Funny Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

Were found 30 happy birthday messages:

For a cousin sister of mine who is so utterly cool, I’m hoping that this birthday is the best one of all! Congratulations!
Sometimes crazy
Always amazing 
You’re my cousin sister
And always will be!

Happy bday, sis!
For someone who is a cousin, a dear
friend, and also a sister to me, I thought I
had better get you not one gift, but three!

May you have the absolute best and
happiest birthday possible today!
It’s no wonder people mistake us for
siblings rather than cousins because I too
sometimes forget that you are my cousin
as you’re so much more like a sister to me!

Happy birthday, my dear! I hope your
special day is as special as you are to me!
Happy birthday, my dear cousin! Congratulations on still maintaining your youthful looks despite the many, many, many years that are against you!
Age might not be your friend, cousin, but I always will be! You can always rely on me for sisterly support no matter how old you get!
Happy birthday to my cousin who, as it so happens, has the best cousin in the world!

If ever there was a more suitable time to thank your lucky stars, it would be now! You are truly blessed to have a wonderful friend and sibling in me!
Happy birthday to you, my dearest cousin!

Another year older and wiser, or I suppose
just older in your case!

Don’t worry, though! You still have many
years to come where you can learn from
me and gain some of my wisdom!
We must be related because you have so
much style and sophistication just like me!

If people didn’t know any better or that
we’re cousins, they would definitely think
that we’re sisters!

Happy birthday, my dear! I hope you enjoy
your special day today!
Don’t worry about getting older, my
dear cousin!

It happens to us all but luckily for us,
we have great genes that should see
us age more gracefully than others!
How fortunate are we!

I hope you have a birthday that’s as
beautiful and fabulous as you are!
Happy birthday to my witty sister-like cousin!

Spending so much time with me must have rubbed off on you, as you’re funnier than ever now!
Laughing at each other or laughing
together, you’ll always be the person
I’ll most enjoy sharing life’s funniest
moments with!

Happy birthday, my sweet cousin!
For a cousin and a sister all rolled into one
I’m wishing you a birthday that’s full of fun!

Happy birthday, my dear! 

Here’s to the many years of laughter and 
creating wonderful memories together 
that are still waiting to be written!
Wow, another birthday already, cousin?
With all these years behind you now,
perhaps you’ll finally start to grow up soon!

I’m just kidding with you! I wouldn’t change
your fun and playful personality for the
world! Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday! Your birthday is always a
pleasing time for me as it reminds me that
you’ll always be older than me, cousin!