Newest Birthday Wishes

My cute baby boy turns 1 today
Happy 1st birthday to my sun and my stars
My beautiful boy, today you turn another year older and more wonderful than ever. May you keep growing to be the great man you’re becoming.

Happy birthday with love, mom.
I’m sending all the best wishes I could gather from my heart to yours on your special day today, my dear friend. Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, bro!

A little brother like you is actually a blessing
in disguise… At first I thought I was unlucky
to have a younger brother, but now as the
years go on I feel like the luckiest big sister
in the world!
You're almost the whole package, boyfriend
I'll always be the best gift you could wish for
Your birthday is right around the corner
There are just a few hours left to go
So let’s get ready to celebrate it with
The best birthday party we can throw!

Happy almost birthday to you!
The birthday boy turns 12 today!

May the candles on your cake this year
grant you a dozen wishes to enjoy!
Happy birthday, my love.

I hope your special day brings
you many happy moments, as
your happiness is the most
important thing to me.
A son who is so dear
Whether you’re far or near
Will always be the most
Special person in my life.

Many happy returns to you.
I’m wishing you the very
Happiest of birthdays from
My heart, my wonderful boy.
Happy birthday, love!

On your birthday this year, you can have anything you wish for. But really what more could you want when you already have a girlfriend like me!
Happy 16th birthday to my super special son!

You are growing up so quickly but remember that now and always, you’ll forever be my boy. I hope you know just how proud I am of you and everything that you’ve achieved in the last sixteen years.
The countdown has begun!
It’s almost time to start 
The birthday celebrations
For my most loved one!
My lovely sis from another miss
You’re a sister to me all the same
Your birthday is another reminder 
of one more happy year we’ve spent 
together, sharing experiences and 
enjoying each other’s company.

I will forever be grateful that ours 
is a love that shines so bright
every hour, day or night.

Happy birthday, my lover.
A son like you who has created a love so true will forever be a special blessing in my life.

Happy birthday from mom, my dear boy.
We may not have been born siblings
but somewhere along the way,
we became sisters anyway.

Happy birthday to my true sister at heart.
A little brother is like
a super annoying flea:
They never leave you alone
and just let you be!

Happy birthday!
I’m sending you some special little birthday wishes to help you on your way as you celebrate your special day!

Happy birthday to you today!
A brother and father figure
You’re not getting any younger, bro
I’ll always be grateful to have had you
in my life, as it’s better to have loved
and lost than never to have loved at all.

Happy birthday to you.
Today, I’m wishing a very happy birthday to my almighty younger sister!

She might be little, but don’t let that fool you… she can certainly make her presence known when she wants to! She’ll never go unnoticed, that’s for sure!
Happy birthday to my someone special! You are my everything and the love of my life. I love you to the moon and back today, tomorrow, and always.
Few days are as special
As the day we celebrate
The anniversary of when
You came into the world.

Happy birthday to you
My dear, wonderful son
With lots and lots of love
From your adoring mom.
For someone special
And someone I love
I hope your birthday
Is beyond and above
As you are a person
Who truly deserves
The whole entire
World and more.

Wishing you a wonderfully
Heart-touching birthday.
If ever there was a time you could let
loose and go a little bit crazy it would
be today, my friend!

So go nuts, it is your birthday after all!
A special friend like you deserves
their birthday wishes to come early!

So, I’m counting down the days and
wishing a very happy pre-birthday
to you, my dear best friend!
Birthday wishes for my fabulous daughter
A daughter like you is the greatest gift of all
Happy birthday, my love. As long
as I have a boyfriend as sweet and
as wonderful as you, my heart will
be forever full and completely content.

I am so lucky to have a special man
like you in my life.
Today I’m sending heartfelt
Birthday wishes to my son
For he is and always will be
My moon, stars, and sun.
Happy birthday, dad.

You are and always have been such
a great role model in my life.

My only hope is that someday I can
be as great of a father as you are to
me to my son, too.
You can’t stop getting older, little sis,
so your only hope is that you grow old
gracefully like me! Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you, brother! If
you’re concerned about getting older,
just remember that age is nothing
more than a number.

It just so happens that in your case that
number is becoming quite a big one!
My dearest love, on your special day I just want to wish you the happiest birthday possible and the same amount of happiness that you bring me every day.
Happy birthday to the best girlfriend
Birthday wishes and big kisses for my girlfriend
You are my biggest blessing and my greatest joy. I adore you with my whole entire heart, I always have, and I always will.

May you have the spectacular birthday that you are so deserving of this year, my dear son. Happy birthday from mom.
We’ll be celebrating sooner rather than
later as your birthday is just days away
now! Let the countdown commence!
My dear mom, as you celebrate another
birthday today, I just want you to know
how special you are and how much
you mean to me.

I am so grateful for everything you’ve
done for me, and I always will be.

Happy birthday, mom.
A friend like brother like no other
You’ll always be close to my heart
Happy birthday to the most special person
in my life today, tomorrow, and always.
You are my love, my laughter, and my joy.

I’m forever grateful for having a partner
like you to experience all of life’s greatest
wonders with.
Happy birthday, my beautiful boy. You’re another year older and another year more incredible. I’m forever proud of the remarkable man you’re becoming.
Happy 2nd birthday, baby girl!
Today, you aren’t just two
But you’re also super sweet
And very cute too!
Few people are both a friend and a sister
The most perfect baby girl