60+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy birthday to the world’s best and
most beautiful girlfriend!

I know your biggest wish came true when
you met me, but I hope all your other little
wishes also come true for you on your
special day today, my sweetheart!
Happy birthday to my particularly
smart girlfriend!

You were really clever choosing a
very mediocre looking boyfriend
like myself, because when I’m
standing next to you it just
exaggerates your beauty!

Not that you need me for that,
of course; you are incredibly
beautiful all by yourself!

Wishing you a lovely birthday filled
with the happiest of moments, my
stunningly beautiful girlfriend!
Happy birthday to my favorite girl and a super sweet lover like no other! You never fail to put a great big smile upon my face!
Happy birthday to my gorgeous, hilarious, incredible girlfriend!

No wonder we’re such a perfect match!
I was going to buy you a pretty piece of jewellery this year for your birthday to compliment your jaw-dropping beauty, my love, but then I thought how unnecessary it would be when you’re already as pretty as you could be!

Happy birthday, my gorgeous girlfriend!
Happy birthday to the cutest, funniest, most gorgeous person in the world! I know it sounds like I’m describing myself, but I am of course describing you!

I hope you enjoy your special day today, my sweetheart!
Happy birthday to my
incredibly lucky girlfriend!

I say lucky because you
have me as your boyfriend! 
Many girls can only wish for the
perfect guy but luckily for you, that
dream came true when you met me!

Happy birthday, my beautiful love!
You are the smartest girl I know with such
impeccable taste, and not just because
you chose me to be your boyfriend!

Joking aside, I’m the fortunate one to
have you. You’re the best thing that
ever happened to me.

Happy birthday, honey.
Happy birthday to my gorgeous girlfriend who is more than just a pretty face!

You are smart and witty, too!

People might not realise that straight away, because they’re just dazzled by your mesmerising beauty!

Wishing you a fabulous birthday, my love!
Happy birthday to the most beautiful, gorgeous, and stunning woman in the world: my girlfriend! Let’s celebrate those good looks before they start to fade!
Happy birthday to my spectacularly stunning and sexy girlfriend! I can totally understand why some people don’t believe me when I say that you’re my girlfriend because in truth, sometimes I can’t believe it either!
For a moment I thought it was my birthday as I have the greatest, most beautiful gift in the world: you!

Happy birthday, my gorgeous girl. I hope your special day is as wonderful as you deserve it to be.
Happy birthday to my amazing
girlfriend who doesn’t settle for
anything less than perfect!

Well, apart from me. You kinda
just settled there!
Happy birthday to my girlfriend who is gradually becoming greyer and greyer!

Only kidding, my love, I must say that it seems with age you are actually becoming even more beautiful and sexier than ever before! You’re ageing more gracefully than any other person I know!

From now on I will refer to you as my silver vixen and hopefully I will be your silver fox!

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