Happy Birthday to Someone with a Big Heart

60 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday to one of the most caring, genuinely kind, and most compassionate people I know. You are a good guy with a big heart, and anybody can see that from a mile off.

I hope your birthday is as wonderful as the person that you are.
The kindest person I know
One of the most genuine people I know
Happy birthday to someone who is super special and simply a joy to be around!

You spread so much love from that big heart of yours that any day spent with you is always guaranteed to be a good one.
Someone with the kindest, most generous heart
A truly selfless and warm-hearted person
Happy birthday to you, my dear friend.

You are such a special person with an
enormously big heart, the biggest out
of everyone I know.

From the big gestures to your little acts
of kindness, year after year, your heart
will only grow.
Your generosity knows no bounds
May your birthday be as great as your heart
Happy birthday to you today, my friend.

It is clear for all to see, but I have known you long enough now to know personally that you are someone who has a really big heart.

May the goodness in your soul never change, my dear.
For someone who has the most beautiful
soul, I am wishing a birthday that’s equally
as beautiful. Congratulations to you.

The compassion that you show for others
is heart-touching and so inspiring. You
truly are one of the good ones.
The kindest person I will ever meet
I’m so glad to be saying happy
birthday to someone with the
most beautiful soul today.

You are such a gentle, soft-hearted
person and I hope everything you’ve
been wishing for comes true for you
on your special day today.
You are a ray of sunshine in anybody’s
life, and especially in mine.

You’re so warm and welcoming with
your big open arms, with the brightest
personality of anyone I know.

I feel very blessed to know someone as
wonderful as you. Happy birthday to you.
You are someone who cares, someone who has so much love and kindness to give. Your heart truly is made of pure gold.

Happy birthday to you today.
Happy birthday to the sweetest person
I know with the kindest heart.

I consider myself to be so privileged
even just to know you, and I am
especially proud to be your friend.

I’m wishing you many more spectacular
years of spreading your goodness
across the world.
Someone as kind-hearted
and as special as you
deserves a touching birthday
where all of your dreams
come true!

May this year ahead be full
of nothing but pure joy,
immense happiness, and
many heart-warming moments
for you to cherish.
Happy birthday to a dear friend of mine who has the biggest heart of anyone I know!

From your little acts of kindness to the biggest of gestures, anyone would be lucky to be on the receiving end of any of the goodness you put out into the world, however big or small.

For the truly incredible person that you are, may you enjoy your special day.
Happy birthday to someone so kind!

You deserve the biggest, most wonderful birthday today as you have the most beautiful soul and the kindest heart of anybody I’ve ever met.

You truly are one in a million and a very special person.
Today, I’m wishing a very happy
birthday to someone truly incredible.

Anyone who knows you will say the
same, as you put a smile upon the
face of everybody you meet.

You really are a very special person
with the most beautiful soul.
Many happy returns to you. 

There’s no one more worthy of
a wonderful birthday than you,
as your never-ending tenderness
truly is heart-touching.

I hope you enjoy your special
day today, and may your birthday
cake be as sweet and gigantic
as your big, kind heart.
Happy birthday to someone with a sweet soul
and the purest heart! I pray that you have a
magnificent birthday this year as you truly
are a shining star in this world!