Top 150 Advance Happy Birthday Wishes

The countdown has started; your birthday is just hours away now!

I hope that your special day brings you happiness and all the great things you have been hoping for, and more!

My very best wishes to you and happy birthday for tomorrow, my dear friend!
Happy almost birthday, bestie!

You’ve already had the most special wishes now you’ve heard from the best, so on your special day, you will hear from the rest!
My friend, I know your birthday is still a few days away but I couldn’t help myself in sending some early birthday wishes your way! May your special day be as great as you are a best friend!
My birthday wishes for you this year may be early, but it doesn’t matter when, where, or how I say it as long as they find their way to you.
Happy birthday from your
forward-thinking friend!

I know that I am early in
wishing you a happy birthday,
but I just couldn’t wait to wish
my bestie a great day!

I hope that it’s everything you
wished it would be!
Your birthday is coming up and I just wanted to be among the first to wish you a happy birthday, my dear best friend.

I hope you have a truly incredible day this year, as a friend as wonderful as you deserves nothing less.
Your most special day is 
Arriving, it’s almost here
And I have only love for you 
On your birthday this year.

Happy early birthday, my love.
Albeit somewhat early, I want to
wish you a very happy birthday!

I hope that your day will be filled
with happiness and good times,
lots of laughter and endless joy!

Savor the precious moments with
your closest ones: your dear family
and friends.

Wishing you all the very best for
the year ahead and a lifetime of
bliss, my dear!
The night before your birthday seems close enough to wish you a happy birthday, my love! I hope you have the most incredible day as you truly deserve it!
Your birthday is only a matter of
hours away now, my love, and before
your inbox becomes flooded with lots
of lovely messages I wanted to make
sure that you got mine.

Happy birthday with all my love,
my sweetheart.
This year, I wanted to be ahead of the game and get my wishes in early before the rush of everyone else wanting to wish you well! So, happy birthday!
Since I want to be the first person you
hear from in the morning and the last
person before you go to sleep, I
wanted to send my wishes to you for
when you wake up on your birthday.

Happy birthday, my love. I hope your
special day starts well and finishes
even better.
Since you’re my best friend,
I wanted to be the very first
to wish you a happy birthday!
So here’s to you, my friend!

Early birthday wishes mean I’m
thinking of you before anyone else,
so I hope you know just how much
your friendship means to me.

May your first birthday message
be the first of many more to come,
and may your special day be a
truly wonderful and incredible one!
I’m thinking of you before your birthday has even begun. That’s how much you mean to me, my love.

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