Newest Birthday Wishes

My love, may these sweet birthday wishes fill you with joy and touch your heart. You are the centre of my universe today, tomorrow, and always. 
I had a truly wonderful birthday this year
and that’s all down to my fabulous family
and friends. I have so much appreciation
for all of you, for brightening my day with
kind words and lovely wishes.

Thank you for making my day more special
than I could’ve hoped it would be.
Happy birthday to the best gal pal!

My wish for your birthday is to make
you smile and laugh, but that’s not
really any different to having me
around on any given day! 
Happy birthday to you, bestie! 

You are a girl who has the power
to do anything you wish for in life
and be anything you want to be.

Unless of course the thing you wish
to be is younger, because even you
couldn’t make that happen!
The best moms deserve the best
birthday wishes. I hope your day
is everything you deserve, mom.
Husband, I don’t need a long romantic
birthday message to tell you how
much I love and appreciate you -
I show you that each and every day!

I am sending extra special birthday
wishes your way though, full of love
and adoration ❤️
Happy 70th birthday to a very special lady! May all of the greatest gifts in life come your way on your very special day!
Friends like you are few and far between
Your friendship is a true blessing
A thank you message for my birthday wishes
An appreciation message for my birthday wishes
Happy birthday, my friend! I hope this day brings you nothing but joy and much love from those closest to you.

You were always a good friend to me and never turned your back on me, and for that reason alone you can count on me to support you through thick and thin, forever and ever.

I care about you dearly and wish you only the best. Smile, thrive, today, tomorrow and always!
Wishing you a very happy birthday, bestie!

Looks like all of the attention will be on you today, which isn’t any different from any other day really, is it!

I hope you enjoy yet another special day that’s all about you!
Different directions in life pulled you away from me, but love and friendship will continue to keep us together!

You’ll always be a close friend of mine deep down in my heart, no matter how far apart we are or how long we go without seeing one another!

I’m wishing an extremely happy birthday to you today, my dear!
Friendships that are strong are made
up of a million tiny things, a bond that
is no match for hundreds or even
thousands of miles.

Wishing you a truly awesome birthday
today and a wonderful year ahead,
my dear friend!
This isn’t just another day, this is your special day! Happy birthday, my friend!
A friend like you
is a beacon of light
in anyone's life.
I am very lucky to
have you as a friend,
and so today I
rejoice even more,
because it’s your birthday.

Congratulations! Have lots
of fun and please,
never leave my side.
I wish you all the happiness
this world can offer. Happy
birthday, my dear friend!
Happy birthday to you! You’re so special to me that I’ve been waiting for your birthday to come around and see you turn another year older, my friend!

I'm hoping that everything you’ve been wishing for comes true for you today on your special day!
It’s your birthday and for that
reason alone a very special day!

Have fun, always be happy and
enjoy life to the fullest, my friend.
Thank you for the birthday
wishes, my dear friend!

It’s great to hear from you, 
I hope all is well with you!
Most little girls are cute, but not many are as cute and as adorable as you are, my dear! You truly are a special one, sweetie!

Wishing you a fabulous birthday! 🎂
This year, I’m ahead of the game with advance happy birthday wishes for my love! May your day be as truly special and as wonderful as the person you are!
For a man of few words, I also have
a birthday wish that has few words!

Happy birthday, my love!
Wishing you a golden 70th birthday
May your 70th be one to remember
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever
think I would meet someone as special
as you. You are a one of a kind lover
who fills my heart with true love.

Happy birthday, my sweetheart.
Who needs lots of different friends
when I have a best friend like you!
To me, you’re worth a thousand
friends, bestie!
Congratulations on another year!

May your special day today
Be as spectacular as your soul!
Dad, I have only one very special wish for you on your birthday this year, and that is for your day to be as heart warming as you make each and every day for me. You truly are a unique and incredibly special person.
It is with a full heart that I wish you a happy birthday today, my love. You mean more to me than I could ever put into words.
For everything you do for me
I want you to know on your
Special day that you mean
The world to me. You’re the
Best mom a girl could wish for.

Happy birthday 💕
Waking up on my birthday to so many sweet and lovely messages instantly made my day. My heart is very full, thank you all.
If only every little girl
Grew up as beautifully as you
The world would be a much 
More magnificent place too.

Happy birthday, cute girl 💕
I know that turning another year older might make you a little emotional and you might even want to cry, but it’s not all that bad… just think of the positives, like the fact that you have an amazing girlfriend to comfort you in your time of need!
Sending sweet and wonderful wishes to the world’s greatest girlfriend on her birthday today! May your special day be as heart touching as your presence is ❤️
Happy birthday and very best wishes to my dear aunt who turns 70 today! I hope that this very special birthday of yours brings you everything you could ever wish for!
Happy birthday to my favorite weirdo
Happy birthday to my wild and crazy friend
These early birthday wishes go out to the most 
special person of all: the one who has my heart.

Happy birthday in advance to my lover. ❤️
Bestie, you’re so unique 
there’s only one best friend 
like you which is probably 
for the best since I don’t think
I could handle two of you!

Happy birthday!
Little brother, you’re growing up so
fast that it won’t be long before you
overtake me! In maturity, that is!

Have a great birthday! 🙌
Thank you to all my family, friends, and everyone in between for the well-wishes and thoughtful messages you sent my way on my special day. It meant more to me than you’ll ever know ❤️
I wanted to write you a witty birthday message but since you’re the funniest guy I know, I was thinking that it’s probably best you write your own birthday wishes this year! That’s not me being lazy, it’s just me being sincere!
For the centre of my universe, the one I love with all my heart, I’m wishing a heartfelt birthday from deep within my soul. Lots of love to you on your special day, my dear best friend and lover.
You’re a superwoman, mom
Happy birthday to my fabulous mom
My mom is a true hero
On the most special day of my most loved one, I have a full heart bursting with wishes of love ❤️
Happy birthday, sweet kid!

May your life sparkle as brightly and as beautifully as you do in my heart! 💖
You’re not just my BF, you’re
my BFF (boyfriend forever).
There’s no escaping me, ever!

Happy birthday! 😘