65+ Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

Your 27th birthday is a time for celebration, but it’s also the perfect time to start freaking out about the fact you’re almost 30!

I hope you enjoy this birthday and the final few years of your late-twenties, my friend!
Your party’s right on time today
For this year you’re turning eight
It’s a super special occasion
So you really can’t be late!

Happy birthday to you!
Thank you to everyone who wished
me a happy birthday on the day.

To all those who didn’t, well there’s
still time to send me your birthday
wishes! It’s not too late!
Well, I didn’t really forget your birthday, I just didn’t remember it on time. I hope you had a great day. Happy belated birthday!
You may have entered this family late,
but we’re so blessed to finally add you
to our family tree!

Happy birthday, brother-in-law!
I suddenly panicked as I thought
your birthday was last week and
I had missed it, before realising
I am early not late!

I don’t want to go through that
again, so I am wishing you a
happy birthday now in advance!

I hope your day is wonderful and
you receive lots of lovely gifts!
Congratulations! 18 marks that you’re officially an adult, so now you can stay out as late as you want with no curfew! Enjoy your new-found freedom!
My dear friend, your upcoming birthday
this year has been on my mind for the
whole of this past week!

However, I’m wishing you a happy birthday
in advance this year because it’ll be typical
that I’ll run out of time on your birthday
and end up being late in wishing you well!

So, happy birthday! I hope you have a truly
wonderful day! All the very best to you!
I want to wish a happy birthday
To a great colleague of mine.
You have never been late,
You are always on time.

If I was in charge,
Seeing you work as hard as you do,
I would give you a raise
And offer you a promotion too.

So I wish you a great birthday
And many blessings on your day!
We’ve all heard the saying that
it’s better to be late than never,
but in truth, it’s always better
to be early!

Happy birthday in advance, my
dear friend!
Wishing you a very happy 27th
birthday today, my friend!

Be sure to make the most of the
next few years because you’ll
never get your twenties back! 

I hope your special day today is
incredible and that you enjoy the
rest of your late-twenties!
I may be late for meeting most other
deadlines, but I’d never be late in
wishing you a happy birthday!

Have a great birthday, teacher!
I may be early this year in wishing you a
happy birthday, but as I won’t be able to
wish you well on the day, I thought it was
better to be early rather than late!

I hope that you have a smashing day,
and enjoy celebrating with all of your
wonderful family and friends!

You deserve a wonderful day! Cheers and
happy birthday, my dear friend!
Dear employee of mine
You really are great
There’s not a single day
Where you turn up late!

I want to wish you
A fantastic birthday
And joy and happiness
Each and every day!

Many happy returns
And all the very best!

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