Newest Birthday Wishes

May all your hard work pay off
A kind and supportive college senior
Although we are far from each other, know that I’ll always love and adore you for there is no friendship as great as that of a sister.

Happy birthday, sis.
This is no ordinary birthday because it
comes at a very special and important
time in your life, as you’re completing
your final year of college.

So double congratulations are in order
as not only am I wishing you a wonderful
birthday today, but I’m also wishing you
luck, success, and prosperity for the
years ahead.
Happy birthday to a person who's
always happy, positive, helpful,
and simply a joy to be around!

I admire you so much for the
phenomenal person that you are!
Having a father like you
Who influences everything I do
And has my best interests at heart
Is the best thing you could impart.

Happy birthday, dad.
It brings so much joy to my heart to be sending my congratulations on your growing family! I’m wishing you all the happiness in the world.
7 years of warming our hearts,
being the cutest, and putting
smiles upon our faces.
Happy birthday, princess.

Here’s to many more happy
years, sweet girl.
I’m sending only the very 
Best wishes your way,
As it’s a special occasion 
Turning 16 today!

Happy birthday to you!
You’re the most important
Person I’ll ever meet
Which is why there’s no other
Person I would rather greet.

Happy birthday to you today.
For a woman who is wonderful and
so lovely too, I’m sending my most
heartfelt birthday wishes to you!

May your special day be as special
as the person you are, miss! Have a
very happy and very lovely birthday!
Today is a very special day as it’s the chance to celebrate yet another year of your life, my dear father. Happy birthday to you.

I can only hope that someday I will be as great of a father as you have been to me.
To simply say that I’m thrilled for the two of you would be the biggest understatement ever! I’m absolutely over the moon for you!

I’m wishing you all the very best, and know that you can always count on me for anything. I’ll always be the first to offer to babysit your precious little angel!
Happy birthday not only to my
favourite teacher ever but who’s also
a generally wonderful person too!

I have so much appreciation and
admiration for all that you do!
I’ve grown up with you
Forever by my side
Two by two, In you
I can always confide.

I couldn’t have wished
For a better twin sister
Than you. Happy birthday.
It’s a blessing to be wishing you a
happy birthday today, father.

For all of your messages, wise
words of wisdom, and for all of the
joy and light you bring to the lives
of so many, I want to thank you for
all of your dedication and kindness.

Many happy returns to you, dearest
priest, and here’s to many more.
Every birthday is special, but few are quite as special as your 16th birthday!

May this milestone birthday be the sweetest and most memorable one ever for all the best reasons! I’m wishing you a very happy day and the greatest year of your life so far!
Many congratulations to you on your
special day today, I’m wishing a very
happy birthday to you.

I hope you know just how wonderful
you are as to me, you are the most
dedicated, hardest working person I
know. There are lots of reasons why
I respect you, but for those reasons
alone I admire you so much. 
For an incredible man that I can
always rely on, I’m wishing the
happiest birthday possible today.

May your special day be as
special as you are to me, dad.
Many congratulations on the recent arrival of your precious little one, my dear co-worker! I’m wishing a lifetime of happiness for you all!
Happy 80th birthday to my ever-glamorous and always elegant mom!

80 years old and you’re still the most fabulous lady I know! I’m so blessed to be your daughter!
Happy birthday to you!

You deserve all of the spotlight,
the most beautiful gifts, and all
the happiness in the world on your
12th birthday today, sweet girl.
It brings me so much joy to be greeting
someone I respect as much as I do you
with the very best birthday wishes today.

May your special day this year be as
remarkable as you are every day.
Dad, I can’t thank you enough
for everything you’ve done for me
throughout my life, but I can tell
you just how much you mean to
me on your special day.

I’m so grateful to have such a great
man to always aspire to live up to.

May you have a truly wonderful
and memorable birthday, dad.
It brings so much joy to my heart to be a part of welcoming your beautiful, bright-eyed little treasure into the world!

I wish nothing but a lifetime of happiness and incredible moments for you all!

So happy for you!
18 years old, yet it still feels like
only yesterday that you were a baby
and I was cradling you in my arms.

The love I had for you then was
enormous, but each year since
that feeling of love and adoration
has only grown.

You will always be my sweet little
girl, my darling daughter.

Happy 18th birthday to you.
Happy 16th to the birthday boy who puts the sweet in sweet 16! May this very special birthday of yours bring you joy, happiness, and good luck for the future!
Happy birthday, godfather. You are someone who has been an integral part of my life growing up and who continues to be throughout each year.
Happy 17th birthday to you!

This is your year to shine, so go
out into the world and spread your
wonderfulness for all to see!
Happy birthday, dad. I consider myself to be one of the luckiest sons in the world, as having a father and role model like you is a true blessing.
I’m over the moon to hear about your
fabulous news! A new baby really is the
most precious gift known to mankind!

I’m sending you all my best wishes!
Happy birthday, twinnie! Today is our
special day and yet again I’m glad to
be sharing it with you.

You mean the world to me and I simply
couldn’t wish for a better brother than
you, let alone wish for a better twin! 
I love you just like a sister
You’re my favorite girl alive
Even if sometimes you do
Still act as though you’re 5!

Happy birthday, sweet cousin!
Today is an extremely important and very special day, as a super sweet and fabulous young lady is finally turning 16!

May all of your hopes and dreams come true for you as you celebrate your very special 16th birthday!
Dearest employee,
Happy birthday
From all of us here,
We’re wishing you a 
Truly wonderful year.
Many happy returns to you today! 

You are someone I truly admire and who
I hold in such high regard. I couldn’t
respect you any more than I already do.

I’m wishing the happiest birthday
possible to you.
You’re an inspirational woman, boss
The best female boss in the world
If it’s to be believed that things only improve with age, you must be getting pretty close to perfect right about now, dad!

Happy birthday to you! Best wishes from your favorite son on your special day today.
Welcome, little one!

If there’s one thing in this world that I know for sure, it’s that you’re very lucky to be born to such kind, caring, and incredibly wonderful people like your parents are! You will always be surrounded by so much love.
As students of this school, we couldn’t wish
for a better principal than you to lead our
educational journey. We’re sending you
all our gratitude on your birthday today.
I’m so lucky that not only did I gain another family member when you became my sister-in-law, but I also gained a dear friend and a true sister.

Happy birthday to you today, and may your day be as truly fabulous as you are.
Congratulations to you on turning sixteen!

Your 16th birthday is a big one, so I hope that it’s everything you hoped it would be!
Happy birthday, son.

Today you become one year older
And more incredible than ever before.

I am so proud to be your father
Today, tomorrow, and always.
Well done, new mommy!

There’s no love or connection quite as special as that between a mother and her newborn. May you cherish every moment of this very special time.
Happy birthday to a man
Who has a heart of gold
Which only gets bigger
The more he grows old.

I’m so proud to be your son
That feeling increases each year
There's nobody else I'd rather
Have as my dear old father.
Birthdays are a time for a special celebration, but yours is one in particular that deserves an extra special acknowledgment. I’m wishing you a very happy and wonderful birthday.
A dad like you is worth
Not only one, not even a few
As there just aren’t that many
Who are made as great as you.

The fact is very simple,
It’s clear for all to see,
You’re the very best father
Compared to any other.

Happy birthday, dad.
For the great person that you are
And for all the good that you do
I’m wishing the most wonderful
And happiest birthday to you.
Many congratulations on your little miracle!

As new parents, you are certainly blessed but your new baby is even more so as I can already tell how much love your little one will be showered with!