Funny Birthday Wishes

Were found 18 happy birthday messages:

Happy birthday! Here I am with many wishes for you, of love, health and joy, pretty much anything that doesn’t cost me a dime.

To the best of all friends,
the most outrageously
and utterly funny, I
wish all the happiness
in the world, and a truly
amazing day. Have a
joyous bday, my man!

Today it’s a very special day: it’s my birthday! Please, feel free to wish me everything, but most of all, don’t be shy to send me a nice gift.

Happy birthday to me! May it be awesome and may I receive tons of lovely gifts.

My man is getting older today. Another year and so many memories. Happy birthday, dude!

From the bottom of my heart I’m wishing you the best, and I'm hoping time can start to slow down or else you'll become an old man sooner.

Here we go again, it’s that time of the year, another birthday, one step closer to the final demise. Just kidding, you’ve never been better, older, but otherwise awesome.

Be happy, enjoy your day, you’re alive and well, that’s all that matters!

You are a very special person to me, and whenever you need me I’ll be there. Today I’m here to help you blow out your birthday candles.

And when the time comes I promise I won't laugh at your false teeth or prosthetic hip, that’s how much I care about you.


Party, check. Cake, check. Candles, check. Gifts, check. Wait, I’m forgetting something. Oh yeah, best friend, check! Have the greatest of days!

They say you can’t put a wise head on young shoulders. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. If anything, your shoulders are to wise for your head.

May you have a fantastic day and many more to come!

The Persians new it, the Aztecs new it and even the Sumerians new it. The great secret for living a long life is having more birthdays! Happy birthday!

Just one friend? No, I have many, but today is your birthday, which, I guess, makes you the most special of them all. At least for one day, you get to know the feeling.

Just kidding. You are my bestie and you know it. You are my special friend all year long.

Have the greatest of birthdays and many more to come!

Happy birthday, old man! I hope you can read this message, since you are starting to lose your sight. I would have called you, but your hearing is even worse.

I don’t know how you can even get up in the morning. You are lucky to have a great friend like me to help you along.

Have a great birthday and whatever years remain!

Don’t worry if you gasp or have shortness of breath when blowing out all of those candles. No matter how many candles remain, your tears will put them out.

I hope you have a fantastic day and a fantastic year to come, my friend!

Dude, when the cake is cheaper than the candles, it means you are getting old! Have a crazy birthday, bestie!

Getting old is all about losing things. You start to lose your memory, your hair and even your keys. But just focus on the positive side, at least you still have your teeth. Remember to smile while you still have them.

Happy birthday, best friend!