Newest Birthday Wishes

My sweet, caring lover, you are the person
that I admire and adore most in the world.
I wish you the happiest birthday ever!

An incredible, exceptional boyfriend like you is hard to find, they are few and far between. I know how lucky I am and that’s why it doesn’t matter where we are in the world, whether we’re near or far from each other, you are always close to my heart.

Sending you all my love on this special occasion, I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

People say you can’t choose your family,
but when it comes to you they’re wrong.
In you, I found a great friendship which,
over time, grew so strong that somewhere
along the way we became true sisters.
Our relationship is for life, that I know.
I truly love you, my dear, as much
as any sister could.

Wishing you all the bliss and cheerfulness
on your special day!

You may be my dad’s brother but to me, you are a second father. You were always there when I was growing up, teaching me right from wrong. Thank you for being such a great presence in my life, and always so much more than just an uncle.

Have the best birthday ever,
you deserve it!

Thank you all for your wonderful messages, I've had a great birthday celebrating with family and friends!

Happy birthday, my dear sweet niece! Today we celebrate yet another wonderful year of your life, recognising all of your fantastic achievements and all the good you are doing in the world.

So for the most special person, on their special day, I wish nothing but good times and happy memories from a day filled with laughter, happiness and joy. I hope it’s everything you wanted, my beautiful niece!

I may not be there to celebrate your birthday in person, but I can guarantee I'll be there in spirit. Happy birthday, my love.

We’ve been there for each other
through all the good and bad,
And we kept each other's secrets
that nobody else would have.

It’s no surprise you’re the one
on who I can always rely,
You’re my rock, my everyday hero,
my absolute favourite gal.

The sisterly-love that we share is a
bond so strong it’ll last and last,
My world without you would just
simply not be of the same class.

So on this day the one thing I ask,
Is that you relax and just have a blast!

Happy birthday!

To our dear daughter-in-law, the daughter we never had but are ever so grateful you came into our lives, we wish you all the happiness on your birthday!

We’ve always been
joined at the hip,
playing together
since we were kids.
Most people say we
were separated at
birth, as we really
are just like twins!

I see you as a brother,
the greatest guy I know,
and for everything you do
I’m eternally grateful to you.

Have an awesome day, bro!

Today we celebrate the first birthday of life’s most precious gift, a true little gem.
Happy birthday, tiny one!

My sweet man,

It's difficult to put into words just how much I miss you. I think about you all day, and count down the moments in my head until I can finally wrap my arms around you and hold you tight! Oh, how my heart fills up when I receive a message from you, and if only you could see the smile on my face when we speak on the phone.

People always say that distance in a relationship makes you realise exactly how much you appreciate each other and makes you stronger as a couple, but until you live it you don’t realise just how true that is.

You are my whole world, my everything, and I hold you dearly in my heart each day until we are together again.

With all my love.

Happy birthday, little dude!

You are a very special little guy to us,
you stole our hearts from the very
first moment we met you;
the most gorgeous, sweetest
little boy we had ever met.

We hope you have a wonderful birthday,
and that you are showered with lots
of amazing gifts at your party!

Happy birthday to the person who
gives me a reason to smile each day,
the person who puts a spring in my step
and who I can’t stop thinking about
every moment of every day.

You make me feel giddy like
I’m a teenager once again!

You’re my lover and my best friend,
and you make every single day feel
like I’m floating on cloud 9.


Girl, like a fine bottle of wine you just keep getting better with age!
Enjoy your day, sis. Cheers!

Today we are celebrating
your birthday, dear nephew!

Such a bright young boy,
we are so proud of you
and what a sweet,
caring gentleman
you are turning into!

Our dear nephew,
you have forever
changed our lives
and for that, we
love you more than
you could ever know.
You really are such a
special person to us!

With all our love,
your aunt & uncle.

Hey little man, it’s your birthday today!

I hope you got some great presents,
and have the best party ever!

I’m really looking forward to celebrating
with you later and eating some
of your delicious birthday cake!

Have a great day, cuz!

Just a gentle reminder to everyone that today is my birthday, so I require lots of attention, please! Gifts are not necessary (although they are very welcome!), the most important part of my day is being able to spend time with as many of you as I can! I can’t wait to see everyone later to celebrate!

I am truly touched by the sheer number of messages I received for my birthday. I genuinely enjoyed reading all of your lovely comments, they each touched my heart and almost moved me to tears!

I am so blessed to have such precious friends, family, and colleagues - you all mean the world to me!

Thank you all again, for making my special day that much more special. My love to you all.

My dear friend, my wise elder sister.

I feel it’s only right, on your special day, that I tell you how much you mean to me and how much I appreciate having you in my life. You give me all the support and direction I need, and I would be lost in life without you. I am blessed to know you always have my back, and I hope you know I always have yours too.

Here’s to a fantastic birthday and a great year to come! Cheers!

For the most
caring human
I have ever
set eyes on,
I wish nothing
but eternal joy,
today and always.

You are the
fire in my heart.
My lover,
my rock,
my soulmate,
my everything.

May we celebrate
today together,
and many more
years to come.

With all my love,
now and forever,
your sweetheart.

To my dear cousin, the brother I never had, I wish you the absolute best on your special day!

You're growing up so fast and each year you become more and more handsome, nephew! Have an awesome birthday!

Someone as special as
you deserves a day filled
with great moments,
the best atmosphere,
and lots of laughs!

Enjoy your day with all of
your loved ones around you,
and I hope you make plenty
of happy memories
that’ll last a lifetime!


Happy birthday to my sometimes crazy and always hysterically funny cousin! Have a great day!

Happy birthday to
my second sister!

I'm truly blessed
to have someone
as incredible as
you in my life!

My love for you
knows no bounds,
for you are my

Happy birthday my
dear sweetheart.

My confidante, closest friend, and my love. On this special day, I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. You are my heart, and quite simply the most important person in my life! You make each day amazing just with your aura - you are the best person to be around!

Never change and be happy, always.

Another year on but yet you look more radiant than ever!
Happy birthday you beautiful lady!

Happy birthday to a
superstar of a nephew,
the brightest young
man in the family!

As my nephew, we
share a very unique
You’re both my best
friend but also like a
son to me - I care for
you as if you were
my own child.

I will always be there for you,
to support you through all the
good times and the bad
(but hopefully mostly good!).

Have a great day filled with
lots of gifts, more cake than
you can eat, but most importantly
tons of laughter and smiles!

Sending you lots of kisses,
the biggest hugs,
and the best birthday wishes
on your very special day!

Your friendship is the most
important thing to me, and
the bond we share makes
you more of a sister in my eyes.

I know that I can confide in you
100% and that we’ll be there
for each other day and night,
until the end of time.

Have a super fantastic day today,
and may each day that follows be
filled with nothing but blissful
experiences and joyous
memories for you.

Happy birthday to my favourite cousin!

I have always seen you as more of a little brother rather than a cousin, as you are very special to me. Growing up I was always very protective of you as I’d only want the best for you, and now you’re getting older you are turning into such a wonderful person!

As always I wish only great things for you, especially today!

Today marks the birthday of a genuinely great person, an inspiration to many. This certain someone enriches the lives of everyone they come into contact with, putting a smile upon their face and leaving them with an everlasting impression.

So, it’s only right that I am showered with gifts and flooded with compliments today! Happy birthday to me!

Today you turn one, tiny baby! That means we’ve had one incredible year full of happiness and joy since you came into the world.

We can’t remember what life was like before we had you, nor would we want to. We wish you all the great things the world has to offer, and nothing less.

Happy birthday our sweet little angel, enjoy your first birthday of many more to come!

Happy birthday to a great guy, and an even better cousin!

I might not have told you this enough, but I have always looked up to you like an elder brother. You have always shared a genuine interest and supported me in everything I do, and I have always looked up to you for all of your achievements and your approach to life.

You’re an inspiration, an idol, and the perfect role model there is!

Thank you for being you! Have a truly marvellous day!

We might not get to see each other as often as we would like, but I am so glad to have such a wonderful cousin and friend I know I can always rely on! I love how we share the same sense of humour and we never struggle to find things to talk about, always picking up where we left off.

Have a perfect birthday and I hope this year brings you everything you hope for! Big hugs and see you soon!

I can’t quite express just how much all of your birthday wishes meant to me today. I cherished each and every one of them, and want you all to know how very much I appreciate each of you taking a little time out of your day to think of me.

My sincere heartfelt thanks to you all!

To my favourite relation who isn’t just the ultimate cousin but also a mentor, best friend, and brother to me. I wish nothing but joy for you on your birthday!

When we were growing up together we were always inseparable, and I don’t know what I would do without you, cousin! You are my best friend and have always been more like a brother to me than a cousin. Have a smashing birthday, and I wish you all the happiness in the world on your special day!

Wishing the most fabulous mother-in-law a very happy birthday today! Cheers!

Happy birthday to the brightest, smartest young person I know! Take a day off from studying today, but just for today!

Congratulations! 18 marks that you’re officially an adult, so now you can stay out as late as you want with no curfew! Enjoy your new-found freedom!

Many happy returns, my friend! My days would be much bleaker without you working by my side, so thank you for making each working day that much better!

Enjoy your birthday, and all the very best!

Hey birthday girl!

Sending you big hugs and lots of kisses on your special day! I wish you nothing but joy and happiness, today and always. You’re an incredible friend and deserve only the best life has to offer.

Have a celebratory drink (or two) from me! Kisses!

Wishing the best girlfriend in the world a very happy birthday today! You really are the greatest, most supportive and caring girlfriend anyone could ask for, and I am very lucky to have you in my life.

Have the most incredible day, my darling!

Sending all the happiness in the world today to someone very special to me, one of my besties! Have a truly amazing birthday!

My love,

I hope you already know this, but on your birthday I wanted to make sure you know how much you mean to me. I appreciate all that you do for us, and I couldn’t wish for a better partner to go on this journey and experience life with. You are my soulmate, truly.

With all my love, now and forever.

Your 18th birthday has arrived, and it certainly is a very special one!

In my eyes, you have always been very mature for your age and well beyond your years, but today marks that you are officially an adult! While your coming of age brings you a variety of new responsibilities, it also brings lots of exciting new opportunities and experiences!

Enjoy today and this momentous new chapter of your life. I wish you all the success and happiness that you so very deserve!

On your birthday,
I wanted you to know
that I am so fortunate
not only to have such
a strong female figure
in my life, but also
the most reliable,
trustworthy friend
I could wish for.

You are an inspiration
to many, including me!

Have the absolute best
day, you lovely lady!

Dearest mother-in-law,

You have the most caring
soul of anyone I know,
and your kindness doesn’t
go unappreciated.
With everything you do
for everyone else,
take today just for you,
so sit back and relax!

I wish you all the happiness
on your special day.