Advance Birthday Wishes

139 happy birthday wishes found:

Before your special day arrives
I just want you to know
In me, you have a friend for life
A bond that will only grow. 

Happy pre-birthday wishes
to you, my best friend.
Since it’s almost always better to be early rather than late I thought I’d wish you a happy birthday now, plus I also simply couldn’t wait!

All the best for your upcoming celebrations. I hope your special day is a super magnificent one!
Your special day is approaching fast, and I just wanted to be the first to wish my best friend in the whole entire world a great big happy birthday!
Albeit somewhat early, I want to
wish you a very happy birthday!

I hope that your day will be filled
with happiness and good times,
lots of laughter and endless joy!

Savor the precious moments with
your closest ones: your dear family
and friends.

Wishing you all the very best for
the year ahead and a lifetime of
bliss, my dear!
I wanted to send these wishes to you just before your special day, partly because you’ll have enough to focus on during your celebrations!

But really it's mostly because I didn’t want mine to be just one of the many messages that you’ll receive, and end up getting lost among all of the others!

So, my dear friend, I am wishing you a very happy birthday!

I hope that your day is as special as it can be and that all of your hopes and dreams come true over the course of this new year of your life!

You’re very special to me and I value your friendship greatly. You’ve always been there for me and I appreciate it immensely!

Hope you have the best time!
I simply couldn’t wait until your special day to wish you a happy birthday, my love! Congratulations on soon becoming another year more beautiful!
Your birthday is only a matter of
hours away now, my love, and before
your inbox becomes flooded with lots
of lovely messages I wanted to make
sure that you got mine.

Happy birthday with all my love,
my sweetheart.
Happy almost birthday, bestie!

You’ve already had the most special wishes now you’ve heard from the best, so on your special day, you will hear from the rest!
I know that I am early
Once again this year,
But if I don’t say it now
I’ll forget and miss it, I fear!

Happy birthday, my wonderful friend!

Wishing you but the best for your
Special day and for the year ahead!
Your birthday is coming up and I just wanted to be among the first to wish you a happy birthday, my dear best friend.

I hope you have a truly incredible day this year, as a friend as wonderful as you deserves nothing less.
Congratulations to you on your forthcoming birthday! These birthday wishes will be ready and waiting for you on your big day!
I couldn’t wait any longer to wish you a happy birthday, bestie! I hope you have a truly fabulous day when it arrives, girl!
I’m kicking off the celebrations
early for your birthday this year,
as one day alone simply isn’t
enough to celebrate someone
who, to me, is so dear!

I hope your special day is
everything you deserve it to be!

Your birthday can’t come quickly enough, my friend! So as I can’t contain my excitement and anticipation any longer, I’m wishing you a happy birthday now!