Birthday Wishes for a Crush

Were found 155 happy birthday messages:

Intelligent, good-looking, and hilariously funny… But that’s enough about me, today's your birthday so it should be all about you!

Happy birthday to you, my dear!
Happy birthday to a sweet and genuine
guy who means the absolute world to
me! I hope your special day is as lovely
as you are!
You’re one of the few people I know
who turns another year older, yet
becomes more beautiful than ever!
Usually, age does the opposite!

I hope you have a truly fabulous
birthday today, at least as fabulous
as you are, my dear!
I want you to know, on your anniversary today, that you aren’t simply special to me once a year on your birthday, rather you’re special to me every day.
I hope you know just how special you are because to me, you mean the world.

Happy birthday to you today, sweetie!
Today is a particularly special day as it’s your birthday, my friend! Happy birthday to you!

Over the years, we have shared many secrets but one thing you’ll never truly realize is that I like you more than you’ll ever know!
On your birthday this year, I hope you’re
surrounded by all the love and happiness
in the world, my dear!

Just know that you never have to look far
for love, sweetie! For instance, the man
of your dreams is closer than you think!
Happy birthday to a seriously
gorgeous girl!

Your friendship means the world
to me and, in my eyes, you
couldn’t be any more perfect.

I hope one day you’ll realize exactly
how dear and special you are to me.
Happy birthday to one of my absolute favorite guys!

It’s hard for anyone not to instantly fall in love with you and the great person that you are as you truly are wonderful. I for one can say how much brighter you’ve made my life.
We must be soulmates because nobody else gets me like you do! I hope you have the most fantastic birthday today, my dear!
A handsome guy like you shouldn’t be without a glamorous date on his birthday, so I’m just letting you know that I’m free if need be! Happy birthday!
I’m sending big birthday kisses and my most special wishes to a very special birthday boy today! I hope your day is a truly spectacular one, handsome!
Happy birthday to a girl I so adore!

I’m hoping that your special day this year brings you love and happiness evermore!

Happy birthday!

Seeing as it’s your birthday I would
cook for you, but that wouldn’t go well!

Instead, I’ll take you out for dinner,
my treat! My gift to you!
Happy birthday!

Someone as outstandingly beautiful as you should have a birthday that’s almost as stunning, too!

I say almost because nothing can come close to your remarkable beauty!