Newest Birthday Wishes

You're the world’s greatest teacher, mom
You shine brighter than any other star, mom
For an aunty ji like you
And for everything that you do
I’m wishing the very happiest
Of birthdays to you.

Enjoy your special day, aunty.
Happy birthday to you!

May you have a truly fantastic day today, for a friend as great as you deserves all their dreams to come true! I hope that very special gift is exactly what you receive on your birthday this year!
Happy birthday to my daughter, the debutante, as she celebrates her 18th birthday today! You truly are the bell of the ball, my dear!
I know your secret, girlfriend! Out of all the messages you receive on your birthday today, I know mine is the only message you’re really interested in!

Happy birthday, sweetie. I hope your special day is as special as you are to me, and as special as I am to you!
Sweet, spectacular, and fabulous… but enough about me! Today is your special day, brother, so it should be all about you!

Happy birthday, bro. I’m sending you the biggest and best birthday wishes this year!
Happy birthday to you! Now that you’ve read my message, turn off your notifications, swipe away your apps and switch off your phone and go enjoy your birthday IRL!
A true blessing of a daughter
Happy birthday to my fabulous daughter
Another year older and more beautiful
You're blossoming into a beautiful young lady
Brother, I’m wishing for all of the most wonderful things in life to come your way on your special day today. You’ve always been there for me and I want you to know that I’ll always be there for you too.

If there’s one thing we can always count on it’s each other, brother. Happy birthday to you from your forever present sister.
Today marks the birthday of someone very special: me! Don’t forget to wish me well and tell me how great I am!
Today you will have the pleasure of overloading with birthday messages and showering with gifts the most amazing person I know: me!
Today I celebrate my birthday,
blessed to be surrounded by
incredible friends and
supportive family.
Here’s to another year, cheers!
I don’t get older, I get better and better. Happy birthday to me! I’m proud to be who I am, and I'm glad I can celebrate another healthy year of life.
On this day many years ago, a beautiful princess was born: me! Here’s to me!
Happy birthday to me! May it be awesome and may I receive tons of lovely gifts.
Happy birthday to me!

There really is only one important day
of the year everyone should mark in
their diaries and that day is today!
Birthday status: update to the new and improved version is currently in process.
Happy birthday to a man
I’m proud to call my brother!

I’m wishing you all the very
best for today and all the
remarkable years yet to come!
Just like the love and
respect I have for you
which is so clear to see,
older and wiser than me,
you will always be.

I’m wishing you a wonderful
birthday filled with joy this
year, my dear brother.
To say I’m blessed to have a brother like you would be the biggest understatement ever.

You have touched my heart in more ways than you’ll ever know, and I’ll always be grateful for having a spectacular sibling like you. Happy birthday, bro.
A birthday prayer for my beloved brother
An elder brother I’ll always look up to
Today is my birthday
The new and improved me
There are many precious things in life but few are as special as you, my best friend!

Wishing you lots of love and happiness on your birthday today!
Happy birthday to my BFF!

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful friend like you in my life!

I’m wishing you a fantastic day today!
A friend forever and a brother for always
Happy bday! Wishing you a day full of happiness and a year full of love, my dear!

I wish only the best for you, always!
Wishing you a fantastic birthday from everyone here!

Now, go offline and enjoy your day!
Happy birthday, my friend!

I hope you have a happy day and
that this upcoming year is filled with
even more fun adventures for you!
You continue to blossom into the beauty that you are year after year, my dear! Wishing you a spectacular birthday, my beautiful best friend!
Happy birthday to someone so very special to me who will always be my best bud!

Enjoy your wonderful day today!
We may have never met in person,
but I hope your day is a special one!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, my friend!

I’m wishing you well on your special day, and hoping my wishes don’t get buried among your many WhatsApp messages today!
There must be but a handful of brothers as heart touching as you are. I feel beyond blessed to be your sister. Happy birthday to you, dear brother.
The only thing better than having an uncle like you would be if I had another just as great, so then I’d have two!

Sending you my best birthday wishes today!
Many happy returns to you today! I hope to see you in person on your special day, but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday on here first!
You appear more handsome with age
You’re my favorite boyfriend of all
Status update: it’s my best friend’s birthday! Wishing you all the happiness in the world today, bestie!
The world is at your tiny feet as you turn 1 today, baby girl. May your future be full of endless possibilities. Happy 1st birthday, little one.
Happy birthday to you, my friend! I just wanted to drop you a line to wish you well on your special day! I hope it’s a great one for you!
Happy birthday, my gorgeous gf!

It’s not often you find a guy
With both beauty and brains,
So you’re super lucky to have 
Found both those qualities in me!
A little brother who reminds me of myself
Happy birthday to a naughty younger brother
What can I say to my boyfriend
On his birthday this year
To show him that to me,
He is someone so dear.

There’s nobody else like you
Who can touch my heart so
You’re the most special person
I just wanted you to know. 

Happy birthday, my love.