Happy Birthday to Someone with a Big Heart

Were found 45 happy birthday messages:

Happy birthday to someone who is super special and simply a joy to be around!

You spread so much love from that big heart of yours that any day spent with you is always guaranteed to be a good one.
Happy birthday to you today, my friend.

It is clear for all to see, but I have known you long enough now to know personally that you are someone who has a really big heart.

May the goodness in your soul never change, my dear.
For someone who has the most beautiful
soul, I am wishing a birthday that’s equally
as beautiful. Congratulations to you.

The compassion that you show for others
is heart-touching and so inspiring. You
truly are one of the good ones.
Happy birthday to the kindest person I know with the most giving heart.

You truly are one of a kind, and I’m very lucky to have you in my life.
Happy birthday to one of the most selfless, warm-hearted people I have the pleasure of knowing.

May you have a blessed birthday this year, my dear.
Happy birthday to the sweetest person
I know with the kindest heart.

I consider myself to be so privileged
even just to know you, and I am
especially proud to be your friend.

I’m wishing you many more spectacular
years of spreading your goodness
across the world.
Happy birthday to someone whose heart
is as big as an ocean.

Your generosity simply knows no bounds.
Happy birthday to someone so kind!

You deserve the biggest, most wonderful birthday today as you have the most beautiful soul and the kindest heart of anybody I’ve ever met.

You truly are one in a million and a very special person.
Happy birthday to one of the genuinely
nicest people I know!

The world would be a much nicer and
more blissful place to live if more people
had a heart of gold that’s as kind and
as big as yours.
Many happy returns to you today, dear.

I’m wishing you a day of pure happiness today as you're such a special person to me. If only there were more people in the world with a heart of gold like yours.
I’m sending out the most wonderful
wishes today, for someone very
special is celebrating their birthday!

I hope your special day this year
leaves your heart feeling full, as
you are just the kindest person
with the most giving nature.
Happy birthday, my dear.

You truly are one of the most genuine
people I know. If your heart was a balloon
it would pop if it got any bigger!
Happy birthday to a dear friend of mine who has the biggest heart of anyone I know!

From your little acts of kindness to the biggest of gestures, anyone would be lucky to be on the receiving end of any of the goodness you put out into the world, however big or small.

For the truly incredible person that you are, may you enjoy your special day.
You are a ray of sunshine in anybody’s
life, and especially in mine.

You’re so warm and welcoming with
your big open arms, with the brightest
personality of anyone I know.

I feel very blessed to know someone as
wonderful as you. Happy birthday to you.
I’m wishing the very happiest of birthdays to you today, my friend!

For all that you are, and all that you give, I’m hoping that your special day today gives back to you for the kind, warm, and tender-hearted person that you are.