150 Best Comments for Girls Pics That Will Stand Out

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HBW Editorial Team
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If you’re looking for the best comments for girls pics on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place!

comments for girl picWhether you’re looking for romantic comments for your girlfriend or cute comments for your bestie and closest girl friend, we’ve got you covered! Our huge selection of quotes, captions, and compliments for girls pics are sure to impress her and leave a smile on her face!

Go beyond a simple ‘like’ and show your favourite girl some love! Let her know what a beautiful girl she is by leaving one of these amazingly good comments on her post on Instagram or Facebook.

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Best Comments for Cute Girls Pic

OMG so cute!

Wow, truly stunning! 😘

Your beauty is bewildering.

comments for girl pic

If I could, I would like this photo a million times over!

ok, WOW 😻

The most beautiful thing I’ll see today.


comments for girl pic

Fashion icon!

Beautiful as ever.

I am LOVING this look on you!

Such a stylish girl!

My daily inspiration 😍

A total vibe, babe!

I’m in love 😍

Cute girl goals.

comments for girl pic

My style icon 💄

I am just crazy about this pic!

Damn, girl! 🔥

I’m totally feeling this pic!

Thanks for sharing, girl!

Saved for fashion inspo!

This is what I call beauty!

comments for girl pic

Words cannot express my admiration for you.

Simply stunning!

Your skin is literally flawless 😯

I am so into this!

Simple. Stylish. Cute. 🌸

comments for girl pic

You’re giving me vibes!

So uniquely you.

I am here for THIS!!

Yaaaaaaaaasss queen!! 💜

Hot, hot, hot!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Cute girl pic alert 🚨

One Word Comment on Girl Pic with Emojis

Short and to the point, these impactive one word comments are perfect for leaving your mark on any girl's pic on Instagram!

comments for girl pic

Stunning 😍




Queen! 👑

Slay! 💅

Hot 💯

Fire 🔥




comments for girl pic

Inspirational ✨



Cute 😻





Feels 💕



Adorable! 💜




Short Comments for Girls Pics

These shorter comments include a varied selection of sizes, some with just 2 words that still say it all!

These pics made my day!

True beauty ✨

Could you BE any more fabulous?!

comments for girl pic

Thanks for brightening up my feed!

Absolutely speechless.

This is such a pretty pic!

comments for girl pic

You are my sunshine 🌈

Jaw-dropping beauty! 😍

Gorgeous as always.

comments for girl pic

Never stop posting pics like this, girl!

New profile pic alert 🚨

Girl, you are slaying it!

It simply doesn’t get any better than this.

comments for girl pic

Natural beauty in its purest form.

You look beautifully bold and super strong in this pic, girl!

Serving the looks as always! 🔥

There is so much fabulousness in this pic!

comments for girl pic

Selfie Queen 👑

Killer photo, babe! 💯

Always spreading positive vibes

Understated beauty is the best kind of beauty.

comments for girl pic

You go, girl!

On trend and on fleek, girl!

This photo is giving me LIFE!

Romantic Comments for Girlfriend Pics

Your smile is everything.

I’ll never get tired of looking into those eyes 💕

Breathtaking beauty… I have no words.

You are my queen, today and always.

comments for girl pic

This one’s my favourite 😍

My most beautiful one.

Your beauty is more than skin deep.

You truly are stunning, babe!

That smile! 😍

Sexy, elegant, and cute. The perfect combo!

Can’t take my eyes off you!

Marry me 😍

Too adorable, cutiepie!

Gorgeous, babe 😘

comments for girl pic

You are a ray of sunshine ☀️

So cute!

Are you even real?!

My beauty queen! 😍

You get more beautiful each day, my love 💞

cute girl pics comment

You are proof that natural beauty does exist.

With or without makeup, you’re the most beautiful girl to me.

I didn’t think I could find you any more gorgeous, until I saw this pic.

You are the complete package, sweetie!

A beautiful backdrop for a beautiful girl.

comments for girl pic

I love the way your smile lights up the whole photo in this one.

I’ll never stop being impressed by your beauty and grace.

GF, you are so beautiful in this photo!

I can't believe how lucky I am to have you in my life.

This picture is simply stunning, you look incredible!

This is such a great picture, it captures all your beauty.

Funny Comments for Girl Pics

“I don’t like attention”. Also me: 😜

Candid 😉

Woah, you look ‘stop scrolling’ hot! 😍

Quit being so perfect already!

comments for girl pic

#nofilter 👀 😚

Wow, you actually look good in this one! 😜

Doing it for the gram, girl!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… 😏

You must have been hacked because there’s a super cute girl posting on your account!

My Insta feed just became a whole lot hotter! 🔥

comments for girl pic

“I woke up like this”

Woah, you didn’t tell me that you’re a supermodel 😯

You + me = the perfect recipe

Who is this girl?!

You are so pretty! Jealous!

So hot, ugh 🙄

Hot mess, emphasis on the ‘hot’ 😘

This pic must be edited because there’s no way anyone can look this cute! 🤯

You’re lucky that looking this fine ain’t a crime!

I’m speechless, and that doesn’t happen very often! 🤭

You’re the hottest thing on IG right now! 🔥

Compliments for Girls Pic

Filled with beautiful praise, here you’ll find the best compliment you can give a girl on her photo!

I have but one word: stunning!

How do you manage to look so good in every photo!?

Breathtakingly beautiful! There’s no other way to describe it!

comments for girl pic

This is my favorite photo of you yet ❤️

You look FLAWLESS in this one, babe!

You look so unbelievably good in this pic!

Hey, hot girl! 🔥

Perfection! You should make this your new profile pic!

comments for girl pic

Beautiful inside and out.

Gorgeous. Your photos never disappoint 🤍

A stone cold fox! 🦊

You are beyond beautiful in this one!

There is something so alluring about this pic, girl!

comments for girl pic

Your smile makes me smile.

This one brings back memories!

That smile, though!

Gorgeous. The camera clearly loves you! 📸

Perfect as always.

comments for girl pic

“Your whole profile is just perfection.”

I can always rely on you to glam up my feed, girl!

I am so blessed to have someone as gorgeous as you in my life!

You truly are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen ❤️