Newest Birthday Wishes

Wishing an old pal a very happy
birthday today!

Even back then when we met for
the very first time, I knew we would
be lifelong friends!

I hope things are great with you and
life is treating you well!

All the best and many happy returns!
Happy 21st birthday,
my dear friend!

Now that you’ve finally
turned the long-awaited
21, pace yourself and
drink with moderation!
Happy wedding anniversary!

May you always love each other dearly,
and never tire of each other’s company!
Happy birthday to a very highly valued customer!

You have been a part of our family since the early days, and we are so grateful to have had such a loyal client such as yourself join us on this journey so far!

Many thanks, and we look forward to serving you for many more years to come!

All the very best to you!
Happy birthday, my friend! You’re only
25 years old yet you have a lifetime of
achievements already behind you!

Congratulations on reaching this special
milestone and I’m wishing you a future
filled with even more success!

All the very best to you!
My dear uncle, a strong male
presence in my life, I wish you a
very happy birthday today!

Thank you for always being there for
me throughout my childhood, and up
until this very day. You helped shape
me into the person I am today, and I
will always be grateful to you for that.

Have a wonderful birthday, uncle!
To my dear husband on our wedding anniversary, I just want to tell you how important you are to me.

You are the most supportive, most caring man I know and I couldn’t love you any more than I do! Thank you for everything that you are, and for everything that you do. You are truly magnificent!

Happy anniversary, my dear, and here’s to many more blissful years together!
Happy birthday to a fantastic client!

It’s clients like you who drive us to
do what we do, and make us thrive
to constantly do it better!
Happy birthday to my ageing boyfriend!
Luckily for you, I like older men!

I’m kidding with you, you’re not that old!
But in all truth, you do seem to be getting
more and more handsome with age! So
actually, I guess it’s lucky for me!
Happy birthday to a great friend - one of my oldest! Wishing you a joyous day!
Wishing a very happy birthday to a trusty client who has been there from the start!

We value your loyalty and commitment to our company so very much, and we owe you a lot for our continued growth over the years! Have a wonderful day!
Today marks another year of happy
marriage and pure bliss! Happy wedding
anniversary to my significant other!
On your birthday this year, dear teenager, I’m wishing for everything you want in life to come true! Happy birthday!
Happy business birthday to us!

Today marks another incredible
year of partnership between our
two companies! Here’s to many
more successful years together!
Happy birthday to a dedicated,
hard-working employee!

We hope that this year brings many
more prosperous opportunities that
give you even more chances to
shine in the spotlight!

All your work doesn’t go unnoticed
and we’re very grateful for all of
your efforts!

Have a wonderful day today!
Today is your wedding anniversary, and
if this doesn’t call for a big celebration
then I don’t know what does!

Over the years you have made each
other so incredibly happy and I truly
believe that your patience, thoughtfulness
and understanding are the perfect recipe
for a happy marriage!

Many congratulations on yet another
glorious year of marriage!

Let the celebrations commence!
Happy birthday, dear client!

On your special day, we hope that
you will accept this as a token of
our appreciation for you and your
ongoing preference and loyalty!

We are ever so grateful for you
and we hope that you have a truly
wonderful birthday today!
Happy birthday my dear friend,
today I am wishing for your life
to be surrounded by happiness
and your heart filled with love.

You deserve only the greatest
things life has to offer and I hope
that as many as possible come
your way this year.
Turning eighteen is a special point in
anyone’s life, and I wholeheartedly
wish you the very best, brightest
future possible.

I have no doubt in my mind that you’re
going to do great things, but amidst your
inevitable success always remember to
cherish friendships that are true and make
time for your loved ones, as they are the
ones who will always be there to support
you in any situation.

Being able to share your success with
those closest to you will make it that
much sweeter, too!

Enjoy this special time and have a truly
wonderful 18th birthday!
Wishing you a very happy birthday today!

You are so much more than just a
client to us, you’re a dear friend and
a respected professional!

Thank you for a fantastic connection
already spanning many great years,
and here’s to many more!
Happy anniversary to
my favourite couple!

The love and affection
you have for each other
is so cute, even after
years of marriage!
Happy birthday to a true-blue friend!

Our friendship is so old that we go
way back, but over the years we
have never lost touch.

We may not see each other every
day, but regardless of that, you have
always been a reliable, trusty friend
that I know I can always rely on.

Thank you for consistently being
there for me and for always being
so dependable - it means more to
me than you’ll ever know.

I hope you have the calm, laid-back
birthday that you so deserve, my
dear friend!
Happy birthday to an amazing client of ours! Wishing you good health and prosperity for the year ahead!
Happy birthday!

Your 21st birthday marks the beginning
of something truly wonderful!

I hope all of your dreams and aspirations
come true for you this year, and that your
success continues to grow throughout the
years ahead!

Have a memorable one today!
Happy wedding anniversary to
the happy couple!

Anniversaries exist to recognize
and celebrate a special and
significant date from the past,
and your wedding was certainly
something special that gives
cause for celebration!

I hope that you both enjoy today,
appreciating each other and
reliving the sublime moments
from your beautiful wedding day!

All my love and very best wishes
to you both!
Today is your special day, so a very happy birthday to you!

We would just like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you for continuing to be such a wonderfully loyal customer! Your support and ongoing interest in our company is what makes us who we are!

Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts! We wish you a glorious day and all the very best for the year ahead!
I can’t believe that this sweet little thing is
turning sixteen already!

It feels like only yesterday you were saying
your first words and learning to walk!
How time flies, but you are growing up to
be such a smart, beautiful young lady!

Everyone is so proud of the woman you
are becoming and you should be proud
of yourself too!

Have an absolutely fabulous sweet
sixteenth birthday, my dear!
I must be the luckiest grandparent
in the world, for I have the most
wonderful grandson!

You make me proud in every way
imaginable; I couldn’t wish for a
more perfect grandchild!

I hope that your birthday is a day
filled with joyous moments and lots
of laughter, leaving you with some
beautiful memories to look back on.

Sending you all my love on your
special day, my dear!
Sending our very warmest wishes to you
on your special day, and hoping that you
have a successful year ahead!

Happy birthday!
Wishing a very happy wedding anniversary to the better half of me: my darling wife!

Love you loads, dear!
My dearest friend, although you may not
be here, I hope that your birthday is filled
with good cheer!
Happy birthday to a very loyal
client of ours!

It goes without saying that we
appreciate your business, but
more than that we appreciate
the relationship forged through
our company and yours!

We value you a lot!

You make our business what it is
and I hope that we, in some way,
help to make yours what it is too!
My friend from the past
A friendship made to last
I’m wishing that you may
Have the very best birthday!
Today I am celebrating the anniversary of
yet another year of truly blissful, happy
marriage with my magnificent other half!

I am so blessed to have found my
ultimate companion in life, my best friend
and my soulmate.

Each day I thank my lucky stars, for I know
how lucky I am to have found my special
someone and each passing year on this
date just reinforces how fortunate I am.

I’m feeling very full of love today!

Happy wedding anniversary to us and
here's to many more happy years!
Wishing you an incredible birthday from the whole team here!

We hope you enjoy a well-deserved break!
Happy birthday to our teenager!

Now that you have reached this point in your life, I hope you can understand that, as parents, it is our duty to embarrass you from time to time!

What we think is endearing, you probably will not! Just know that we’ll never purposely humiliate you, and everything we do is only out of love for you!

Have a fantastic birthday, kiddo!

Lots of love from mom and dad!
I’ll still love you when you’re old and
wrinkly, and I’ll even love you when
your looks start to go.

If your hair becomes grey or you start
to bald, I’ll still love you just the same.

Which is lucky for you, because judging
by this birthday all of that isn’t too far off!

Happy birthday, my handsome boyfriend!
Happy birthday to an esteemed
client of ours!

Working with you has been our
pleasure, and we’d just like to take
this opportunity on your special
day to say a massive thank you for
your loyalty and for choosing to
work with us!

Here’s to many more years of our
fantastic working relationship, and
wishing you a limitless amount of
success ahead!
Your wedding day was so magical
and so beautiful!

Take today to reminisce about those
special moments and enjoy celebrating
another happy year together!

Happy anniversary!
Happy birthday to the most
gorgeous baby boy!

I know you won’t be able to
read this yet, but I am trusting
your lovely parents to pass my
message to you in the form of
lots of hugs and lots of kisses!

Then, when I see you next I’ll
give you even more! Have a
lovely day, precious little one!
My dear friend from the past, I’ve always
wished the very best for you and today is
no different!

So, I’m sending you my very best wishes,
hoping that you have a really great
birthday and that life is treating you well!

All the best, my friend!
Wishing a very happy wedding anniversary
to the happiest couple ever!

You two are such a wonderful example of
what marriage is all about. Honestly, the
love and appreciation you have for each
other is truly beautiful.

I don’t know any other couple that are
as kind, caring and considerate of one
another than you two - it’s so endearing
to see!

Enjoy your special day and each other!
Happy 21st birthday, mate!

I hope you have the biggest, best, most extravagant celebrations yet on this particularly momentous birthday of yours!

Be sure to enjoy it with all of your family and loved ones, and make it a truly memorable one!
Happy birthday to my one and only.

I am truly blessed to be able to
share your special day with you, as
well as each and every other day too!

I hope you receive everything you
had hoped for this year, because
you deserve the world, my dear.

I love you to the moon and back,
my darling soulmate!
Happy wedding anniversary
to my partner in crime!

Love you millions!
I wish I could celebrate with you on your birthday, but as I can’t this year I am wishing you all the best in advance!

Have a great day!
Happy birthday to an
old friend who I can
always rely on to make
me laugh hysterically!

Wishing you a birthday
full of laughter and joy!
Happy wedding anniversary, my dear!

Ever since I met you my life has been
infinitely better. My days are brighter
and since we became husband and wife
I wake up each day with the biggest
smile on my face, fully content and filled
with so much happiness.

I can’t remember life before you but
I certainly couldn’t imagine a life
without you.

Thank you for constantly making me
happy! Here’s to many more incredible
years together!
Hoping that this year brings you love,
happiness and the very best that life
has to offer, my dear granddaughter!

Big kisses on your birthday!
Happy birthday to my favourite teen!

Remember, you won’t be young forever,
so enjoy your teenage years as they
only come around once!