About us


The main purpose of Happy Birthday Wisher is to help people express themselves or to be inspired. With our content we try to offer a varied set of options to our users at the time of celebration, be it your birthday, your loved one's, or the festivities of another year of marriage or dating.

Who are we?

Happy Birthday Wisher offers a wide selection birthday wishes, texts, quotes, images and cards. Happy Birthday Wisher belongs to 7Graus. All of the content on the website is original and created by our team. All quotes and wishes on our site are 100% original and were created by our editorial team.

Happy Birthday Wisher exists in two other languages (Spanish and Portuguese) as Cumple Genial and Mensagens de Aniversário.

Meet the Editorial Team

Airene Guha

Airene Guha - Airene is a self-professed creative weirdo who loves and lives to write. She enjoys watching the sunset and ideas pop up at 3:00 am in her head. Notebooks and nature are her best friends. She studied bio-sciences in college, but her passion lies in writing.

Darg Calvo

Darg Calvo - Bachelor's degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Burgos (2014). Has been creating online content since 2017.

Rui Sobral

Rui Sobral - Passionate about the power of the written and spoken word. Writer, translator, and literary and cultural editor, with training in Applied Languages and a Master's student in Comparative Studies - Literature and Other Arts at UAB - Open University, in Portugal.

Luan Santos

Luan Santos - Journalist graduated from the Federal University of Viçosa, specialist in Production and Cultural Critique from PUC Minas, and Master in Communication, Art, and Culture from the University of Minho. Passionate about classic cinema, series, musicals, books, and good conversations.

Former collaborators

Sertac Denizli - Working in online content production for e-commerce and editorial since 2009. Academic and professional background in photography, information technology, and psychology.

Transparency, confidentiality and privacy

We follow rules of complete transparency and the privacy of our users is a serious matter. Any information about the users that may be collected by HappyBirthdayWisher.com will never be passed on to third parties.

To learn more, see the page with our Privacy Policy.

How is the site financed?

The only form of financing of Happy Birthday Wisher is online advertising.

Why do we have ads? So the project can continue to create high quality content at no cost to users. Advertising finances the content production team, the costs of site hosting, and all technical maintenance.

All advertising is always identified as such and is separate from the content that is created by us.

Editorial Independence

The editorial content of the site is completely independent of advertising. We do not have sponsored content.