Advance Birthday Wishes

Were found 26 happy birthday messages:

My dear friend, it’s almost your
birthday and I don’t know who’s
more excited - me or you!

Happy birthday in advance!
I wish I could celebrate with you on your birthday, but as I can’t this year I am wishing you all the best in advance!

Have a great day!
We’ve all heard the saying that
it’s better to be late than never,
but in truth, it’s always better
to be early!

Happy birthday in advance, my
dear friend!
I wanted to be the first to wish
you a happy birthday, so here’s
your first birthday message!

It might be early but that’s only
because I care about you more
than other people do! I hope you
have a really fantastic day filled
with incredible moments that’ll
turn into long lasting memories!

Sending big hugs in advance,
hoping that you’ll have a very
happy birthday, my dear friend!
I suddenly panicked as I thought
your birthday was last week and
I had missed it, before realising
I am early not late!

I don’t want to go through that
again, so I am wishing you a
happy birthday now in advance!

I hope your day is wonderful and
you receive lots of lovely gifts!
Wishing a very happy birthday in advance
to a truly magnificent person who makes
the world a much better place!

Have a wonderful day, my friend!
Wishing you all the best on your
upcoming birthday!

I just had a thought that someone’s
birthday is looming, so in the spirit of
being organized, I wanted to wish you
a happy birthday in advance, my friend!

You deserve all the happiness in the world,
and I hope that your special day brings you
everything you are hoping for and more!
As I’m forgetful I wanted to make
sure I didn’t miss your birthday,
so happy birthday in advance!
I know that your birthday is still a
little way off, but I wanted to wish
you a happy birthday in advance,
and make sure I’m the first!

I hope that your day is filled with
good times and that it turns out
to be everything you had hoped
it would be!

Sending my very best to you and
yours! Happy birthday!
I know that I might not be well
known for being early, but your
birthday is so important to me
that I had to make an exception!

So, I’m wishing you a very happy
birthday in advance, my dear friend!
This time next week you
will be another year older!

I'm sorry I won’t be able to
be there in person to celebrate
with you, but I hope you have
a fantastic day!

Be sure to have a slice of cake
from me! Happy birthday in
advance, my dear friend!
As I’m not going to be around on your special day I wanted to wish you a happy birthday in advance, so, happy birthday!
I wanted to be ahead of the
game this year, so happy birthday
in advance, my dear friend!

I hope that your day is filled with
happiness and all things great,
for you deserve only the very best
on your special day!
You are so special that just one day isn’t
enough time to commemorate your birth!

Instead, we need this whole week leading
up to your birthday to appreciate and
celebrate it fully!

So, here’s to the start of your birthday,
the beginning of your birth week!

Let the countdown and fun-filled days of
festivities commence! I hope you have a
blast, my dear friend!
I know that I am early
once again this year,
but if I don’t say it now
I’ll forget and miss it, I fear!

Happy birthday, my wonderful friend!

Wishing you but the best for your
special day and for the year ahead!