Newest Birthday Wishes

Many congratulations to you, my dear best friend, as today we are celebrating the very special day that is your birthday!

Anyone would be lucky to have a heart touching friendship like we have, and I just want you to know that I am so thankful for your true friendship!
My, oh, my, you’re getting so big and
grown up, my dear! May you continue to
grow as beautifully as you have been!

I’m sending you big birthday kisses and
hoping that you have an absolutely
wonderful birthday this year, sweet girl!
My beautiful daughter, today
you are officially a teenager!

I’m wishing you great success
and all the very best for your
teenage years ahead!
To a dear friend of mine who is the perfect companion in every possible way, I’m wishing an awesome birthday full of happiness and joy!

When I think of the incredible bond that we’ve formed over the years, I count my blessings because I know exactly how fortunate I am. Not many people are as lucky to have what we have!
Happy birthday to the most adorable
little girl who’s as sweet as sugar,
and congratulations to the parents
who are doing a super job of raising
such a lil’ cutie-pie!
Year after year you impress me even more,
and that’s only one of the many reasons
why you’re the daughter I adore!

Happy birthday from dad!
There simply are not enough words in the dictionary to accurately describe how passionately and strongly I feel about our friendship. All I can tell you is that it truly means everything to me!

Have a wonderful birthday today, bestie!
Happy birthday to you today, kid!

I’m wishing you a fabulous birthday this year that’s worthy of a princess! You are such a special child who deserves to be blessed with only the very best things life has to offer!
A friend, a daughter, and a cherished family member; you are so much more to me than merely just a daughter-in-law! Happy birthday, my dear!
Happy birthday to you, my dearest friend!

I owe a great deal to you as day after day, year after year, you remain the one person in my life who I can always count on.

You truly are the ultimate friend and I don’t know what I would do without you!

I hope your special day is as magnificent as you make our friendship!
It’s time to celebrate as it’s your special day today, birthday girl!

May the frosting on your cake be as sweet and delightful as you are, my dear!
There’s a new teenager on the block
So you know what that must mean...
Today a special someone
Is turning thirteen!

I'm sending my best wishes and
Huge congratulations to you, my dear!
May you have a very memorable and
Marvellous 13th birthday today!
Happy birthday, bestie!

On your special day today, I have to tell you that your friendship is far superior to that of any friendship I’ve had before.

It’s the most meaningful and heart touching relationship I’ve ever experienced and I am truly blessed for having you in my life!
My little angel, today you turn
another year older and I must
say that you’re blossoming into
the most beautiful young girl!

You have a kind heart and the
sweetest nature which makes
you the cutest kid around!

I hope you have the loveliest,
happiest birthday today!
Happy 10th birthday to the birthday boy!

This is without a doubt the most special
birthday of your young life to date, as
today you enter double-digits!

You’re really starting to grow up now,
little man, and everyone’s so very
proud of you!
Today, I have the pleasure of celebrating the wonderful friend that you are as it’s your birthday, my dear! Happy birthday to you! 

You have touched my heart in so many different ways, and I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for you.

Here’s to the many years of love, laughter, and happiness that we have shared together and to many more years of a fabulous friendship to come!
Happy birthday to you today, cutie!

A sweet and pretty girl like you deserves her special day to be full of beautiful gifts and lots of cake!
On the day that you were born, my life changed forever. I received the greatest blessing of my life, and each year on your birthday is simply another reminder of that.

I’m sending all my love to you on your special day today, my baby girl!
To my oldest and closest friend on your
special day, I’m hoping that everything
you’ve been wishing for comes your way.

May you have a marvellous birthday, as
you truly deserve the world for what an
incredible person you are!
Happy birthday, my little angel!

You are growing up to be such a beautiful girl inside and out and I couldn’t have any more pride than I already do to be the parent of such a kind, sweet, and caring young girl!
I’m sending my congratulations
and wishing you a very happy
birthday as you reach this
incredible milestone of
turning into a teenager!

May your thirteenth birthday
be truly terrific!
At the risk of sounding overly sentimental, I just want to wish an incredibly happy birthday to one of the most significant people in my life!

From the very first moment we met, I instantly knew that we were destined to be best friends. Well, as it so happens it turns out I wasn’t wrong!

Enjoy your special day, my friend!
Happy birthday to the cutest, sweetest, most adorable little girl in the whole wide world! I hope your special day today is just as fabulous as you are!
Happy birthday to you today, my dear!

You know that I consider you to be more of a daughter than a daughter-in-law, and today we celebrate another year of your life and another year that you’ve been a part of this family for!
True friendship is a beautiful thing,
and I am so incredibly lucky that I
found that with you.

You are the gold standard of friends
and I count my blessings each day
that you came into my life!

I’m wishing you the happiest of
birthdays today, my friend!
Today, you turn another year older
and more beautiful than ever, my
sweet princess!

I am so proud of the wonderful little
girl you have turned out to be and
still you continue to make me prouder.

Happy birthday to you, my sweetheart!
Happy 10th birthday to a very special girl!

May this very important day that sees you
turn double-digits be filled with glitter and
all things beautiful!
Thank you for being such a great friend and for always standing beside me during those times when I’ve needed you the most.

Your friendship is more meaningful to me than I could ever possibly put into words, but I just hope you know how truly special and important you are to me.

Happy birthday to you today, my very dear and wonderful friend.
Happy birthday, my princess!

You may be little, but the impact
you have on my heart is huge!
Happy birthday to the newest yet already
trendiest teen: my daughter!

I hope that this very special birthday of
yours is everything you had hoped it would
be, my dear, and that you can take away
many wonderful memories from it!
Happy birthday to a truly great pal of mine!

Friends like you are few and far between,
so I hope you know that I don’t take what
we have for granted and I cherish you
with all my heart!
Today, I’m reserving my most heartfelt birthday wishes for a young girl so great!

No matter your age, big or small, you’re always going to be the very best of all!

Happy birthday to you, my princess!
A birthday message from dad
To my beautiful baby girl
You’re more precious to me
Than a rare, lustrous pearl!

Happy birthday, my dear daughter!
Today, I have the pleasure of wishing a super happy birthday to my favorite human! Our bond is as solid as a rock and as sweet as your birthday cake is hopefully going to be!

Seriously though, I couldn’t wish for a better companion and I am so proud to call you my best friend. You mean the world to me!
Happy birthday to the most adorable
baby girl!

From the day you were born to your
very 1st birthday you’ve been warming
the hearts of all those around you!
Happy birthday to my
favorite daughter-in-law!

I know I don’t have a long
line of other daughters-in-law,
but there wouldn’t be any
competition even if I did!
Happy birthday to you, bestie!

Having a wonderful friend like you in my life is one of the greatest blessings I could've ever wished for.

May your special day be incredible and reward you for your magnificent friendship!
Today, I am wishing a very happy birthday to a particularly special little girl!

You are growing up to be such a kind and beautiful kid and I hope all of your birthday wishes come true for you this year, little one!
If reaching 100 is the ultimate goal in life
you’re a tenth of the way there, my dear!

In the meantime, I’m wishing you all the
success in the world with all of your other
goals and aspirations!

Happy 10th birthday to you!
I’m wishing you an exceptionally wonderful birthday today, my dearest friend!

Words can’t fully express just how deeply you and your friendship have touched my heart. Every day since we met has been better and brighter, and I will be eternally thankful that you came into my life when you did.

You truly are a very special person to me!
A sweet girl like you deserves the sweetest birthday full of sugar, cake, and all things nice! Happy birthday to you today, little one!
Happy birthday to daddy’s sweet girl!

With each passing year that you grow, so does the love and admiration I have for you. You are my heart and my life, my darling daughter.

I hope you enjoy your special day today!
Your friendship is one of the things I am
most grateful for in life.

Through the highs and the lows, the good
and not so good, you’ve always been right
by my side to see me through it.

Happy birthday and thank you for being
a true friend!
Happy birthday to the sweetest little girl
I know! You are getting so big now and
today you turn yet another year older!

You’ll have to stop growing up so quickly or
else you’ll be a big girl before we know it!
I often wonder what the recipe is to a
long-lasting friendship like ours. I mean,
we’ve been best friends for such a long
time we must have the answer!

Well, when you give it some thought
it’s quite obvious really… We’ve simply
told each other far too many secrets
over the years!

We’re locked into this friendship for life!

Happy birthday to you, bestie!
You are a true friend, the best companion for all kinds of adventures, and you are also a great man. I admire you and see you as a huge inspiration, and I have only life and the universe to thank for bringing us together.

Happy birthday, my dear friend! May all the joy in the world live in your heart, today and always. Wherever and whenever you need something you just have to look for me, call my name, and I’ll be there.
Your birthday wishes may be coming
from a distance this year, but that
doesn’t make them any less sincere!

Far away or as close as can be,
you’ll always be my best friend and
truly special to me!

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!
Congratulations are in order, for today
the most beautiful boy is celebrating
their birthday!

I am beyond fortunate to have an
amazing pal like you, and I’m so proud
to be able to call you my best friend!

Happy birthday to you!
Friends like you come around but once in a lifetime so it’s important to hold onto a friendship so meaningful, wherever in the world you may be!

Happy birthday, bestie!
To my globetrotting friend who has a deep meaning in my life, may you have a wonderful birthday today wherever you’re choosing to spend your special day!