Belated Birthday Wishes

Were found 73 happy birthday messages:

I’m not one for holding onto things,
but if you recall my last birthday you
were late in wishing me well, so…
I’m just returning the favour!

Happy belated birthday!
You know me, I always like to do things in a different way, that is why I am sending you these birthday greetings a little late.

I hope you enjoyed celebrating with your friends and family. Happy belated birthday!
I know everyone remembered you yesterday, but I’m the only one still thinking of you today! I hope you had a great day. Belated happy birthday to you!
I didn’t forget your birthday; I just forgot it was yesterday. Hope you had an amazing day. Happy belated birthday!
I’m sending belated birthday wishes
to you along with a sincere apology
this year, my dear friend!

Who wants all of their birthday
wishes on the same day anyway?

It’s much better to spread them out
and receive them gradually so that
you can truly appreciate each
heartfelt message!
As I’m only several hours late in wishing
you a happy birthday, my friend, I think
it still counts as more or less on time!

Happy birthday!
There’s no point in being annoyed or
dwelling over the fact that I forgot your
birthday; it’s in the past now!

Happy belated birthday, my friend!
Your special day may have slipped my
mind, but I’m thinking of you twice as
much today! I hope that makes up for it!

Happy belated birthday to you!
While everyone else was only wishing you
well and thinking of you yesterday, here I
am still thinking of you today!

You’re lucky to have a great friend like me
in your life! Happy belated birthday to you!
I’m not late in wishing you a happy
birthday, in fact, I purposely delayed
wishing you well in order to prolong
your birthday celebrations!

Happy birthday week, my friend!
I spent too much time trying to
come up with the perfect birthday
wish, and then ended up missing
your birthday altogether!

Sorry! Happy belated birthday!
Happy belated birthday to you!

I’m sorry for forgetting your birthday, I know you must have been gutted but it genuinely wasn’t my intention!

I guess it just goes to show that good things do come to those who wait!
I’m sorry that I missed your birthday,
but I think it’s pretty impressive that
I remembered it this soon after!

Happy belated birthday from
your notoriously forgetful friend!
Had I known forgetting your birthday would’ve caused so much trouble I’d have tried harder to remember it! I definitely won’t miss another one, that’s for sure!

Happy belated birthday!
Damn! Your birthday was yesterday?
I totally forgot!

You should seriously consider
getting better friends!

Happy belated birthday to you!