Newest Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday to the most beautiful, gorgeous, and stunning woman in the world: my girlfriend! Let’s celebrate those good looks before they start to fade!
Happy birthday to my friend
Who is totally cray cray
But the truth is I wouldn’t 
Have them any other way!
Happy birthday and many congratulations!

I can’t think of anyone more perfectly suited to the role of brother to me and husband to my sister!
Happy birthday to you! You’re so special to me that I’ve been waiting for your birthday to come around and see you turn another year older, my friend!

I'm hoping that everything you’ve been wishing for comes true for you today on your special day!
Happy birthday, loverboy!

You’re funny and kind
Through and through
We make a good match
Me and you!
Happy birthday to you and remember:
being 60 is three times better and more
awesome than being 20!
Your birthday has come around again, so it’s time to wish you a happy birthday once s’more! May your special day be sweet, fluffy, and totally crackers!
My birthday wishes are arriving
fashionably late to your party
this year, my friend! Sorry!

Happy belated birthday to you!
Happy birthday, girl! Not only are you my best friend in the entire world, but you’re also like a true sister to me.
Happy birthday to you, bestie! I hope you know just how meaningful you are to me and just how much I value your friendship.

I’m wishing you happiness forever, and may your birthday today be just the start of another fantastic year in your life, my dear friend.
Happy birthday to my big brother
who thinks he’s a comedian, but
in reality really isn’t!

You’re still pretty funny though,
bro, just don’t quit your day job!
Happy birthday to the world’s best and
most beautiful girlfriend!

I know your biggest wish came true when
you met me, but I hope all your other little
wishes also come true for you on your
special day today, my sweetheart!
Happy birthday!

There’s never a dull moment
With a best friend like you
You’re always full of fun
As you’re totally cuckoo!
If it wasn’t for being
From another mother
You would definitely be
My real-life brother!

Happy birthday, bro!
Happy birthday to an amazing school
friend like no other!

Thank you for being such a supportive
classmate. Just having you around gives
me all the inspiration and motivation I
need to work hard and get great grades!
May the candles on your birthday cake
this year shine as brightly as you do in
my heart, brother-in-law.

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, buddy!

I want you to know that to me, you
are equal parts friend and brother.
Happy birthday to you! I’m sending
my dearest prayers and wishes your
way today as you celebrate turning
60 years of age!

May you have a truly memorable and
magnificent day for what is certainly
a memorable and magnificent age.
I’m praying that you'll be having a
pizza party for your birthday, my friend!

You know that I’ll take a slice and
share a pizza the action if it is!
You’re so close yet so far away, my love,
as there are forces currently preventing
us from being together in person and
keeping us from celebrating your
birthday as usual this year.

May this only be temporary and hopefully,
there's going to be better times ahead.
Happy birthday to you from afar, my dear.
Happy birthday, girl!

I count my blessings each and every day
for having a cousin like you. You truly
are a very special person in my life.
It looks like I hit the snooze button on your birthday and overslept, my friend! I apologize sincerely, but I hope you had a great day all the same!
Happy birthday, girl! I hope you have
the most fabulous day today as you
truly deserve it.

You are such a special friend to me as
you are quite simply my inspiration, my
source of happiness, and everything
that is good in this world.
Happy birthday to you today, bestie!

Our friendship is so beautiful and heart-touching that sometimes it makes me feel as though I could cry tears of joy.

You will always be one of the most special friends I’ve ever had.
Happy birthday to one of my dearest relatives! You might only be my cousin but to me, you will always be much more like an annoying younger sister!
Happy birthday big brother from your visibly younger, funnier, and more attractive sister!

Don’t worry, you also have some good attributes too - they're just perhaps a little less obvious!
Happy birthday to my gorgeous
girlfriend who really lucked out
in the boyfriend department!

You’re a very lucky girl to have
someone as wonderful and as
funny as me!
Happy birthday to a friend of mine who is absolutely nuts! I hope you have a day that’s as special as you are!
Many happy returns to you, senior sir. I wanted to tell you, on your special day, how very respected and admired you are.

May you enjoy a big slice of cake on your special day this year. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday to you, my brand new buddy! May you have the most wonderful day today!

I hope you know that you’re the best thing that has happened to me in years. I’m looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you, my friend!
Today is a beautiful and happy day,
for it’s a celebration of the day my
lover was born!

I’m so grateful that you were born,
and even more grateful that you
came into my life.

I’m wishing you the cutest and
sweetest birthday, my love!
You’re 60 and it’s official: you’re truly magnificent! You’ve finally reached that majestic point in your life where you’re aged to perfection!
You’re not as young as you once were!

Instead of cash, I thought I’d give you a
reality check on your birthday this year!
Happy birthday!

Much like a beautiful flower that blooms over time, you too become more and more beautiful with age, sis. I hope the same is true for me!
Just like the love and
respect I have for you
which is so clear to see,
older and wiser than me,
you will always be.

I’m wishing you a wonderful
birthday filled with joy this
year, my dear brother.
Happy birthday to my wonderful boyfriend!

Whilst I might not be able to celebrate with the birthday boy in person today, I’m sending him lots of lovely wishes anyway.

May you have a marvelous day, handsome!
Happy birthday to the coolest bro-in-law ever! I can’t imagine there’s anyone who could fit the role more perfectly than you!
I’m wishing you the happiest of birthdays
today as you turn 60, my dear!

Don’t be disheartened if people start giving
you a compliment but then quickly follow it
up by saying it’s good for your age.

They’re just impressed that you’re still able
to do many of the things that some people
younger than you already can’t!
Let’s hope that the balloons are the only thing to pop on your birthday this year because at your age it could just as easily be your hip! Happy birthday!
On your special day today, my friend, I wanted to do something a little different. I thought that this year I'd send you a heartfelt message to let you know just how meaningful you are to me.

Over the years you have become so much more to me than simply just a friend. The truth is, I see you now as more of a brother than a buddy. 

Happy birthday, and always know that I’m truly very grateful to have someone like you in my life.
Happy birthday to one of the better-
looking men I know: my boyfriend!

You're the sweetest, craziest, and
funniest person I know; you're the
whole package really! I’m looking
forward to many happy years
ahead of making each other
smile and laugh!
Happy birthday to you, my friend!

It’s perfectly fine with me if people mistake us for siblings because even though we have different parents, you’ll always be a true brother to me.

I’m wishing you another wonderful year ahead, buddy.
Happy birthday to you!

School isn’t all bad, as I made a
true friend for life. We’ll be friends
until we’re old and gray!
Happy 60th birthday to you! I hope your eyesight is still good enough that you’re able to read all of your birthday messages today!
Celebrating so many birthdays can start to take its toll after a while… I guess you could say that getting older is no piece of cake!
Happy birthday, my sweet boyfriend!

I’m sending love-filled wishes from far away, in the hope that you’ll have a special day!
You’re always there 
To support me
You pick me up 
If I’m knocked down 
Without you in my life
I’d have a meltdown!

Happy birthday, big bro!
You may well be my brother-in-law,
but you’re also my brother at heart.
You mean the world to me and I’m so
grateful to have you in my life, man.

I’m wishing you the very best birthday
possible this year.
Happy birthday, best friend!

Having a brother is all well and good, but having a friend turn brother is even better as you’re already best buds beforehand!

Ours is a friendship with a strong foundation that will last forever, that I am sure of, my friend!