Top 150 Advance Happy Birthday Wishes

These birthday wishes may be a little earlier than usual this year, but I can assure you that they’re more meaningful than ever.

Happy birthday in advance, my friend.
Your special day is almost within reach, my friend! I hope you’re getting excited about it! Happy birthday in advance!
My love, you are somebody so special to me that you simply don’t have to wait until your birthday to receive your wishes from me. Happy birthday in advance, handsome!
It’s almost your birthday and I don’t know who’s more excited: me or you!

Happy birthday in advance, my dear friend!
You truly are a shining example of
everything good in this world, my love.
You brighten each day as it comes.

Advance happy birthday, sweetie!
Your birthday is a special day 
For both you and for me
Since you’re the love of my life
That’s clear for all to see. 

Happy birthday in advance,
My beautiful girlfriend. 
These birthday wishes are early
They come from me to you
To thank you for your friendship
And everything else that you do!

Happy birthday in advance, bestie!
I suddenly panicked as I thought
your birthday was last week and
I had missed it, before realising
I am early not late!

I don’t want to go through that
again, so I am wishing you a
happy birthday now in advance!

I hope your day is wonderful and
you receive lots of lovely gifts!
Happy birthday, my love! Only the most special girlfriends deserve their birthday wishes in advance!
I know it’s probably too soon to be wishing you a happy birthday, but I was thinking about your upcoming anniversary and just couldn’t wait!

Happy birthday in advance!
Happy birthday in advance, my sweet girlfriend. Your special day can’t come quickly enough!
For the one I hold dear
My wishes are coming
A little early this year. 

May your special day
Bring you everything
That your heart desires.

Happy advance birthday,
My sweetheart.
As I’m not going to be around on your special day I wanted to wish you a happy birthday in advance, so, happy birthday!
My dear friend, your upcoming birthday
this year has been on my mind for the
whole of this past week!

However, I’m wishing you a happy birthday
in advance this year because it’ll be typical
that I’ll run out of time on your birthday
and end up being late in wishing you well!

So, happy birthday! I hope you have a truly
wonderful day! All the very best to you!
We’ve all heard the saying that
it’s better to be late than never,
but in truth, it’s always better
to be early!

Happy birthday in advance, my
dear friend!

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