Advance Birthday Wishes

139 happy birthday wishes found:

Your special day is almost within reach, my friend! I hope you’re getting excited about it! Happy birthday in advance!
I wanted to be ahead of the
game this year, so happy birthday
in advance, my dear friend!

I hope that your day is filled with
happiness and all things great,
for you deserve only the very best
on your special day!
I know that I might not be well
known for being early, but your
birthday is so important to me
that I had to make an exception!

So, I’m wishing you a very happy
birthday in advance, my dear friend!
As I’m forgetful, I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss your birthday! So, I'm wishing you a happy birthday in advance!
For my lovely girlfriend 
who I hold so very dear 
I’m delivering these sweet
wishes a little early this year. 

Happy advance birthday, sweetie!
You are so special that just one day isn’t
enough time to commemorate your birth!

Instead, we need this whole week leading
up to your birthday to appreciate and
celebrate it fully!

So, here’s to the start of your birthday,
the beginning of your birth week!

Let the countdown and fun-filled days of
festivities commence! I hope you have a
blast, my dear friend!
Happy birthday! I know that your birthday is tomorrow, but I couldn’t wait any longer to wish my best friend in the whole world a happy birthday!
You are my heart and all that is
good in my life. I love everything
about us, my dear lover.

Happy birthday to you ❤️
I’m so excited, I just couldn’t wait to wish you a happy birthday!

Happy early birthday, bestie!
A best friend who is
As super cool as you
Deserves pre-birthday wishes
That are truly awesome too!

Happy birthday in addy to you, bestie!
It’s almost the most special day of the year: the birthday of my most loved one! I can’t wait to shower you with love and lots of lovely gifts on your birthday this year, sweetie!
I’m starting early on your birthday
celebrations this year, in the hope
of making them last longer!

Happy early birthday, bestie!
A special birthday is coming up: the birthday of my love! 😍 I’m sending my best and most heartfelt wishes her way in preparation for her special day!

There are only hours left until it’s officially your special day, but I just can’t wait any longer to say happy birthday to you!

Besides, your first birthday wish had to come from your favorite person in the whole world, my love!
Your special day is just around the corner but I couldn’t wait any longer to wish you a happy birthday! May you have a truly magnificent birthday this year, best friend!