Newest Birthday Wishes

Happy 70th birthday, dad.

May this very special and glorious milestone celebrate the great man that you are and bring you lots of new memories to treasure forevermore.
Happy birthday, my lovely wife! I hope you continue to receive the best in life, just like you got me! 😜
I’m wishing you the happiest of birthdays
today, my beautiful boyfriend ❤️

You are the one who keeps my heart
warm and my soul full of love. You always
make me feel safe, and keep a smile on
my face. I feel so lucky to be your girl.

Here’s to you on your special day, and to
us for the future. Happy birthday, my love.
Happy birthday, my wonderfully weird
best friend! May your special day be
just as amazing, funny, and as crazy
as you are, girl! 😜
My love, you are somebody so special to me that you simply don’t have to wait until your birthday to receive your wishes from me. Happy birthday in advance, handsome!
Happy birthday to an amazing guy
We’re a match made in heaven, my love
Happy birthday to the world’s best gal pal!

I can only hope that the frosting on your cake is as sweet as you are!
Happy birthday to a glamorous lady
who still isn’t showing her age…
or acting it either!

Enjoy your special day, girl!
Loyalty, trust, and a shared sense of
humor are just some of the attributes
that make a friend a best friend, and
you’re so lucky that you have all of
that and more in me!

Happy birthday to you, girl!
I often wonder what the recipe is to a
long-lasting friendship like ours. I mean,
we’ve been best friends for such a long
time we must have the answer!

Well, when you give it some thought
it’s quite obvious really… We’ve simply
told each other far too many secrets
over the years!

We’re locked into this friendship for life!

Happy birthday to you, bestie!
Happy birthday to the only girl who can make me laugh uncontrollably, and usually at the most inappropriate times! 😜
Happy birthday to my sometimes crazy but always fabulous best friend!

Having a fun gal pal who is always full of life like you means that there’s never a dull moment when you’re around. You’re always the life and soul of any party!
Wishing you a very happy birthday, bestie!

My birthday promise to you today is that I’ll do everything in my power to conceal your real age!
Happy birthday, bestie!

Everybody has that one crazy friend who
is always making everyone laugh, and
I’m so proud to say that you’re mine, girl!
My heart is full of love for you on your special day today, mom. I am so thankful for everything that you do for me on a daily basis. I’m a lucky girl to be the daughter of such a wonderful woman.

Happy birthday with all my love, mom.
A father’s greatest blessing
Your guidance and support are unequalled
Happy birthday to you, my future brother-in-law! I can’t wait until the day comes when you’ll finally be my brother for real!
Happy birthday to the number 1 woman in my life: my mom! You always have and always will take the top spot in my heart, mom.
Happy birthday, sweetie!

A special girl like you deserves the
most unique wishes made just for you!
So as you blow out your birthday
candles today, may all your hopes
and wishes come true!
This year, I hope that your special day warms your heart with love and fills your soul with joy.

Happy birthday to you ❤️
Happy birthday to the most fantastic father anyone could ever wish for! I was truly blessed to be given a dad who is so caring and supportive of me. You’re one of the best, dad.

I’m sending you lots of love and sweet wishes from your extremely fortunate daughter.
A truly lovely person is turning 70 today. What a wonderful reason to celebrate someone so special. Let us mark the occasion with a day full of joy. 
Sending sweet wishes 
To a mom who cares
I’m so grateful to have
A mom who’s always there. 

Happy birthday ❤️ 
Your birthday isn’t just a day to celebrate the wonderful woman that you are, but it’s also a day for me to celebrate the incredible mom you are too.

Happy birthday, my amazing mom.
Someone as lovely as you deserves to be
celebrated well in advance of your special
day, so I’m sending your wishes early today!

Happy birthday, my loveliest one!
My birthday wishes for you are so bursting full of love that I simply couldn’t wait any longer for your special day to arrive! So, my love, I’m wishing you a very lovely and happy birthday in advance!
Today is a very special day as it’s the birthday of one of the cutest kids in the world!

Sending you sweet wishes and hoping you enjoy your special day, sweet girl!
May your birthday shine as
brightly as you do in my heart.

Best wishes to you ✨
Wishing the happiest of birthdays
today to my dad and best friend.
I’m so incredibly lucky to have
such an amazing guy as a father.
Happy birthday to a very special lady and someone so close to me who has and always will be just like a mother to me. 
Happy birthday, mom. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful woman watching over me to light up my path and guide the way. You’re my guardian angel, mom.
Here's to another year of making memories
Happy birthday to my gorgeous girlfriend
The most gorgeous girl in the world
A birthday wish for my crush
You are someone so special who deserves the world not only on their birthday but each and every day. 

Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, my dear.

I’m wishing you a birthday
full of love and full of joy.
Today, I’m celebrating you and
everything that you do, mom.
You truly are a superwoman.

Happy birthday with lots of love. 
Few husbands are
As truly great as you
They simply don’t excel 
The same way you do 
You brighten my days
You’re my shining star 
You’re more than I could 
Ever wish for by far.

Wishing you a birthday 
That is filled with joy,
My love. 
Today is a super special day as it’s your birthday! I’m sending over only the very best wishes to a cute girl like you!
I certainly am a very lucky niece to have such a special aunty like you in my life. Forever grateful for you, aunty. Happy birthday.
An aunty who has always been there
I was blessed with the best aunty
Happy birthday to you today, mom.

There’s no other bond out there that’s
quite as special and unique as that
shared between a son and his mom,
and I’ll treasure ours forever. 

Thank you for being the best mother
a kid could wish for.
I’m proud to be your son, mom!

You’re an incredible mother and human
being, and I wish you only the very best
on your special day this year!

Happy birthday!
For all that you do, mom, I want you to know just how much you are appreciated on your special day.

As your son, I can safely say that you make the world a much better place! Not just for me but for so many others, too!

You truly are a remarkable person, mom, and I want to wish the greatest birthday possible for the greatest woman and mom ever to exist!
Happy birthday to the most significant and prominent lady in my life: my dear mom!

I have been truly blessed with the greatest mother ever to exist!

As I’ve experienced it firsthand, I can say with certainty that any son would be lucky to have a mom like you; you are so kind, caring and full of motherly love!

I am very grateful to have such an amazing woman like you as my mother! Thank you for all the love and tenderness you have shown me throughout the years, mom!

All my love to you on your special day!
Happy birthday to you today, mom.

If I am a good man then it’s all because of you. You raised me well and I’ll always be thankful for the lessons you taught me.

I owe everything to you, mom.