Newest Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday to the sweetest girl I know. Each year that you grow, so does the pride I have in my heart for you. 
Happy birthday to my boyfriend
who turns another year older yet
no more mature than before!
These wishes are sweet
And filled with so much love
For the kindest person
I will ever meet. 💗

Happy birthday, my darling.
Always grateful for my family and friends
To me, you’re a brother like friend
Rather than a friend like brother.
Simply put, you’re a truly great guy
And a best friend like no other.

Happy birthday to you, buddy.
Sending sweet wishes your way
from the bottom of my heart
as you celebrate your most
special day of the year today!

Big heartfelt congratulations to you!
Many happy returns! 🎉

May your birthday this year
Be one you remember dearly!
We share the same weird personality
I finally found my prince
Happy birthday and best wishes to you on your special day today, dad. If your birthday this year is even half as meaningful as you are to me, then you’re sure to have a magnificent day.
For a person who needs few words
Someone I find truly honorable
These short birthday wishes
Are to say you’re phenomenal!
My love for you knows no bounds and the romantic wishes I have stored for you can’t wait any longer.

Happy birthday in advance with all my love.
Happy birthday to the world's best role model and loveliest lady who I can always count on. Thank you for always being there for me, mom. 
Happy birthday to the guy who
brightens my days and fills my life
with laughter! I’m so lucky to have
a boyfriend as funny as you!
To have a love like the one that we
share truly is the most precious gift
in life. I’m so lucky and blessed to
have you by my side.

I’m sending all my love to you today,
tomorrow and always, my dear. 
If ever I’ve needed any support or
direction in life, you have always
been the one I turn to first. You are
my driving force and guiding light.

Happy birthday, mom.
To have phenomenal 
Friends and family like I do 
Becomes particularly apparent 
On my birthday, it’s true ❤️

Thank you all for your wishes. 
My friend turn brother turns another year older and more wonderful than ever today! Best wishes to you, best bud!
They say that a man is only as good
as the woman he’s married to, which
I guess is why I’m so spectacular!
It’s all thanks to you, my love!

Happy birthday, my lovely wife!
Happy 70th birthday! They say age is only a number, it just so happens that in your case that number is a pretty big one!
Since I want to be the first person you
hear from in the morning and the last
person before you go to sleep, I
wanted to send my wishes to you for
when you wake up on your birthday.

Happy birthday, my love. I hope your
special day starts well and finishes
even better.
Happy birthday, kid!

My only wish for you on your birthday
this year is that time slows down!
You’re growing up too fast!
Helping you put out the candles on your cake
You're lucky that you have a friend like me
Wishing the best birthday to a friend turned brother! To me, you will always be a friend with whom I share the most special bond of all!
I couldn’t wait until any closer to the
date to wish you a happy birthday, 
my love!

Hopefully these early birthday wishes
will provide a warm welcome to your
special day!
For a wonderful boyfriend
So funny and cute
I’m hoping your birthday
Is truly a hoot!
Our long distance relationship is unbreakable
I'm with you in spirit
I wish I could be in your arms today
You're always close to my heart, my love
Happy birthday to you, my love, my life.
I’m hoping that your special day this
year is as truly beautiful as your soul is.
I’m so lucky to have a funny female friend like you to always keep me entertained. There’s never a dull moment when you’re around, bestie!

Happy birthday to you!
This thank you message is for all of my dear friends and family who made my birthday great by wishing me on the day. I can’t show my appreciation enough for you guys ❤️
For someone so dear in my heart, I’m hoping your birthday gets off to a great start!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to a guy with a great taste in friends!

As your best friend, I’m a prime example of the high calibre you look for in a buddy!
Happy birthday, man! My gift to you
on your special day this year is that
I’m sending you a wish for each year
that you’ve been on this earth for…

Well, you’d better get started then
because it looks like you’ve got a lot
of wishes to make today, my friend!
A friend like you
Is hard to find
You truly are
One of a kind!

Happy birthday,
You are a true friend, the best companion for all kinds of adventures, and you are also a great man. I admire you and see you as a huge inspiration, and I have only life and the universe to thank for bringing us together.

Happy birthday, my dear friend! May all the joy in the world live in your heart, today and always. Wherever and whenever you need something you just have to look for me, call my name, and I’ll be there.
Advance wishes for a lover like no other
Happy birthday super in advance
It truly is a privilege for me to be wishing a happy birthday to my hero: my dear dad. You are and always have been a constant in my life and I feel like the luckiest daughter in the world to have a fantastic father like you.

Happy birthday, dad.
For someone who has been there for
me like a mother since the day I was
born, I’m wishing a huge heartfelt
birthday with lots of love.

Enjoy your special day, aunty ❤️

May your special day
This year go just right
May it be nothing short
Of a pure delight.

That’s the least that a
Marvellous mom like
You deserves. 
I thought it would be more romantic to send your birthday wishes in advance this year, boyfriend. I hope they’re just the start of a spectacular birthday for you. 
Happy birthday, honey! I’ve got the fire department on standby this year on account of the fire hazard that is your birthday cake!
Thank you a million times over
Feeling grateful on my birthday
You’re equal parts friend and brother
Best wishes to my brother from another