Funny Birthday Wishes for Cousin Brother

Were found 36 happy birthday messages:

I was trying to think of a funny birthday message for you, my cousin brother, but everyone knows that you’re the one with all the jokes.

So, why don’t you just go ahead and wish yourself a happy birthday from me!
You're still not showing or acting your age, cousin
My favourite blood relation
I bought you a birthday gift,
But then really I thought
I should get you another
Since you’re so much more
Than just a cousin, to me
You’re also a brother!

Happy birthday to you, buddy!
A cousin brother so funny and cool
You’re like a little brother to me, cousin
A cousin who’s so dear 
And unlike any other 
Will always be more
Like a real life brother!

Happy birthday, cousin brother!
Often crazy but always great fun to be around, you’re my cousin brother and I wouldn’t have you any other way! Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to my cousin brother!

Don’t worry about getting another year older, as you’ll always have me around to keep you feeling young and fun! You can always count on me, cousin!
My cousin brother doesn’t get older,
he just gets more awesome each year!

Happy birthday to you and congratulations
On becoming more wonderful than ever!
Happy birthday, cousin!

Your birthday is the perfect opportunity for me to remind you that you’re getting older! Perhaps on one of these birthdays, you’ll start getting wiser too!
Cousin, you know that you’ve always been like a brother to me. After all, you know me inside and out and you certainly know how to push my buttons!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to my dear cousin and
brother for life who doesn’t get older,
he simply gets more awesome with
each passing year!

I’m sending you a big hug and the best
birthday wishes possible on your special
day, bro!
Happy birthday to you, cousin!

Of course, one of the best things about
your birthday is getting gifts, but really
what better gift is there than a cousin
like me who is just as special and
important as a brother!

Happy birthday to my best bud and
my brother from another mother!

May your special day be as
awesome as you are, cousin!
You've always been my cousin but as the years go on you’ve become more like a bro to me, because just like a brother you love to irritate me! Happy birthday!
Another birthday has arrived but I wouldn’t worry about getting older, cousin. You’re only a little older than you were before.

Although, with that said you’re definitely not getting any younger either, that’s for sure!

Happy birthday to you!
You’re the best cousin ever, better than any big brother since we get to hang out and have fun but I don’t have to live with you! Happy birthday!
I want you to know that I have always looked up to you, cousin, no matter whether or not you’re taller than me! I always have done and I always will!

I hope you have an incredible birthday this year, bro!