60+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy birthday, my gorgeous girlfriend!

Today is that one special day of the year that you’ll find me being romantic, so I hope you savor it and make the most of it!
Happy birthday, my gorgeous gf!

You know, good boyfriends make a grand gesture by saving up all their romantic love only to treat their girlfriends and spoil them on their birthday, but great boyfriends do that all year round!

That’s why I’m not doing anything spectacular or out of the ordinary today since you have the best of me each and every day! How lucky are you!
Happy birthday to my gorgeous
girlfriend who is so totally extra!

You are always on, always
excitable and very dramatic!

Your larger than life personality is
what I love most about you, though!

I hope you have the fabulous birthday
you deserve, my dear girlfriend!
I was going to buy you some beauty
products for your birthday this year,
girlfriend, but I quickly realised that
not even the most expensive beauty
product could make you any more
beautiful than you already are!

It would just be a waste of money
and an exercise in futility! You are
gorgeous just the way you are!

Wishing you a stunning birthday
from your smooth-talking boyfriend!
Happy birthday to my very patient and loving girlfriend! You deserve a medal for putting up with me, my love!
Happy birthday to my absolutely stunning girlfriend!

I must say that luckily you still have beauty on your side, my dear, because the years certainly seem to be against you!

I’m just kidding, you’re not that old really!

Just remember, though, that no matter how old you get, you will always be beautiful in my eyes, my love!
Every year that your birthday comes around I have to pause for a moment and think about whether it’s actually your birthday or mine, as I’m the lucky one because you are the most beautiful gift I could have ever received!

In fact, every day with you is like a birthday for me! Happy birthday, my gorgeous girl!
Happy birthday to someone who is lucky to have such a handsome and charismatic boyfriend: my girlfriend!

I hope you enjoy your day, my love!
Happy birthday, my love!

Nothing in this world is sweeter than you, not even the sweetest cake consisting mainly of frosting.

You are a sweet treat that delights each and every day, one of which I’m very lucky to have in my life.
It’s that time of the year again where
all of the attention is on you and you
alone, my beautiful one.

Well, more so than usual, anyway!

Happy birthday, sweetie!
You’re so incredibly important
to me that I can’t imagine I would
ever forget your birthday but if I did,
it would definitely only happen once
because I’d never hear the end of it!

Happy birthday to you today, my
beautiful one!
I’ve come to realize that fate must exist,
otherwise how else would two oddballs
like us have met in a world of so many
normal people!

I hope you enjoy your special day today
my cute, unique, gorgeous birthday girl!
Happy birthday, my beautiful girl!

I know exactly how you must feel on your birthday today since you make each and every day feel like a birthday for me! You are the most wonderful gift that keeps on giving, sweetie!
You can always count on me to make you feel younger because let’s face it, I’m not growing up anytime soon!

Happy birthday, sweetie!
It’s hard to shop for someone who
already has everything their heart
could ever desire, so I just decided
not to get you anything!

Besides, what more could you really
want than a perfect boyfriend like me!

Happy birthday, sweetie!

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