Newest Birthday Wishes

Sweet wishes full of admiration for my mom
I’m wishing a happy birthday with all my heart to my very special dad.

You’re always there to hold my hand and support me through everything. I can’t thank my lucky stars enough that I’m the daughter of such a great man. You truly are my hero, dad.
For you, my most loved one
I have only the sweetest wishes
Full of love and a big kiss for you
In advance of your special day. ❤️

May it be all that your heart desires.
Everybody needs a little bit of crazy
in their life and I’m blessed to have
that in you, bestie! 😜

You are my ray of sunshine and
source of endless happiness! 
Happy 70th birthday, uncle!

As you blow out your birthday
candles today be careful that
your teeth don’t also come out!
Overwhelmed, heart full, and glowing with gratitude is how I’m feeling after reading all the birthday messages I received today. Thank you to everyone who made my day extra special.
Before the day is over
I just wanted to say
Thank you to everyone
For helping me celebrate
In the best possible way.

You all made my birthday
That much more special
And I’m truly grateful from
The bottom of my heart.
I just wanted to write a short message to thank everybody who took the time to congratulate me on my special day. Your well-wishes really meant a lot to me.
I can’t quite express just how much all of your birthday wishes meant to me today. I cherished each and every one of them, and want you all to know how very much I appreciate each of you taking a little time out of your day to think of me.

My sincere heartfelt thanks to you all!
Happy birthday to the loveliest lady and absolute best mom in the world. I’m so glad that I can call myself your daughter as you are nothing short of amazing, mom.
You deserve the world, dad
Thank you for all that you do, dad
Wishing you a sweet and lovely birthday, mom
I’m a lucky son to have you as my mom
A bestie who is like the brother I never had
Happy birthday to my best bud
The best wishes for my best friend
Happy birthday to a girl 
Who is unlike any other ❤️ 

If there is something I have 
Known from the very start
It’s that you will always occupy 
A special place in my heart.

I’m sending you my best wishes
Full of love on your special day.
My love, I thought it would be more romantic this year to send your birthday wishes in advance. That way, you have lovely wishes from me to wake up to ❤️
Happy birthday, bestie! Simply knowing somebody as fabulous as me should be the only gift you need on your birthday!
Aunty, your special day has come around once again and I just want you to know how grateful I am for you. I never dreamed that I would be lucky enough to have two fantastic moms in my life. 

Happy birthday aunty, my second mom.
As you get older so do your jokes
My next boyfriend will be funnier
Happy birthday to an amazing guy
We’re a match made in heaven, my love
A father’s greatest blessing
Your guidance and support are unequalled
May God bless you for showing the way
The best birthday wishes for the best mom
When I grow up I want to be like you
I’m sending the biggest and most
beautiful birthday wishes to the
cutest kid in the world today!

May your special day fill your heart
with love, my little sweetheart ❤️
May your special day be just as joy-filled as you make each and every day. 

Happy birthday to you 💕
Happy birthday in advance, my sweet girlfriend. Your special day can’t come quickly enough!
I always thought that I was the weird one, 
but having a crazy best friend like you 
makes me feel somewhat normal! 

Best wishes to you on your special day, girl!
Happy birthday to a leader like no other
To have a strong female role model
truly is one of the greatest blessings
for any girl. I’m fortunate that by being
your daughter, I’ve been lucky enough
to experience that from day 1.

Happy birthday, mom.
My dearest lover, 
Your birthday isn’t far away
But my heart just can’t wait 
To wish you a happy birthday.

Happy birthday in advance,
My sweetheart.
Happy birthday, my soul sister!

Few friends are as close as we are, girl!
In fact, some would say that we’re too
close... but they’re just jealous!
I have only the warmest birthday wishes for you today, mom. I hope you know just how much of a wonderful mother and a special lady you are to me.
On your most special day
May all the very best 
In life come your way.

Happy birthday, dad. 
I love you to the moon
and back.
Happy 70th birthday, dad.

May this very special and glorious milestone celebrate the great man that you are and bring you lots of new memories to treasure forevermore.
Happy birthday, my lovely wife! I hope you continue to receive the best in life, just like you got me! 😜
I’m wishing you the happiest of birthdays
today, my beautiful boyfriend ❤️

You are the one who keeps my heart
warm and my soul full of love. You always
make me feel safe, and keep a smile on
my face. I feel so lucky to be your girl.

Here’s to you on your special day, and to
us for the future. Happy birthday, my love.
Happy birthday, my wonderfully weird
best friend! May your special day be
just as amazing, funny, and as crazy
as you are, girl! 😜
My love, you are somebody so special to me that you simply don’t have to wait until your birthday to receive your wishes from me. Happy birthday in advance, handsome!
Happy birthday to the world’s best gal pal!

I can only hope that the frosting on your cake is as sweet as you are!
Happy birthday to a glamorous lady
who still isn’t showing her age…
or acting it either!

Enjoy your special day, girl!
Loyalty, trust, and a shared sense of
humor are just some of the attributes
that make a friend a best friend, and
you’re so lucky that you have all of
that and more in me!

Happy birthday to you, girl!
I often wonder what the recipe is to a
long-lasting friendship like ours. I mean,
we’ve been best friends for such a long
time we must have the answer!

Well, when you give it some thought
it’s quite obvious really… We’ve simply
told each other far too many secrets
over the years!

We’re locked into this friendship for life!

Happy birthday to you, bestie!
Happy birthday to the only girl who can make me laugh uncontrollably, and usually at the most inappropriate times! 😜