Birthday Quotes for Cousin Brother

Were found 43 happy birthday messages:

My dear cousin, I wish you a joyous birthday with gifts, love and many more wonders for you to enjoy in life. Cheers!
In you I found a true friend and a brother, and that’s why this day means so much to me too. Happy birthday, cousin! May your life be blessed with joy and success.
Officially you are my cousin, but my heart says you’re my brother. Happy birthday to you! May this day bring you many joy and, of course, lots of gifts.

You deserve the best in life and I’ll always be here to help you achieve it.
Today we get to celebrate the birthday of
not only my cousin but also my best friend
and second brother all rolled into one.

I am so lucky to have such an amazing
person in my life, and I really don’t know
what I would do without you!

It’s all about you today, so let’s celebrate
and make sure that you have the most
incredible day ever! Happy birthday, bro!
Dear cousin, on your birthday I want
to take the opportunity to tell you
what you mean to me.
You’re my best friend and the
closest that a relative can be.
You are my brother.
Our brotherhood is something that
I am so grateful for. It’s a friendship
like no other, an alliance for life
so strong it’s unbreakable.

So for someone I hold such
high regard for, I wish you endless
joy and nothing but happy moments
in life not just today on your birthday,
but every day. Have a great one, buddy!
To my favourite relation who isn’t just the ultimate cousin but also a mentor, best friend, and brother to me. I wish nothing but joy for you on your birthday!
When we were growing up together we were always inseparable, and I don’t know what I would do without you, cousin! You are my best friend and have always been more like a brother to me than a cousin. Have a smashing birthday, and I wish you all the happiness in the world on your special day!
To my dear cousin, the brother I never had, I wish you the absolute best on your special day!
My dear cousin, you’re another year
older today and whilst you don’t have
a choice about getting older, it doesn’t
mean you have to choose to grow up!

When we were younger we were more
like brothers than cousins, and I hope
you always stay the same playful
guy that I grew up with.

Never lose your great spirit and
good-natured personality!

Happy birthday, man!
Happy birthday to my brother from another mother, my dearest cousin!

Have an amazing day!
Happy birthday to the most supportive cousin in the world!

I want you to know, on your special day, just how important you are to me and how very much I appreciate you always being there for me.

Your brotherly love and the way in which you have cared for me over the years has truly touched my heart.

Have a fantastic day, bro!
Sending twice the amount of love and
birthday wishes to my cousin today,
as he is also like a brother to me!
Dear cousin, I wish you
a marvelous birthday,
tons of love, happiness
and success.

You deserve
only the best in life,
for you are one of the
finest people there is.

Hope you always find
what you’re looking for,
and that all your dreams
come true. Cheers!
Wishing a very happy birthday to the closest person I have to a brother, my all-time favourite cousin!

Have an amazing day!
Happy birthday, my dearest cousin! 
I would go as far as to say that 
you are more like a brother to me, 
but without all of the bad parts! 
For example, we don’t live in the 
same house so we’re not always 
fighting! We just get to enjoy the 
time we spend together, and we're
able to truly appreciate it. 
Have an awesome birthday, bro! 
I hope you have some fun festivities 
planned for us!