124+ Birthday Wishes for Your Younger Sister That Will Touch Her Heart

You’re another year older and more beautiful than ever, little sister! Happy birthday to you!

Just a word of wisdom from your dear elder sister, keep hold of your beauty and cherish it for as long as you can because once you get to my age those good looks won’t stay around for long!
You're the most precious gift
Happy birthday to my baby sister who
is so cute and funny, which is probably
why she reminds me so much of myself!
We’re so alike it’s scary!

Happy birthday from your equally
wonderful elder sister, sis!
It might feel like you’re getting older by the minute, but no matter how old you get you’ll always be my sweet little sister!

Happy birthday, sis!
You were such a bratty little sister, always trying to take my things and tag along everywhere I went. Things had to be done your way or you would throw a tantrum.

Despite this, I want you to know that I love you to bits.

Have a fantastic birthday!
Whenever I feel weak or down, I go to you to regain strength. You are my support and source of inspiration. It should be the other way around, but you are wise beyond your years. I’ve always looked up to you.

I wish you a wonderful birthday!
You know that you can count on me to help you with anything you may need. I will always be your friend, guardian and confidant.

I hope your smile keeps shining on this world like a beam of sunlight for many years to come.

Loving you always, your dear elder sister!
Happy birthday, little sister!

I was going to make a joke about how you’re getting older, but that immediately backfires as I’m always going to be older than you! At least we can make fun of each other as we grow old together!
Happy birthday to a crazy girl I’m blessed to call my sister! You’re the life of the party and the star of the show, little sis!
If there’s one birthday
I would never miss
It’d be the birthday of
My sweet little sis!

I’d never pass up
The opportunity to
Remind you that I’m
The older and wiser one,
And I always will be!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you, little sister!

Your birthday is a truly unique one
As even when all is said and done
You might well be another year older
But you never age or get any wiser!
The fact that you’re turning another year older simply makes me feel older than ever! Thanks a lot, little sis!
Happy birthday, little sis!

I’m blessed to have had
such a wonderful sidekick
like you all these years!

May you continue to follow
in my fabulous footsteps!
Wow, sis, you’ve had so many birthdays now that I’m starting to lose count!

What’s worse is that I’m older than you, so what does that say about me! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, little sis! You keep trying to catch up with me but you never will! I’ll always win when it comes to being older than you!
Happy birthday, sister!

Enjoy your youthful beauty while you
still can, little sis, because once you
get to my age that all starts to change!

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