Newest Birthday Wishes

We spent many incredible years growing up together
Happy birthday to my childhood bestie
Happy birthday to my dear cousin!

We were inseparable as kids,
spending almost every minute
together! I honestly don’t know
what I would’ve done without
you growing up!

In truth, we’ve always been so close
and we were together so much
throughout our childhood that I have
always seen you more like a sister
to me than a cousin.

Wishing you all the love and happiness
in the world on your special day!
My dear friend, it’s almost your
birthday and I don’t know who’s
more excited - me or you!

Happy birthday in advance!
Happy 25th birthday today! You are well and truly an adult now, but I still can’t help looking at you as though you’re still a kid!

I’ve known you your whole life, and I think that you will always be that sweet little kid in my eyes, no matter how old you get!

Enjoy your very special day and congratulations on reaching this very special milestone in your life with all of your achievements so far!
Wishing you the very best
16th birthday today!

It’s such an exciting time in
your life, where you are almost
within reach of the beginning of
your adult years and able to
embark on all of the exciting
adventures that soon await you!

Live each and every moment to
the fullest, so that one day, you
can look back on your younger
years and reminisce about all of
the amazing memories you made!

Happy birthday, dear!
My dear son, the light of my life, I hope that today brings you all the joy and happiness in the world!

It’s your special day, but it’s also a very special day for me too, as it marks another glorious year since your birth and another year that you have brought pure happiness to my life.

Wishing you the best birthday possible, my darling boy!
Sending my most sincere birthday
wishes to you today, madam!

I am hoping that your special day is
truly wonderful and goes some way
to rewarding you for all of your hard
work and dedication in everything
that you do!

I don’t know anyone more deserving
of that than you, madam!

Wishing a very happy birthday to you!
I hope that your sweet sixteenth
birthday brings you only great things,
such as immense joy and prosperity
for your future!

Being able to watch you grow up
and develop into this wonderful
person that you have become has
been such a wonderful pleasure! 

Never change from who you are now,
as you are perfect exactly as you are!

Happy 16th birthday, my dear!
Happy birthday to my
dear mother-in-law who
turns another year more
beautiful today!
Happy birthday! Wishing you laughter,
happiness and lots of good cheer on
your 25th birthday!
Happy sweet 16! I hope that you treasure
every single second of your very special
sixteenth birthday!
Wishing the most wonderful birthday
to my dear cousin today!

I hope that everything continues to go
well for you in life and that you are
always blessed with happiness and lots
of love from those around you!

Sending you big hugs and kisses on
your special day!
I wanted to send these wishes to you just before your special day, partly because you’ll have enough to focus on during your celebrations!

But really it's mostly because I didn’t want mine to be just one of the many messages that you’ll receive, and end up getting lost among all of the others!

So, my dear friend, I am wishing you a very happy birthday!

I hope that your day is as special as it can be and that all of your hopes and dreams come true over the course of this new year of your life!

You’re very special to me and I value your friendship greatly. You’ve always been there for me and I appreciate it immensely!

Hope you have the best time!
Happy sweet sixteenth birthday, my dear!

May this special occasion bring you much
love and joy! Spend time with your most
loved ones and I hope that you enjoy only
incredible moments today, making special
memories that you can forever cherish!

Big kisses to you today, my dear!
Happy birthday to a very hard worker and
an outstanding person in general!

I hope that your birthday this year brings
you and your family much joy and
happiness, and that you are also able to
find some time for yourself to relax and
recharge your batteries, after all the
exhausting work that you do here!

Many happy returns!
It’s likely that many people will tell
you that life begins at forty, but really
it makes much more sense to tell
you that life begins at 25!

This is the stage in life where
you’ve truly just become an adult,
with everything now at your disposal
and the world still at your feet!

You have so many exciting new options
available to you and the opportunities
are endless, my friend!

Enjoy your special day and wishing
you all the best for your future!

A very happy 25th birthday to you!
Today this little princess is little no more,
as she turns 16 years of age! Wishing you
a very happy birthday, sweetie!
Wishing a fantastic birthday to a fantastic
work buddy today! I hope your day is filled
with incredible moments!
Happy birthday to my darling girlfriend,
the person who makes me happier than
anyone else in this world!

You mean everything to me, and I hope
that I can show you just how much by
giving you the best birthday ever!

Of course, you’re going to be treated by
me and everyone else today, but also
remember to take time for you and treat
yourself, too! Love you loads, honey!
Happy sweet 16, sweet girl!

Today marks a significant
milestone for a beautiful girl
who is beginning to blossom
into a beautiful woman!

You are growing up so wonderfully,
and I know that everyone is so proud
of the person you are becoming.

Enjoy your special day, my dear, for
today all of the attention is solely on you!

Happy sixteenth birthday!
Happy birthday from your
forward-thinking friend!

I know that I am early in
wishing you a happy birthday,
but I just couldn’t wait to wish
my bestie a great day!

I hope that it’s everything you
hope it to be!
Congratulations on reaching a quarter of the way to becoming 100 years old!

Happy birthday!
My dearest cousin, you are
the sister I was never lucky
enough to have and I wish
you only beautiful things
on your very special day!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to a
very special person!

The smartest, most
creative little lady I
have the pleasure
of calling my niece!

I hope that your day
is as special as you
are and that all of your
wishes come true today!
Happy birthday to my fantastic friend,
the class-clown!

Wishing you an awesome birthday!
Wishing you a very happy birthday today!

Turning 25 is a milestone birthday and an
important time for anybody in their life!

It marks that point in life where you’re
no longer in your early twenties, and
you’ve well and truly entered into the
big scary world of adulthood!

It’s an odd time where you’re seriously
evaluating what your future holds, but
you’re luckily still young enough to go in
any direction that you want!

It’s an exciting time for you with lots going
on, so above all, remember to enjoy this
very special birthday!

You have your whole future ahead of you!
I wanted to begin your birthday
proceedings this year with an
early birthday message!

Happy birthday, dear friend!
Even though the lust and passion in our
relationship fizzled out, our friendship still
remains strong! Happy birthday, dear ex!
I am wishing the most incredible birthday today to my beautiful lover!

You are quite simply the most gorgeous, caring, sweetest person I have ever met, and I wish only happiness for you today and evermore!

Happy birthday! I love you with all my heart, my dear!
Happy 25th birthday to a
very special person: you!

We are so blessed to have
had you in our lives now for
25 years! Oh, how the time flies!

Wishing you the most special
birthday yet, as your 25th
certainly is a very special one!

With all our love, dear!
On your special day my heart is longing
for you, my handsome man, as you are
currently far away. I’m counting down the
days until we are reunited, and then the
days will seem less grey.

I love you and I miss you so incredibly
much, with all of my heart. I hope you
have a happy birthday my dear boyfriend.
I know that I am early
once again this year,
but if I don’t say it now
I’ll forget and miss it, I fear!

Happy birthday, my wonderful friend!

Wishing you but the best for your
special day and for the year ahead!
Happy birthday to someone who is very
dear to me, and who I wish was right 
here next to me now so that we could
celebrate this special day together.

But nonetheless, my dear, I hope
that you have an absolutely wonderful
birthday where you as!

Sending you lots of love, lots of kisses,
and lots of great big hugs!
Today marks the beginning of the rest of your life, for it is today that you turn 25!

Happy 25th birthday my dear friend!
Happy birthday to a dear employee
that I hold in very high regard!

I hope that your special day is as
enjoyable as it can be, and that you
have a wonderful time celebrating
with your dear family and friends!
Wishing you all the best on your
upcoming birthday!

I just had a thought that someone’s
birthday is looming, so in the spirit of
being organized, I wanted to wish you
a happy birthday in advance, my friend!

You deserve all the happiness in the world,
and I hope that your special day brings you
everything you are hoping for and more!
My dear, I am wishing
you the very best on
your special day today!

Deep down in my heart
you are my sister, even
if officially you are my cousin.

You are such a beautiful soul
and I wish for nothing but the
best in life for you, as you truly
deserve it.

I hope you have the most fab
birthday ever!
Happy 25th birthday and welcome to
the quarter century club, my friend!

A quarter of a century has passed
since you came into this world, and
what a mark you’ve already made on it!

I wish as much success and happiness
for you as you’ve already had over the
past 25 years, for the next 25 and beyond!

Enjoy your special day!
Although this comes a little later than
planned, I want to wish you a very happy
birthday! I hope you had a fabulous day!
We’ve all heard the saying that
it’s better to be late than never,
but in truth, it’s always better
to be early!

Happy birthday in advance, my
dear friend!
I just wanted to write a quick message
to let you all know how much all of your
kind words meant to me today.

Honestly, your messages have touched
me beyond words. In short, you have all
just simply made my day!

My great big smile on the outside is proof
of my gratitude, while on the inside my
heart just keeps thanking you all!

Thank you all so much for thinking of me
on my birthday, and I am sending my
biggest kisses and warmest hugs back
to you all! Much love!
Happy 25th birthday today! This exciting
milestone marks your silver birthday!

You are at that special age where you
still have the world at your feet, but you
are old enough and mature enough,
with ample knowledge and wisdom to
take on the world!

I know with certainty that this will be 
a great year for you, and that you’ll
reach gold, my dear!
While some people grow more stubborn and become grumpier with age, you just get wiser and more optimistic!

Not only are you one of my absolute favourite people, but you are also simply a breath of fresh air among all of the elders that I know!

Happy birthday, my dear! I hope you have an amazing day today and enjoy your many years to come!
I know that your birthday is still a
little way off, but I wanted to wish
you a happy birthday in advance,
and make sure I’m the first!

I hope that your day is filled with
good times and that it turns out
to be everything you had hoped
it would be!

Sending my very best to you and
yours! Happy birthday!
Wishing one of the greatest men
I know, my dear uncle, a very
happy birthday today!

I hope you have the most
amazing time!
Happy 25th birthday, my dear friend!

You only turn 25 once, so I hope you
treasure your special day!
From the first moment we met
I knew you would be my wife,
to have and to hold you
for the rest of my life.

I hope that today brings
you nothing but bliss,
as you are the sweetest
person ever to exist.

My love for you, my dear
wife, it is endless.

Happy birthday, my
beautiful wife!
As I’m not going to be around on your special day I wanted to wish you a happy birthday in advance, so, happy birthday!
Wishing you the very best day
and the biggest celebrations
on your very special birthday!

Most years come and pass
without leaving much of an
imprint on your mind, but your
18th birthday is certainly one
you will always remember!

So, make sure to make happy
memories that you can forever
look back on!

Have a fantastic day and I wish
you all the very best for all of
your adult years to come!