124+ Birthday Wishes for Your Younger Sister That Will Touch Her Heart

You were always such a free spirit and you never liked being told what to do. No matter what others said, you always chose to do things your way. This is but a reflection of your big personality and strong character.

I admire you for being like that. Never change!

Have the most amazing birthday and lots of love, little sis!
I’ll always be there for you, little sister
I wouldn’t trade you for anything, sis
No matter how much you
grow or how old you become,
you will always be my baby sis!

May your birthday be filled
with joy!
Sometimes sassy but always fabulous
You've made me a proud elder sibling
Happy birthday, little sis!

We’ve shared many laughs
Too many times to quote
With a dear sister like you
I’ll always be able to gloat!
I’ve grown to love you, little sis
People usually think you're the younger one
Today we celebrate the birth of my little angel! Despite today being your birthday, it also marks the day I received the greatest gift in life.

I had been expecting this gift for so long that I couldn’t hold my excitement any longer. It came wrapped in a little pink blanket and I wasn’t allowed to pick it up or speak too loud. The excitement just grew.

But when its eyes opened, I knew I would love it for life. It had five fingers, five toes and a bit of a tummy. It was my favourite doll, it was you.

Have a wonderful birthday, little sis!
Happy birthday, little sis!

Over the years you have driven me up the
wall and tried my patience time and time
again, but really I have you to thank for
that as it’s partly down to you that I’m such
a calm, patient, and zen person nowadays!
You’ll always be my little sidekick, brother
A little sis who is big in my heart
Happy birthday to my baby sister who
is so cute and funny, which is probably
why she reminds me so much of myself!
We’re so alike it’s scary!

Happy birthday from your equally
wonderful elder sister, sis!
You're the most precious gift
I'll always be older than you, little sis
Happy birthday to you!

How is it that each year you get older, yet you become more and more beautiful, little sis!

Well, I’ll tell you why… It’s because you’re related to me! It runs in the family, my super gorgeous sister!
Sure, you’re getting older, but you’ll always be my annoying little sis! And to be totally honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Happy birthday!
We may not talk every day, but you are always in my heart and in my mind. Sisters share a special bond that time nor distance could ever break.

I’m so grateful to have such a great friend like you in my life. There is no one else like you in the whole world.

I hope you have a fantastic day and a fantastic year to come!
Thank you for all the joy,
love and laughter that you
bring me every day.

You mean so much to me.

Happy birthday, baby sis!
You were such a bratty little sister, always trying to take my things and tag along everywhere I went. Things had to be done your way or you would throw a tantrum.

Despite this, I want you to know that I love you to bits.

Have a fantastic birthday!
Happy birthday, little sis! You keep trying to catch up with me but you never will! I’ll always win when it comes to being older than you!
Happy birthday, little sis!

I don’t wish to take the spotlight off you on your special day today, but you should know that I already have the greatest gift ever.

That’s because simply having a small sister like you is the best gift I could wish for!
If there’s one birthday
I would never miss
It’d be the birthday of
My sweet little sis!

I’d never pass up
The opportunity to
Remind you that I’m
The older and wiser one,
And I always will be!

Happy birthday!
I grew up with the best cheerleader and the greatest fan anyone could ever have. Always following me around everywhere I’d go, always mimicking my every move, always repeating my own words.

But you know, little sis, you have a fan of your own in me. I have always admired your tenacity and free spirit.

I hope you have a fantastic day and a fantastic year to come!

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