Belated Birthday Wishes

Were found 90 happy birthday messages:

I wanted to have sent this message on time, but better late than never! I wish you a belated happy birthday!
I promise I’ll make it up to you
My most sincere apologies
Happy belated birthday to my friend who is more than worthy of "on-time" wishes! My wishes may come a little late, but our friendship always comes first.

I’m sorry that this greeting is coming to you a little delayed. I really can’t explain how it happened, but I want you to know that I really am so very sorry.

I hope you had a lovely time celebrating your birthday!
I know I’m a little late to greet you on your
birthday this year, but that doesn’t mean
my wishes are any less sincere. 

I hope you had a great one, and I’m
sending my most heartfelt belated
birthday wishes to you today, my friend.
I hope your birthday was as incredible as you deserve. This wish may come a little late, but it is timelessly sincere. Happy belated birthday!
Even though this greeting may be a bit late, it doesn’t mean that it’s any less heartfelt.

I’m sorry for missing your special day, it completely slipped my mind. I hope you had the amazing birthday you deserved all the same!

Next year, I’ll make sure to wish you well a day earlier just to be on the safe side! Happy belated birthday!
My birthday wishes are arriving
fashionably late to your party
this year, my friend! Sorry!

Happy belated birthday to you!
Late birthday wishes are better than no wishes whatsoever! Just be thankful that I remembered at all!

Belated happy birthday to you, my friend!
Another year has passed and, once again, I’m late in wishing you a happy birthday. I’ve always thought this was a problem of mine, but now I’m starting to consider that perhaps it's your problem. You simply chose a forgetful day to be born on!

From now on, I’m the one who will be forgiving you for such a bad choice of date.

I still hope you had loads of fun on your birthday!
Sorry for being late again with your birthday wishes. However, when someone looks like you do, never appearing a day older no matter how much time passes, it makes it hard for others to remember that you also age like the rest of us!

I hope you had the unbelievable birthday you deserved!
May life always smile upon you and may you be blessed with peace, happiness, and love. I may be a little late, but my wishes for you are sincere.

You’re an amazing person, and I hope your big day was great.
A very happy birthday to you,
my dear friend!

I’m not late in wishing you a
happy birthday, I’m just super
early for next year! 

I hope you had a fantastic
birthday just gone, and that
the next one will be even better!
I'm sending you a late birthday message on purpose, so that you may continue to celebrate it today! Have a great second day of birthday celebrations!

You know me, I’m never late. I’m fashionably late! I hope you had the amazing birthday you deserve filled with great gifts!
I don’t want you to think that I forgot your special day, so please don’t look at this as a late birthday wish! Instead, just look at it as a super early one for next year!

I’ve already started counting down the days and I hope you have a fab year leading up to it!

All the best to you, my friend!
This is a birthday message
That arrived a little late,
But wishing you happiness
Really isn’t set by date.

I hope you had the most fun
And celebrated in a great way
The fact that you were born
So many years ago on that day.

I sincerely apologize
for not remembering,
It was your special day
I ended up forgetting.

This message may be late,
But I must say this to you:
Every little word is heartfelt,
Every little word is true.