60+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Warm your girlfriend’s heart and make her laugh on her birthday with our funny and heart touching birthday wishes! Show her your funny side with the perfect message that will have her smiling all day long!

Short Funny Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend 

  • Happy birthday to the world’s best girlfriend, from her equally wonderful boyfriend!
  • Your birthday candles hold many wishes, but your biggest wish came true when you met me! ✨
  • Happy birthday to my hilarious girlfriend who warms my heart and makes me laugh every day!
  • There’s nothing in this world that’s sweeter than you, babe. Not even your birthday cake! 🎂
  • Happy birthday to my lovely, patient girlfriend! You deserve a medal for putting up with me, sweetie!
  • Happy birthday, sweetheart! I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d find someone as wonderfully weird as me!
  • Sweetie, how is it that you’re another year older, yet you look younger than ever! 😏
  • Happy birthday, my lovely gf! I’m going to spoil you even more than usual today, if that’s even possible!
  • Happy birthday to the cutest, funniest, most gorgeous girl in the world! Yes, you! 😉
  • I’d never forget your birthday, my love… I’d never hear the end of it! 😜
  • Happy birthday to someone who’s more than just a pretty face: my gorgeous girlfriend!
  • Happy birthday, girlfriend! Today is your special day and it’s all about you! So just like any other day really!
  • Girlfriend, I wanted to buy you the most beautiful gift, but no gift compares to your unique beauty 😏
  • Happy birthday to this beautiful one! I have to pinch myself occasionally to believe I have such a gorgeous girlfriend!
  • HBD to the world’s greatest girlfriend from the world’s best boyfriend! We’re a dream team, my love! 🙌
  • Birthday shout out to my lovely girlfriend whose patience I test daily! Thanks for putting up with me, love!
  • Some gifts money simply can’t buy, like a wonderful and loving boyfriend! Happy birthday, my gorgeous girl! 🎁
  • HBD to my beautiful queen! 👑 Your happiness is the most important thing in the world to me.
  • My love, you only get more beautiful with each passing year. And I’m not just saying that because I have to!
  • My most gorgeous one, you never fail to put a big smile on my face and warmth within my heart! ❤️
  • Many girls wish for their prince charming, but not all of them are as lucky as you to have found him!
  • Happy birthday to my girlfriend who has great taste. I mean, you chose me to be your boyfriend!
  • My love, you are the absolute best thing in my life. Well, you and sports 😂
  • My sweet GF, I’m wishing you a birthday that touches your heart and tickles your funny bone!
  • Happy birthday from my heart to yours, sweetie. Love you forever and always! 💞
  • Today is your day, honey. I know you can’t stand having all the attention on you but it’s only for one day!
  • HBD, babe! Enjoy the one day of the year where you have a romantic boyfriend for 24 hours!
  • Happy bday to my gorgeous girlfriend! You’re the fire inside my heart!
  • I love everything about you, my sweetheart. From your head to your toes, I simply love you loads!
  • Happy birthday to my amazing girlfriend who doesn’t settle for anything less than perfect! Well, apart from me. You sort of settled there!
What does a beautiful girl who already has everything even need on her birthday? Nothing. That’s why I didn’t get you anything at all. 

You already have it all, my love! A charming, handsome, courageous, clever and funny boyfriend, and you also have a lot going for yourself, too!

Happy birthday, my dear girlfriend! I hope you have a truly wonderful day!
There are some gifts money can't buy
Never in my wildest dreams
Happy birthday to my gorgeous
girlfriend who really lucked out
in the boyfriend department!

You’re a very lucky girl to have
someone as wonderful and as
funny as me!
I’m lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend
Today is all about you, girlfriend
Happy birthday, my sweetheart!

You are my beautiful queen and I will
always be your jester, there to provide
the fun and entertainment to make you
laugh and smile!

Your happiness is the most important
thing in the world to me.
You’re older but more beautiful than ever, sweetie
I know that I test your patience, girlfriend
Happy birthday to my friend with benefits!

Whether or not you want to put a label
on our relationship like girlfriend and
boyfriend, there’s no question about it
that having you as a friend comes with
it’s perks!

I hope you enjoy your special day today!
Happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend!

Your birthday is pretty much the only one that I can actually remember by heart, mainly because I know my life wouldn’t be worth living if I were to ever forget it!

I just know how very important your birthday is to you!

I hope you have the absolute best celebrations today, my love!
Cheesy birthday wishes for my girlfriend
May your birthday be a hoot, sweetie
Happy birthday to my girlfriend, the only person in the whole world with a weird enough personality to match mine!

We are a match made in heaven, my dear, two perfect weirdos!

I’ll love you until the end of time!
I'm going to spoil you loads today, girlfriend
We make a dream team, my love
Happy birthday to my dear girlfriend!

How is it that you’re yet another year
older, but you look younger than ever!

You are blessed with a youthful
appearance, and I suppose I’m
blessed because of that too!

I hope you have a fabulous birthday,
my love!
My gorgeous girlfriend, you’re so lucky to have what every GF wishes for: a wonderful boyfriend who is also a built-in BFF! Happy birthday!
I know your secret, girlfriend! Out of all the messages you receive on your birthday today, I know mine is the only message you’re really interested in!

Happy birthday, sweetie. I hope your special day is as special as you are to me, and as special as I am to you!
Happy birthday to my hilarious
girlfriend, who makes me laugh
and smile each and every day!

You fill me with so much happiness
and I am so lucky to have such a
wonderful partner in my life who
shares the same quirky sense of
humour as me!

Sending all my love to you today
and I hope you enjoy your special
day this year, sweetie!
Happy birthday, my love!

As you become older, my
dear girlfriend, you just get
more and more beautiful!

And I’m not just saying that
because I have to!
I didn’t get you a gift this year,
girlfriend, because I figured
I’m enough of a gift every day!

I guess I’m the kind of gift
that keeps on giving!
Happy birthday to the world’s best and
most beautiful girlfriend!

I know your biggest wish came true when
you met me, but I hope all your other little
wishes also come true for you on your
special day today, my sweetheart!
I was going to buy you a pretty piece of jewellery this year for your birthday to compliment your jaw-dropping beauty, my love, but then I thought how unnecessary it would be when you’re already as pretty as you could be!

Happy birthday, my gorgeous girlfriend!
You are the smartest girl I know with such
impeccable taste, and not just because
you chose me to be your boyfriend!

Joking aside, I’m the fortunate one to
have you. You’re the best thing that
ever happened to me.

Happy birthday, honey.
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HBW Editorial Team
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