Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister

Were found 35 happy birthday messages:

Today, I’m wishing a very happy birthday
to my sister who has everything she could
ever wish for, including a wonderful sister
like me, most importantly of all!

Enjoy your special day, sis! I hope that it’s
as special as I am!
Happy birthday to you, sis!

If things tend to get better with age, you must be getting pretty close to magnificent now! Your age is merely the number of years that the world has been enjoying the wonderful person that you are! 
Happy birthday to my fabulous sister who is so generous and forgiving, and quite simply the nicest person I know!

Your big heart and kind nature are actually very lucky for me, as I may have forgotten a small but important detail this year: to get you a birthday gift!
Happy birthday, sis! Although you can’t rewind and get any younger, at least we can stop counting from this year onwards to make sure you don’t get any older!
May your birthday be just like the day you were born: with you screaming and everyone making a fuss of you!

Happy birthday, sis!
Happy birthday, sis!

You know that I’ll always support you in achieving your dreams unless, of course, that dream is wanting to be younger! I’m not a miracle-maker!
You’ve been my sister for so long now
that I’ve lost count of exactly how many
years that is! Which is actually pretty
lucky for you, I’d say!

Happy birthday!
Many see getting older
As something that is
Annoying and a bore
But to me, I think it’s  
Only a good thing
As I only like you better
Each year more and more!

Happy birthday from your
Favorite younger brother, sis!
Happy birthday, sis!

It might appear obvious who’s the
youngest between me and you, but
only we really know the truth!

I’m happy to keep the secret if you are!
I’m lucky to have a sister like you and
you’re lucky to have a brother like me.
We’re both pretty fortunate, really!
I would tell you not to grow up too
quickly and simply cherish the years,
but you seem to be doing a pretty good
job of that all by yourself, my dear sister!

I’m wishing you a very happy birthday
and sending a big kiss!
It’s no secret,
It’s simply a fact 
You can’t pick your family
There are no takebacks!

This is the reason why I’m
Stuck with you as my sister!

I’m just kidding with you!
Even if I had a choice
I'd always choose you!

Happy birthday to you, sis!
This age sounds familiar
In fact, I’m pretty sure
You’ve already been
This age once before!

Happy birthday, again, sis!
Happy birthday, sis!

When we were younger, there were definitely times where I couldn’t stand to be around you. Nowadays, I can’t stand being away from you!
I thought that as you get older you’re meant to get wiser too, sis? Oh well, there’s still plenty of time for that to happen for you yet!

Happy birthday!