Advance Birthday Wishes

139 happy birthday wishes found:

The night before your birthday seems close enough to wish you a happy birthday, my love! I hope you have the most incredible day as you truly deserve it!
A birthday wish that comes to you on your birthday is pretty average, but when a birthday wish comes to you from someone before your special day has even arrived, then you know that they really care a lot!

Wishing you a very happy pre-birthday, my dear friend!

I hope you have a truly fantastic birthday this year and a magnificent year ahead!
I couldn’t wait until any closer to the
date to wish you a happy birthday, 
my love!

Hopefully these early birthday wishes
will provide a warm welcome to your
special day!
Since I want to be the first person you
hear from in the morning and the last
person before you go to sleep, I
wanted to send my wishes to you for
when you wake up on your birthday.

Happy birthday, my love. I hope your
special day starts well and finishes
even better.
I simply couldn’t wait any longer to send you my best wishes for your upcoming birthday, best friend! May it be a truly wonderful one for you!
I wanted to be first in line this year to wish you a happy birthday, my dear!

Yours is a birthday I could never forget and, in fact, one I always remember early! I hope your special day this year is a truly wonderful one.
The countdown has started; your birthday is just hours away now!

I hope that your special day brings you happiness and all the great things you have been hoping for, and more!

My very best wishes to you and happy birthday for tomorrow, my dear friend!
I wanted to begin your birthday
proceedings this year with an
early birthday message!

Happy birthday, dear friend!
Happy birthday from your
forward-thinking friend!

I know that I am early in
wishing you a happy birthday,
but I just couldn’t wait to wish
my bestie a great day!

I hope that it’s everything you
wished it would be!
Because you are such 
a special person to me, 
I couldn’t wait to congratulate
you on your birthday to be! 

I hope it’s a great one!
My friend, I know your birthday is still a few days away but I couldn’t help myself in sending some early birthday wishes your way! May your special day be as great as you are a best friend!
To make sure that I’m the very first person to wish my best friend a happy birthday, I guess I’ll have to send my birthday wishes slightly earlier this year!

Best wishes to you, my friend!
The most special day of the year is fast
approaching: your birthday, my love!

There’s not long to go now but while we
wait for it to arrive, know that I’ve already
started making plans to make this a
birthday you won’t forget!

I just wanted to tell you ahead of your
birthday that with each year that you grow
older, you only become more and more
awesome! Happy birthday to you, buddy!
Your birthday can’t come quickly enough,
which means that your birthday wishes
can’t come early enough, my friend!

I’m counting down the days with
excitement as I’m just so eager to
celebrate your special day with you!

Happy pre-birthday to you!