthday, sweetheart.
Today is a special day for my daughter as she is celebrating her very first birthday!

It’s also special for me too, as it marks a whole year since my baby entered the world and 12 full months of love and truly incredible memories!
I’m wishing you all the love, happiness,
and success possible in the world as
you turn the grand age of 21 today,
my precious daughter.

May your future be bright.
21 years ago the most beautiful blessing
came into my life.

Happy birthday, my sweet daughter.
You deserve the world today and always.
After today
I can officially say
I am the proud parent
To the most wonderful
18-year-old girl.

Happy birthday from mom,
My sweet daughter.
Year after year you impress me even more,
and that’s only one of the many reasons
why you’re the daughter I adore!

Happy birthday from dad!
Happy birthday to you today, my fabulous daughter!

There is a very special and unique bond between a daughter and her dad, and I thank my lucky stars each and every day that I get to share that bond with you. 

I’m sending my very best wishes to you today on your special day, my sweet girl. Lots of love from dad.
Happy 21st, daughter. May this magnificent milestone birthday unlock the door to your happiness and a bright future ahead.
A daughter, a friend, and an inspirational young woman. I’m sending you all my love from the very bottom of my heart today, my sweetheart.

Happy 18th birthday to you.