Birthday Messages for Daughter

363 happy birthday wishes found:

Our precious daughter turns another year older and more fabulous than ever today! Happy birthday from mom and dad, princess!
Daughter, your birthday is just another opportunity for me to express my sincere and heartfelt love for you.

You are so dear to my heart and my biggest achievement in life. I am so incredibly proud that I am able to call myself your father.

Happy birthday from dad, my dear daughter.
Daughter, on your very special day this
year, we simply can’t tell you enough how
blessed we are to be the parents of such
a wonderful girl. You are our pride and joy.

Happy birthday from mom and dad.
Happy birthday to my kind, caring, and beautiful daughter. Not only are you my daughter, but you’re also my very best friend. Love you lots, my sweetheart.
My dear daughter is turning
21 years old today, so let 
The celebrations commence
On this very special day!

Cheers, and may you enjoy 
The biggest slice of cake!
Today, we celebrate 21 years of you, daughter. Here’s to another 21 years that are just as magnificent as these have been.
I’ll always be grateful for having a daughter who is as sweet and as inspirational as you, my dear. I’m wishing you the happiest birthday possible today.
21 years of happiness and 21 years of joy,
that’s what you have given to me each year
since you were born, my dear daughter.
Thank you for all the love and warmth you
have brought to my heart over the years.

I’m wishing you the happiest of birthdays
on this special milestone and a lovely
future ahead for you. Best birthday
wishes from mom.
My daughter is making her debut as a woman today as she turns 18! Happy 18th, my dear! It feels like only yesterday you were still a cute little girl!
Happy 18th birthday to my gorgeous girl
who becomes a wonderful woman today!
I am so proud and truly blessed that my
dear daughter is also my dearest friend.
A daughter as sweet
And as adorable as you
Will always warm my heart
With all the things you do.

Happy birthday, my princess.
Happy 18th birthday from dad, my dear
daughter! Watching you grow up and
blossom into the beautiful woman that you
are today has been my greatest joy in life.
I wish the best for you always, daughter, but just that little bit more so today. My birthday wishes for you this year come from the very bottom of my heart.
You only turn 21 once, my dear daughter,
so I hope that you may enjoy it to the
fullest! I’m sending my very best wishes
your way today, sweetie!
Each year of your life is a blessing and every birthday of yours is special, my dear, but this one even more so. Happy 18th birthday, my beautiful daughter.