115+ Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

Sorry for the late wish but you know what they say: better late than never! I hope your birthday was a tremendous one, my friend!
Sorry I forgot your birthday
These birthday wishes are belated with good reason: they’re supposed to make your birthday last longer! Happy birthday, my friend!
This is a birthday message
That arrived a little late,
But wishing you happiness
Really isn’t set by date.

I hope you had the most fun
And celebrated in a great way
The fact that you were born
So many years ago on that day.

I sincerely apologize
for not remembering,
It was your special day
I ended up forgetting.

This message may be late,
But I must say this to you:
Every little word is heartfelt,
Every little word is true.
I don’t want you to think that I forgot your special day, so please don’t look at this as a late birthday wish! Instead, just look at it as a super early one for next year!

I’ve already started counting down the days and I hope you have a fab year leading up to it!

All the best to you, my friend!
Surprise! Just when you thought you
had received all of your birthday
wishes, the best one of all pops up!

I hope you had a great day!
Sure, it might look as though I forgot your birthday, but really you should be impressed by how early I am for wishing you a happy birthday for next year!
Sorry I missed your birthday
I didn’t realise it was so near
But I’m sending some late wishes
They’re extra special and sincere!

Happy belated birthday!
I’m not one for holding onto things,
but if you recall my last birthday you
were late in wishing me well, so…
I’m just returning the favour!

Happy belated birthday!
Belated happy birthday wishes to you! I so wanted to be on time but then I ended up being a little late… I promise I’ll be better next year!
You know me, I always like to do things in a different way, that is why I am sending you these birthday greetings a little late.

I hope you enjoyed celebrating with your friends and family. Happy belated birthday!
Always save the best for last, even if being last means your birthday greeting arrives a little later than intended.

I didn’t intend on being the last one; it was just one of those things that sort of happens without you really being able to explain it. Well, maybe a good way of putting it would be to simply say that I forgot and I am so sorry for not sending you these birthday wishes on time.

The timing may have been off, but the surprise factor was still there and you should really focus on the positive side.

I hope you had a fun day. Happy belated birthday!
I didn’t forget your birthday; I just forgot it was yesterday. Hope you had an amazing day. Happy belated birthday!
You thought I had forgotten you or that I didn’t like you? That’s simply not true. I may not remember many things, but I always remember you. You are always on my mind.

You deserve but the best every day of the year.

Happy belated birthday!
I’m not late in wishing you a happy
birthday, in fact, I purposely delayed
wishing you well in order to prolong
your birthday celebrations!

Happy birthday week, my friend!
I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to wish you a happy birthday on the day, but I’m sending you your birthday wishes anyway! Belated birthday wishes to you!

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