Newest Birthday Wishes

I’m wishing you all the happiness in the
world as we welcome and celebrate your
7th birthday today, son!

Think long and hard about the seven
wishes you’ll make when you blow out
the candles on your cake later on!

Happy birthday!
You’re growing up so quickly as today
you’re already turning seven! Oh, how
time flies when you’re having fun!

Happy birthday to you! I’m wishing
you all the happiness possible as
you continue on your adventures of
exploring this vast world, little lady!
Happy 7th birthday to the world’s best
nephew! I hope that your special day this
year is as awesome as you are, kiddo!
A ladybird has 7 beautiful spots,
just as you have 7 beautiful years!
Now, spread your wings and fly,
my darling niece!

Happy birthday!
Happy 7th birthday to you,
my dear grandson!

For this birthday of yours, I’m
writing a unique message for
you as you’re such a special
boy, telling you how very
proud I am of you and how
much love I have for you!
7 is said to be a lucky number and I can
confirm that as I certainly am very lucky to
have a beautiful little girl like you in my life!

I’m wishing you many years of happiness
ahead, sweet girl!
You are a truly special little boy and if there are only seven wonders in the world you must be one of them, my dear! Happy birthday to you!
Your 7th birthday today represents one year for each color of the rainbow, and today of course has to be filled with everything pink! Happy birthday, princess!
These first seven years of your life have been the happiest of mine, my beautiful boy! I am truly blessed to have a son like you who is so sweet, kind, and caring!

I’m wishing you a wonderful birthday today and a joyous year ahead!
Just like the seven seas, your beauty
spans a vast distance. You are growing
up so wonderfully and your personality
is blossoming so beautifully.

It seems that with each passing year you
just become greater and greater, my dear!

I’m wishing you a very happy 7th
birthday indeed!
If life was a videogame you’d be entering level 7 today! Congratulations and happy birthday to you on your 7th birthday today!
May your 7th birthday today be as adorable and as beautiful as you are, my little sweetheart! You deserve all the happiness in the world for being so cute!
Happy 7th birthday to a little
superhero who has the power
to win over any heart in the world!

You won mine from the first day I
met you and my love for you has
only grown since then!
My little princess is celebrating her 7th birthday today!

You are a true blessing in my life, sweet girl, and I’m wishing you all the happiness in the world as you celebrate your birthday today!

I’m sending you the biggest birthday hugs and kisses!
The birthday boy today is turning 7-years-old!

May your seventh birthday be totally awesome and the best one yet, kid!
Happy 7th birthday to you, sweetie!

I’m wishing you a magical birthday this year full of glitter, sparkles, and unicorns!
My dear grandson, today marks 7 whole
years that you’ve been blessing this world
for and I must tell you, the past 7 years of
your life have been the happiest and most
fulfilling of mine.

Thank you for being such a remarkable
boy! Happy birthday!
A very happy birthday to you today!

May you celebrate your 7th birthday with overflowing happiness and joy, my dear girl, and I hope that this year ahead blesses you with all the wonderful things you’ve been wishing for!
A birthday of 7 years deserves
a celebration that lasts 7 days!

That’s one whole week of
celebrating you, my dear!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to my 7-year-old
granddaughter today!

You are the light of my life, providing
me with endless happiness. I am so
grateful for you, my sweetheart!
With each passing year, you gain one extra wish for your special day. You have been granted seven wishes for your seventh birthday today so make each one count, sweet boy!

I’m wishing you a very happy 7th birthday!
A bright young kid like you has the whole world at your feet and your entire future still ahead of you!

Remember, always follow your heart and work hard to achieve your dreams!

Wishing you a very happy 7th birthday today, my dear!
You’re fast approaching double-digits, little dude! Make the most of enjoying all the magic and wonder that comes with being a kid while you still can!

Happy birthday!
It’s hard to believe that you’re
seven-years-old already!

You’ve blossomed into such a
beautiful young girl and you’re
making everyone so proud! 

May you have the happiest
birthday ever today!
Welcome to the seven-year-olds club!

You’re now a proud member of the coolest group ever to exist, which in turn makes you the coolest dude on the face of the earth!

I hope you enjoy your birthday celebrations and being part of this elite age!
Happy birthday to a sassy seven-year-old!

I hope that your party today is as full of life as you are, and fills you with all the happiness that your heart deserves, my dear! May you have the sweetest 7th birthday today!
Here are seven cheers for the birthday boy!

May your special day be full of cake, fun, and games! Happy birthday to you!
Today, I am sending cute birthday wishes to a little girl who has the kindest soul and the sweetest smile! You are truly beautiful inside and out, my dear!
Happy 7th birthday to a truly
unique little boy!

If you are already this kind and
caring at such a young age, I
have no doubt that you’re going
to grow up to be the sweetest
person ever!

You certainly are very special,
kiddo, and I hope your birthday
today is super special, too!
Happy 7th birthday to you, my gorgeous granddaughter! You are my whole entire heart and I couldn’t possibly love you any more than I already do!

May your birthday today bring you the same level of happiness that you bring to me each day!
Happy birthday, kid!

Everyone knows that 7 is the best
age in the universe and today you
become just that!
Turning seven is a truly special occasion and I hope you enjoy it to the max! You're such a bright and bubbly boy with the most infectious and adorable personality!

Wishing you an awesome 7th birthday, little dude!
May you be granted 7 wishes to come true as you reach the seventh year of your life, sweet girl!

I’m wishing a very happy birthday to you!
The sweetest little girl is growing up so fast as today she celebrates her seventh birthday already!

I hope that your year of being 7 doesn’t go by too quickly and is as magical and wonderful as can be!

Happy birthday to you, sweetie!
Every superhero deserves a birthday
full of celebration and today is yours
as you are the hero of our hearts!

Happy birthday, little man!
Happy birthday to the most beautiful
little princess who turns 7 whole years
old today!

May your special day be filled with all
things sweet, sparkly, and superb!
Today, a very special boy is
turning 7-years-old!

Your seventh birthday certainly is
a great one, so may your special
day be filled with happiness, lots
of cake, and everything that puts
a smile upon your face!

Happy birthday to you!
Even when we’re apart,
I still feel you close to me
right here in my heart.

Happy birthday to you today,
my one and only man!
I have great memories of when we were younger and all the stupid things we would get up to, but we were just kids back then!

Thinking about it though, not much has changed since then so what’s our excuse going to be now!

Happy birthday to you, my dear friend!
My beautiful niece, you truly are my biggest inspiration. You inspire me to be better so that I can be the best version of myself for you.

Happy birthday, sweetie!
I don’t like going a single day without
you by my side, but days like your
birthday are definitely the hardest.

I’m sending all my love to you today.
Happy birthday, my friend!

We grew up together, yet we still haven’t
actually grown up! I hope we stay young
and fun at heart forever!
More than just a pet
A simple birthday wish
From father to son
As you celebrate
The great age of 25!

Happy birthday!

I’m wishing you all the
Very best for your future!
My four-legged friend
It doesn’t feel like your birthday
without you here to fill the room
with brightness, my love!

You are always the life of the party,
telling your jokes and making people
laugh. I miss that and I miss you!

Happy birthday over there, my
wonderful man!
My sweet angel, today marks one whole love-filled year that you have been warming my heart and putting smiles upon my face.

Your aunt has so much love for you and I’m so grateful that you came into my life.

Happy 1st birthday, my sweetheart!
I can still remember how excited you
used to get as a kid every year when
your birthday would come around.

Years on and not much has changed!
I’m glad to see that you’re still
enthusiastic about getting older!

Happy birthday!
Even though you’re in a land far away on your birthday this year, don’t forget about your beautiful wife when you’re blowing out the candles on your cake!

Happy birthday!
For twenty-five years you have been making your parents proud, son. You have grown up to be a perfect gentleman and an exemplary human being.

May you continue this way for all the years to come! Happy birthday to you!