Advance Birthday Wishes

148 happy birthday wishes found:

This is just an advance warning to let you all know that my birthday is coming up, so there’s no excuse not to wish me a happy birthday this year!
Your birthday is coming around fast, and since you’re such a special friend of mine I’m sending your birthday wishes in advance!

After all, the earlier you receive your messages, the longer your celebrations will last! I hope you have a great day!
For my lovely girlfriend 
who I hold so very dear 
I’m delivering these sweet
wishes a little early this year. 

Happy advance birthday, sweetie!
My love for you knows no bounds and the romantic wishes I have stored for you can’t wait any longer.

Happy birthday in advance with all my love.
I wanted to send you some advanced
birthday wishes, to show you just how
important you are to me!

I hope that your special day is filled with
love and happy moments, and that you’re
able to just let loose and have a great time!

You mean so very much to me and I just
want you to have a blast on your birthday
this year!

Happy birthday in advance, my dear friend!
Your special day is so close now, bestie!
I hope that it truly is a birthday to
remember, full of great moments to later
be transformed into lasting memories.

I’m sending my very best and happiest
birthday wishes to you in advance, my
dear friend.
The most special day of the year is approaching and I can’t contain myself any longer! I’m sending you happy birthday wishes in advance, my love!
I know your birthday isn't until tomorrow but I can’t wait any longer! I’m wishing you a happy birthday in advance as I just can’t contain my excitement!

I hope your special day this year is a truly spectacular one, my friend!
We’ve all heard the saying that
it’s better to be late than never,
but in truth, it’s always better
to be early!

Happy birthday in advance, my
dear friend!
With your special day approaching, I just wanted to wish you well in advance!

It’s been on my mind recently, and the fact that I’m thinking of you even before your birthday should tell you exactly how special you are to me!
This year, I’m ahead of the game with advance happy birthday wishes for my love! May your day be as truly special and as wonderful as the person you are!
I know it’s probably too soon to be wishing you a happy birthday, but I was thinking about your upcoming anniversary and just couldn’t wait!

Happy birthday in advance!
My dear friend, your upcoming birthday
this year has been on my mind for the
whole of this past week!

However, I’m wishing you a happy birthday
in advance this year because it’ll be typical
that I’ll run out of time on your birthday
and end up being late in wishing you well!

So, happy birthday! I hope you have a truly
wonderful day! All the very best to you!
I know that your birthday is still a
little way off, but I wanted to wish
you a happy birthday in advance,
and make sure I’m the first!

I hope that your day is filled with
good times and that it turns out
to be everything you had hoped
it would be!

Sending my very best to you and
yours! Happy birthday!
I suddenly panicked as I thought
your birthday was last week and
I had missed it, before realising
I am early not late!

I don’t want to go through that
again, so I am wishing you a
happy birthday now in advance!

I hope your day is wonderful and
you receive lots of lovely gifts!