Happy Birthday to a Crazy Friend

Were found 53 happy birthday messages:

Happy birthday to my crazy friend who is always just off the wall!

I can tell that when we’re out in public together people look at me with pity for having to deal with such a nutcase!

I love you for who you are, though, and I wouldn’t change you for the world, bestie!

I hope you have an awesome birthday!
Wishing you an insanely good birthday
My hilarious and crazy friend
A crazy friend is the best kind of friend, which makes you the greatest of them all!

Happy birthday to you today, my dear!
Life’s always a party with you around
Someone just as wonderfully weird as me
Happy birthday to the craziest girl I know!

You couldn’t be any more wild and
wonderful than you already are, and
I wouldn’t have you any other way!
Today, I’m wishing the happiest birthday to the craziest chick and most fabulous friend in the world! I hope your special day is an unforgettable one!
We have shared some crazy times together
and here’s to many more, my loopy friend!

Wishing you an insane birthday this year!
You’re mad, crazy, loopy, and
bonkers… And I wouldn’t want
to have you any other way!

Happiest of birthdays to you
today, my dear friend!
Happy birthday to my crazy friend
who should definitely get checked
by a psychiatrist!

Just kidding, bestie! Have a great day!
Happy birthday to my friend
who is truly bonkers!

Honestly, I have never had a
friend who is as crazy as you
are, and I love it!

Whenever I am with you, fun
is guaranteed! Thank you for
always lighting up my day and
bringing a smile to my face!

Wishing you all the best on
your special day this year,
my loopy friend!
Happy birthday to someone who knows
all my dirt yet is crazy enough to still be
friends with me anyway! That’s how you
know you have a true friend!

I hope you have a fabulous day full of
celebration, my dear!
I’m sending some crazy birthday wishes
to the craziest girl I know today!

I hope your special day this year is an
insane one, my friend!
Happy birthday to you, my weird and
wonderful friend! May your birthday this
year be as wild and as crazy as you are!
Many happy returns to a
very nutty friend of mine!

Wishing you a totally crazy
birthday this year!
Happy birthday, weirdo!

When we’re together it is pure
and utter craziness, my friend!

We’re definitely the weirdest
people I know!

I hope you enjoy an awesome
birthday and a year ahead
that’s filled with even more
crazy stuff, bestie! 
You don’t have to be crazy to be your
friend, but it certainly helps! At least
that way we’re both on the same page!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to a dear but crazy
friend of mine!

You are off your trolley, my friend!

Enjoy your special day!