115+ Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

I’m sorry that I missed your birthday,
but I think it’s pretty impressive that
I remembered it this soon after!

Happy belated birthday from
your notoriously forgetful friend!
Sorry, I was writing you a birthday message when I fell asleep. I hope you had a fantastic birthday. Happy belated birthday!
I promise I didn’t mean to be late with
your birthday wishes. With so much
going on right now it just slipped my
mind... I hope you can forgive me!
I’m sorry for being a goof,
A little behind this year
And letting your birthday
Slip my mind, my dear!

Happy belated birthday!
I meant to say this to you earlier but...
happy birthday, my friend! 
You know me, I’m renowned for being
fashionably late! What can I say? 
I'm hoping that your special day was a
great and memorable one, anyway!
While everyone else was only wishing you
well and thinking of you yesterday, here I
am still thinking of you today!

You’re lucky to have a great friend like me
in your life! Happy belated birthday to you!
Well, I seem to have forgotten
your birthday again.

I simply missed your birthday,
my dear friend! I have no excuse!

Happy belated birthday!
I may be late in wishing you a happy birthday this year, but I’m the first to greet you for your next. Happy birthday!
I’m purposely sending your birthday wishes late to make your celebrations last a little longer! I hope your birthday was wonderful!
These birthday wishes aren’t late, I just wanted to wait and check in with you to make sure you had a great day! I hope it was a wonderful one!
I’m so sorry, I thought your
birthday was today!

Oh well, look on the bright side:
it looks like you’re going to be
enjoying two cakes this year
instead of just one!

I’m sending you the best belated
birthday wishes possible, my friend!
I wanted to be the first to wish you a 
happy birthday… for next year!

Happy belated birthday, my dear friend!

I hope that your day was brilliant and
everything you had hoped it would be,
and that you enjoyed celebrating with
all of your closest ones!
I can’t believe I missed the birthday of
someone so unforgettable! I’m sending 
extra special belated birthday wishes your
way to make up for it though, my dear!
I spent too much time trying to
come up with the perfect birthday
wish, and then ended up missing
your birthday altogether!

Sorry! Happy belated birthday!
I'm so sorry about forgetting your special day - it simply slipped my mind!

I hope you had a great day all the same! Happy belated birthday!

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