Birthday Wishes for School Friend

Were found 68 happy birthday messages:

Happy birthday to you, my dear friend.

Your birthday brings back so many
wonderful memories for me that we
created together at school.

You were a big part of what made my
childhood, as we shared some truly
incredible times back then.
School wouldn’t be as cool
without you around, my
dear friend!

Wishing you a birthday
as awesome as you are!
I can still remember when we were
both fresh-faced and new to our
school. Neither of us knew anyone
and everything seemed quite daunting.

But then we started talking, and I
quickly realised I had found my new
best friend! 

You made everything seem less
intimidating and you were always there
to support me through anything, and
you still are in fact.

I’m so lucky that my oldest school friend
is still my very best friend, and always
will be! 

Wishing you all the happiness on your
special day! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you!

School isn’t all bad, as I made a
true friend for life. We’ll be friends
until we’re old and gray!
It was by chance that we ended up in the
same class, but it was no accident that we
became friends.

Through lots of laughter, a ton of fun and
the many memorable experiences that we
have shared, it’s no wonder that we have
a special bond and a great friendship!

We have helped each other through
countless issues and stressful times, in
and out of school, and I feel so blessed to
have such a great friend that I know I can
always rely on.

Wishing you an awesome birthday, my
dear friend!
I’m so happy to be sending the
best birthday wishes to an old
school friend of mine today!

Your special day brings back so
many wonderful memories of the
good times that we shared. I’ll
always treasure them, my friend!
Happy birthday, bud!

I know it isn’t uncommon for people
to meet their best friend in school,
but I never in my wildest dreams
would've dreamt that I would find
such an incredible friend like you!

You surpass every expectation that
anyone could want in a friend as you
are so loyal, compassionate and
above all, the most trustworthy out
of anybody I have ever met.

Thank you for always being an
amazing friend, and making school
life that much more tolerable!

I hope that you have a fantastic
birthday today, and experience
nothing but happiness throughout
all the years ahead!
Wishing a very happy birthday
to my best buddy!

We spend all day together at
school and most of our time
outside of school, too!

I love your company and having
you around. You’re a great pal
and I’m very proud to be able
to call you my friend!

Have an awesome birthday!
Happy birthday, bestie!

It’s such a shame that your birthday this year falls on a school day, but I’ll do my best to make it special for you all the same!

Wishing you love and happiness for the year ahead, my friend!
Happy birthday to my 
best friend at school,
I want to tell you today
that you really do rule!
Happy birthday to a dear school friend!

Take today to just relax, then tomorrow we’ll hit the books!
Happy birthday, man!

We see each other almost every day, in and out of school. Our friendship is true, if it wasn’t we wouldn’t choose to spend so much time together!

Have the best birthday and an incredible year to come, my friend!
Happy birthday to one of my
dearest friends! It is such a
great feeling to know that I
have the very best companion
to help me get through each
and every school day!

If there’s ever a day you’re
not at school, I just feel lost
without you!

Wishing you the very best
birthday celebrations this year,
my dear school friend!
Happy birthday to my fantastic friend,
the class-clown!

Wishing you an awesome birthday!
Happy birthday to someone who always has a spare pen for me to borrow, my very best school bud!