124+ Birthday Wishes for Your Younger Sister That Will Touch Her Heart

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birthday wishes and messages for younger sister

Show Your Younger Sister What a Blessing She Is With These Simple Birthday Quotes & Sweet Touching Messages!

30 Short Heart Touching Wishes for Your Younger Sister

  • Happy birthday, lil sis! May your special day be as special as you are to me!
  • A younger sister like you is a true blessing. I’m lucky to have you in my life.
  • Happy birthday from my heart to yours, sister.
  • Wishing the best birthday to my sweet little sister who I love and admire so much!
  • Happy birthday to my favourite younger sister! You’ll always have a very special spot in my heart!
  • No matter how old you get, you'll always be a little princess to me, sis.
  • This birthday message may be little, but it’s packed full of love. Best wishes to you, sis.
  • Happy birthday, baby sister! May you always gloat in the fact you’ll always be younger than me!
  • Best wishes to you on your special day, sis. May you shine brightly like the lil’ star that you are.
  • Happy birthday to my sweet younger sis! I hope your special day is as wonderful and beautiful as you are!
  • Sis, today is YOUR day! May you enjoy it to the fullest!
  • I don’t know what I would do without a fab little sister like you.
  • Celebrating you today truly warms my heart, little sis. I couldn’t wish for a better kid sister than you.
  • Happy birthday to my funny little sister! Thank you for brightening each day for me!
  • Wishing you the happiest of birthdays today, little one. A better baby sister than you simply doesn’t exist.
  • You’re about as cute as a baby sister gets! My heart is very full on your special day.
  • Having an elder sister like me is really the only gift you’ll ever need!
  • Happy birthday to my sister who is little, but big in my heart!
  • You might be growing up but to me, you will always be that cheeky and mischievous little girl I grew up with! Have a great birthday, lil’ sis!
  • Happy birthday to my adorably annoying little sister! Over the years you’ve gotten older, but definitely no less annoying!
  • You’re growing up by the minute, but no matter how old you get you’ll always be my sweet little sister!
  • Sister. We’ve shared many laughs, too many times to quote, with a dear sister like you, I’ll always be able to gloat!
  • I’m so grateful to have such a great friend in you, sissy. There’s no one else like you in the whole world.
  • Thank you for all the joy, love and laughter that you bring me every day. You mean so much to me, baby sis.
  • Happy birthday to my beautiful younger sister who still isn’t showing her age… nor is she acting it yet, either!
  • No matter how much you grow or how old you become, you will always be my baby sis!
  • Happy birthday to my favourite cheeky girl! May you always stay my sassy little sister!
  • Growing up you were always a little princess… I’m glad that hasn’t changed! Happy birthday, my forever fabulous younger sister!
  • My sweet younger sis, I hope your smile keeps shining on this world like a beam of sunlight for many years to come.
  • We may not talk every day, but you’re always in my heart and in my thoughts. Sisters share a special bond that time nor distance could ever break.

Simple Yet Meaningful Messages for Your Younger Sister

Whatever you may need in life, 
my dear younger sister, know 
that you can always count on me. 
I’ll always be there for you.

Wishing you the very best and
happiest birthday possible.

I wish you the best birthday,
my adorable little sister!
I hope all the years ahead
are bigger, better and brighter.

You’re such a strong and beautiful 
woman capable of many great things.
The best compliment I can give you is
that you remind me of our mother.

If there’s one birthday
I would never miss
It’d be the birthday of
My sweet little sis!

I’d never pass up
The opportunity to
Remind you that I’m
The older and wiser one,
And I always will be!

Happy birthday!

happy birthday wishes for younger sister

Birthdays they come and go, but you will always be my little sister.

That’s something that will never change!

I’ve grown to learn that I’m very lucky
As little sisters like you there are few
And deep down the truth is that 
I’d never trade a sister like you!

Happy birthday, my dear sister!

We have always been together 
and forever we shall be! 
We are friends for life, little sis!

Happy birthday and may all 
of your wishes come true!

Is this day just special? No, it's the most special day of all. It is the birthday of my baby sis. Your birthday is even more special than my own. For this was the day I gained my best friend and closest companion for life.

happy birthday wishes for younger sister

Happy birthday, sis. However old you become, you’ll always be my sweet younger sister and I’ll always be there for you.

God couldn’t have blessed me with a
sweeter younger sister than you.

You are so meaningful to me and no
matter how old you become, I will forever
have a little sister to love and adore.

I’m wishing you the happiest of birthdays
today, my dear.

Today’s your special day, sis! So, what better time to let you know how much I appreciate and admire you other than on your birthday!

I am so lucky to have such a loving and thoughtful younger sister like you!

Sending you lots of love and kisses today!

Happy birthday to my favourite younger sister! You might not have a lot of competition but still, you’ll always be number 1 to me!
The sweetest younger sis
I will always be here for you, sister
I’m wishing a very happy birthday to my sometimes crazy but always fabulous younger sister! There’s never a dull moment when you’re around!

May your special day today be just as weird, wild, and wonderful as you are, sis! 
You’re lucky to have a dear sister like me
You’re older but still just as annoying, sis
Growing up you always were a little princess and a mega diva, and I’m so pleased to see that nothing has changed since then! Happy birthday, my forever fabulous younger sister!
You’re lucky to have a younger sister like me
My cheeky little sister is growing up
Happy birthday from one wise
elder sister to her younger and
more beautiful baby sister!

I was trying to think of something
funny or witty for your birthday
message this year, but all I could
think of was silly jokes and cliche
anecdotes. I guess you got the
gift of being both the younger
one and the funny one, sis!
You’re always playing catch up
Trying to keep up with me
But I’ll always be the elder one
Older than me you’ll never be!

I’m wishing the very happiest
Of birthdays to you today
My sweet younger sister!
You’ll be my little sis forever and ever
The person I love the most
Happy birthday to my beautiful younger
sister who still isn’t showing her age…
nor is she acting it yet, either!
I’ll always be there for you, little sister
Beauty runs in our family, sis
Today, I’m wishing a very happy birthday to my almighty younger sister!

She might be little, but don’t let that fool you… she can certainly make her presence known when she wants to! She’ll never go unnoticed, that’s for sure!
Happy birthday to my younger sister who a lot of people think is actually my elder sister!

I’m sure it’s only because you’re so wise and mature that people think you’re older than me anyway, sis! Either that or I just seem super young and immature!
No matter how much
You irritate or annoy me
My beloved small sister,
You will always be!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to my baby sister who sometimes is so annoying that I wish she was far away, but deep down I know I would miss her after just one day!

Happy birthday from your elder brother!
Months and years have gone by
So fast. In the blink of an eye
You became a grown woman
and my personal heroine.

Little sister of mine,
You are so kind.
Always giving and giving
And taking nothing in return.

You love with a full heart,
But that’s not the best part.
You encourage others to love too,
No matter what or who.

Lessons learnt I must say.
So I’ve chosen this way
To show how I love you
And admire you too.

Have a birthday filled with love!
You were always such a free spirit and you never liked being told what to do. No matter what others said, you always chose to do things your way. This is but a reflection of your big personality and strong character.

I admire you for being like that. Never change!

Have the most amazing birthday and lots of love, little sis!
Sure, you’re getting older, but you’ll always be my annoying little sis! And to be totally honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, little sis!

I don’t wish to take the spotlight off you on your special day today, but you should know that I already have the greatest gift ever.

That’s because simply having a small sister like you is the best gift I could wish for!
Little sister, you’re getting older each
year but that doesn’t necessarily mean
you’re growing up!

I hope you always stay the funny and
cheeky little girl I know and love, and
who growing up with was a total blast!

Happy birthday to you today!
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