Birthday Wishes for a Crush

Were found 155 happy birthday messages:

A guy like you who is
as special to me as you
deserves not only a wonderful
birthday but the whole world too.

Happy birthday to you.
Today’s your birthday and all eyes are on you, but that can’t be anything new for you as you must be used to all this attention! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to my favorite
partner in crime! I personally think
that we’re the perfect match, and
when we’re together I feel like we
can conquer the world!

I hope you enjoy your special day
today! I mean, of course you will
with me by your side!
Someone who means the absolute world to me was born on this day!

I hope your special day reflects you as a person with its beauty and kindness!

Happy birthday!
Guess who… Happy birthday from your favourite! You’re so charismatic and funny, how could anyone not have a sweet spot for you!
Happy birthday, girl!

If it was my birthday today, you could be sure I’d be making a wish for you and me!
Happy birthday to a special someone
I care for deeply and, who in truth,
I’m infatuated with completely!
Happy birthday, gorgeous girl! I hope that your birthday cake this year is as sweet and as breathtakingly beautiful as you are!
How is it possible that you seem to defy nature and continue to get more and more handsome as you get older? It should be the other way around!

Honestly, you age better than a bottle of fine wine! Happy birthday to you today, good-looking!
They say that friendship is a great
foundation for lasting love and romance,
and I’d say we’re pretty good friends!

Happy birthday! I hope you have a
lovely day today!
Happy birthday, sweetie!

You are a very special girl and someone who is always on my mind, but know that I’m thinking of you just that little bit more so today! I hope you have the truly fabulous day that you deserve.
I’ve got a tiny secret to share with you today, which is that I think you’re absolutely gorgeous! You probably already knew that, anyway! Happy birthday to you!
Sending you the biggest kiss on your
special day, you gorgeous person!

I hope you have a birthday just as
wonderful as you are!

I have something that will make you
smile on your birthday this year:
I know someone who likes you! 

So as not to reveal who your secret
admirer is, they asked me to wish
you a happy birthday on their behalf,
and they send you lots of kisses!

Have a fantastic birthday and enjoy
the feeling of being highly desired!
Some people may call it puppy love, but I know for sure that I’m smitten with you!

Happy birthday, my lovely!