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60 Best New Year Wishes & Quotes for an Amazing 2023

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Happy birthday, little sis!

I don’t wish to take the spotlight off you on your special day today, but you should know that I already have the greatest gift ever.

That’s because simply having a small sister like you is the best gift I could wish for!
Happy birthday to a future leader: my small sassy sister! I’m wishing you a day full of happiness and a year ahead filled with endless possibilities!
No matter how much
You irritate or annoy me
My beloved small sister,
You will always be!

Happy birthday!
Beautiful birthday wishes for my little sister
You’ll be my little sis forever and ever
You're the most precious gift
You've made me a proud elder sibling
The person I love the most
Happy birthday, little one! You might not be so little anymore, but you’ll always be my little sis!

I’ll always be here for whatever you need, always with open arms and a loving embrace. You mean the world to me my small, beautiful sister!
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It’s true that everyone has a dad,
but few of them are as great as you.

Happy birthday to you from the
bottom of my heart. 
You are so much more to me than merely just an uncle. In fact, I’d say that you’re more like a grandfather to me on account of your age!

I’m just kidding with you! I hope you have a wonderful birthday today!
My dear grandson, I want to wish
you a very happy birthday today!

I see so much of how I was when I
was a kid in you, you really remind
me of myself when I was young.

It’s a joy to see, and you could
definitely do worse than to grow
up to be like your old grandpa!

Have a fantastic day, kid, and enjoy
your many happy years to come!
Today I am wishing my extraordinary
grandson a very happy birthday!

I thought that my best years were
behind me, but then you came into
my life, my dear boy.

I thought that I had accomplished
everything I had set out to do in life,
but little did I know that when you
were born, that would be my biggest
achievement of all.

Turns out that my best years are still
ahead of me, as I get to watch you
grow up into the wonderful person
you are becoming.

Enjoy your special day, and all the
rest to come!

You were the first to welcome me into the family and you instantly made me feel at home. I could see right away the very special man you are and the many qualities you have.

You are a great husband to my mother-in-law, always treating her so gently. You are an amazing father to my husband, he is so proud of you. You are a fantastic grandfather to my kids, always treating them with so much love and care. And after all of those important roles that you carry out so brilliantly, you still have time for me.

I wish you a day as special as you are.
Today our grandson is celebrating another year of becoming ever closer to manhood!

We can’t believe how fast and how well you are growing up, dear! You are on a great path to a bright future, so keep up the amazing effort and hard work you have put in so far!

We are your biggest fans and you truly are our most prized asset, the most valuable thing in our lives!

Have a fabulous birthday, our dear grandson! Enjoy every moment of it!

With all our love,
Your grandparents
Happy birthday to our quirky little
grandson! You never cease to amaze
us, surprising us each and every day
with something new!

You are so smart and have a thirst for
knowledge, we just know that you’re
going to grow up to be great and do
great! Never stop being the incredible
person that you are, dear!

With all our love on your birthday,
Your grandparents.
Had I met you before, I would have married my spouse earlier. You are a loving, caring and honest man. You look after everyone around you and make them feel at home.

My kids are always asking for their grandfather. They love you so much. It’s easy to see why. Not only do you pamper them all the time, but you teach them, coach them and still find time to be their playmate. They adore your piggyback rides.

To me, you are a wise man, someone who gives the best advice and always listens. I’m glad to be part of this family.

I wish you all the best on your special day!
My dear boy, I’m wishing you a very happy birthday today!

I am so very lucky to have such a charming young man as a grandson, and I am so happy with what a wonderful person you are becoming! You have a genuinely lovely soul, my boy!

I hope this year brings you but happiness, and I wish you the very best with your school work and your hobbies!
Happy birthday to the most loved
granddaughter in the whole world!

Have a super day!

Lots of love,
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The candles cost more than the cake
You’re another year older, buddy
You’re in my thoughts and in my heart
Our love is stronger than the greatest distance
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My birthday wishes for you this year may be early, but it doesn’t matter when, where, or how I say it as long as they find their way to you.
Wishes for my best friend and brother
Happy birthday to my second brother
Forever and always you will be
That someone special to me.

Happy birthday, my dear.
To make sure I’m the first to wish you
on your birthday this year, my wishes
are coming a little early, my dear.
Sweet wishes for my sister from another mother
You are as close to me as a sister
I was blessed with the greatest mother ever
Behind a great son is an even better mom
Happy birthday, aunty.

To have an incredibly inspirational
woman like you so close to me in
my life is a blessing and a privilege.
Today, you celebrate another year 
May the next one be just as dear. 

Happy birthday to you 🎂 
I’m thinking of you before your birthday has even begun. That’s how much you mean to me, my love.
May God bless you always
Beautiful birthday prayers
May God continue to bless you, my friend
You are always in my prayers
Thank you for the birthday wishes
Your message meant the most to me