Advance Birthday Wishes

148 happy birthday wishes found:

Why wait until your birthday to tell you how much you mean to me when I could just tell you now, my love! Sending you big kisses and lots of love in advance of your special day!
Your birthday is coming up and I wanted to send my best wishes your way in advance of your special day so that my message doesn’t get lost amongst the mountain of wishes you’re bound to receive!

I hope you have a smashing day!
Your birthday is a special day 
For both you and for me
Since you’re the love of my life
That’s clear for all to see. 

Happy birthday in advance,
My beautiful girlfriend. 
Someone as important to me as you
deserves their birthday wishes just
that little bit earlier!

I hope your special day is just as
special as you are, my dear best
friend! Happy birthday in advance!
The only thing that could make the best birthday wishes for my best friend even better is if they were to arrive early! Happy birthday in advance, my friend!
For a friend so wonderful
So truly great and dear
I’m getting my birthday 
Wishes in early this year!

Happy birthday to you in
Advance, best friend!
These birthday wishes are early
They come from me to you
To thank you for your friendship
And everything else that you do!

Happy birthday in advance, bestie!
It’s almost your birthday and I don’t know who’s more excited: me or you!

Happy birthday in advance, my dear friend!
You truly are a shining example of
everything good in this world, my love.
You brighten each day as it comes.

Advance happy birthday, sweetie!
I have only the sweetest and most romantic
birthday wishes in advance for you, my love.
Let’s start celebrating your birthday early
this year, my dear.
I wish I could celebrate with you on your birthday, but as I can’t this year I am wishing you all the best in advance!

Have a great day!
Your birthday is almost here
But I simply couldn’t wait
To wish a happy birthday
To a friend who is so great!

Happy advance birthday, bestie!
My friend, I don’t need a reminder to tell me that it’s your birthday. In fact, I’m so on top of it that I’m wishing you a happy birthday in advance this year!

I hope your special day is everything you wished it would be!
Happy birthday, my love! Only the most special girlfriends deserve their birthday wishes in advance!
Happy birthday in advance, my sweet girlfriend. Your special day can’t come quickly enough!