Birthday Wishes for a Crush

Were found 55 happy birthday messages:

Happy birthday to someone who
I really admire and lust after!

I can’t keep the fact that I have
a huge soft spot for you very
well hidden, so I might as well
embrace it!

Wishing you a lovely birthday
and who knows, a new girlfriend,
perhaps? Wink wink!
Wishing you a gorgeous and funny birthday
You are perfect to me
A little birthday message for a real
cutie, which I’ll keep short and sweet!

You make me feel elated each time I
see your face, so on your special day
this year I hope you can feel the same
happiness that you make me feel!

Big kisses!
As it’s your birthday today, I wanted to take
the opportunity to tell you something that
has been on my mind for a while now…
I may have just the tiniest crush on you! 

It’s no big deal and I’ve totally got it under
control, though! I’m keeping it super cool!

I hope you have a great birthday, you
beautiful person!
Sending a cheeky little birthday message to a drop-dead gorgeous cutie!

I hope that you have a birthday that's as incredible as you are!
Wishing a very happy birthday to a
true beauty! Sending you lots of love,
lots of kisses and lots of hugs today!

I hope that everything you have been
wishing for recently comes true for
you on your special day, beautiful!
Happy birthday to the one who
I have a burning desire for!

You are more than just a passing
fixation, I'm sure of it! I’m pretty
certain that we are soulmates!

Wishing you the best birthday,
from your besotted admirer!
Wishing the loveliest birthday
For my crush so sweet
Who until just now
I had kept discreet!

Happy birthday, my sweet crush!
Happy birthday from your
not-so-secret admirer!

I think you know by now that
I have a bit of a soft spot for
you, just a little crush!

But, I mean, who could blame
me - look at you!

Wishing you a birthday that’s as
gorgeous as you are!
Happy birthday to a special someone who I probably spend far too much of my time daydreaming about! Big kisses to you today!
Wishing a happy birthday to my crush,
who always manages to make me blush!

Have a lovely day, as lovely as you are!
Happy birthday to you!

Whenever I see you, you make me go
weak at the knees!

You have such a powerful effect on me;
when I’m around you I get all giddy and
can’t stop giggling!

I hope you have a lovely day, beautiful!
Happy birthday to a seriously sexy someone! You are the hottest thing since fire was discovered!
Happy birthday to my most recent obsession: you! 

Don’t worry, it’s just a little crush! 

Whenever I see you, my heart starts racing and I get butterflies in my stomach. I think you are the most beautiful person and I just wanted you to know that on your special day!

Big kisses and I hope you enjoy your birthday, hot stuff!
Happy birthday to an extraordinarily handsome guy!

For a while now I have had a soft spot for you, which is why I am wishing you an especially awesome birthday!

Enjoy your special day and I hope that all of your dreams come true for you today!

Lots of hugs and big kisses to you on your birthday this year!
So I guess the cat is finally out of the bag, as you now know that you’re my crush!

Wishing you a very happy birthday, one that is as nice and kind as you are!

Big kisses to you on your special day!