50+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Wife

50 happy birthday wishes found:

A mother and wife
The love of my life
You’re a gift from above
You’re my one true love!

Happy birthday, sweetie!
Never in my wildest dreams
Happy birthday to my perfect wife
A wonderful wife
In you, I found
You truly and simply
Are the best around!

Happy birthday, dear!
My wife, the love of my life
Another trip around the sun for my wife
Happy birthday, my lovely wife!

May you enjoy your special day where all of the attention is on you! Although, if we’re being honest you shine in the spotlight each and every day!
Home is where your wife is
The woman who made my life whole
Happy birthday, my love! You are so much more than simply a mother and wife; you’re our constant source of happiness and laughter!

May you have a fab and funny birthday that fills you with the same joy that you bring to us!
Huge congratulations to my incredible
wife who not only deserves a big slice
of birthday cake today, but she also
deserves a medal or a trophy for
putting up with a husband like me!

You truly are a saint, my dear!
Happy birthday to you, with love!
My gorgeous wife, always more beautiful
Happy birthday, my lovely wife! I hope you continue to receive the best in life, just like you got me! 😜
Happy birthday, my sweet wife!

You’ll always be my happy place
The one who makes me laugh
You’re the better version of me
Quite literally my better half!
Happy birthday, my lovely wife!

I’m so lucky to have found possibly
the only woman in the world who
shares the same sense of humor
as I do! We may not be very funny,
but at least we can be not very
funny together!
Isn’t it funny that the best way to remember your wife’s birthday is actually to forget it once… Trust me, if you're lucky enough to be forgiven you’ll never forget it again after that!

Happy birthday to my lovely lady today!
I truly won the jackpot
With a wife like you
Who has so much beauty
And is super smart, too!

Your beauty and your brains
Are both mesmerizing, dear!
Happy birthday!
They say that a man is only as good
as the woman he’s married to, which
I guess is why I’m so spectacular!
It’s all thanks to you, my love!

Happy birthday, my lovely wife!
Wishing my wonderful wife a happy birthday on her least favorite day of the year, the day she turns another year older!
Happy birthday, my sweet wife!

I have a secret for you… I have a special
smile which I save only for you! You
make me smile and laugh like no other!
If I’m a funny husband it’s only because I have such a funny wife! You are my inspiration and the driving force behind everything that I do. I truly am blessed to have found someone who is as special as you. 

Happy birthday, my sweetheart!
Happy birthday to my dear wife, so sweet and funny. Your love makes every day of my life so warm and sunny! 😎

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