Birthday Wishes for School Friend

Were found 18 happy birthday messages:

Ever since the first day we met at school,
I knew we’d be best friends for life!
School might not always be the most fun,
but I always look forward to seeing
my best bud each school day!

Have an awesome birthday and I hope
you get everything you wished for today!
Wishing a very happy birthday
to my best buddy!

We spend all day together at
school and most of our time
outside of school, too!

I love your company and having
you around. You’re a great pal
and I’m very proud to be able
to call you my friend!

Have an awesome birthday!
My dear friend, I’m sending you the biggest, best birthday wishes today!

I can’t imagine not having you around at school, you are such a character with a fantastic personality and the classes just wouldn’t be the same without you!

I hope you get all that you wished for this birthday, and that all of your aspirations for this coming year come true!
I am happy to celebrate another year of your life, my dear friend and classmate.

You are a dedicated and model student with a straight A record who has helped me in many subjects. All the teachers, janitors and classmates adore you, just for being the great and amazing person you are.

I am so proud to be your friend and to have shared so many great memories and amazing moments with you, both in school and in life. You really are a remarkable human being.

I hope you have the spectacular birthday you deserve and many more academic achievements, my dear friend.
One of the best things about school
is the amazing people you meet and
the lifelong friendships you make,
and I can say for sure that I have
found a lifelong friend in you!

I hope that you have an amazing
birthday that’s as amazing as you
are, my dear friend!
Happy birthday, bud!

I know it isn’t uncommon for people
to meet their best friend in school,
but I never in my wildest dreams
would've dreamt that I would find
such an incredible friend like you!

You surpass every expectation that
anyone could want in a friend as you
are so loyal, compassionate and
above all, the most trustworthy out
of anybody I have ever met.

Thank you for always being an
amazing friend, and making school
life that much more tolerable!

I hope that you have a fantastic
birthday today, and experience
nothing but happiness throughout
all the years ahead!
Happy birthday to my 
best friend at school,
I want to tell you today
that you really do rule!
Happy birthday, man!

We see each other almost every day, in and out of school. Our friendship is true, if it wasn’t we wouldn’t choose to spend so much time together!

Have the best birthday and an incredible year to come, my friend!
Wishing a happy birthday to an old friend from school!

I hope the years have been treating you well, and that life is good for you! We’re long overdue a catch-up, my friend!

Wishing you but happiness and all things great on your special day!
My dear friend, I’m wishing you a
very happy birthday today!

Thank you for always supporting me,
especially when I’m stressing over exams
and deadlines, but also for giving me space
when you can sense I need it.
You always know when to give just the
right balance, since you know me so well!

Have an awesome day,
and a fantastic year ahead!
Happy birthday to the
coolest kid in school!

I hope your birthday is
as awesome as you are!
Happy birthday to my favourite classmate, a real class act! Have a fantastic day!
Wishing a straight-A student and incredible friend the very best birthday today!
My dear classmate, today I want to wish you a fantastic birthday and I hope you have a very happy day!

Your big smile and positive personality make each school day better and brighter, so thank you for being you!
Happy birthday to my dear 
friend and top student! 
I’m so proud of how well 
you’re doing. Some would be 
envious, but a true friend 
stands by you and admires 
all of your success! 
Every achievement you make is 
yet another feather in your cap 
and at this rate, you’re going 
to need a bigger cap! 
Have a great day, my friend!