Birthday Messages for Younger Sister

124 happy birthday wishes found:

We may have bickered, you
may have made me lose my
temper, but you must know
that I love you more than
anything, baby sis!

Have a wonderful birthday!
Happy birthday to my little sister who only seems to get more beautiful each year! Either that or my eyesight is getting worse with age!
You can’t stop getting older, little sis,
so your only hope is that you grow old
gracefully like me! Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear sister!

We used to fight, squabble, and argue, we would laugh together and make fun of each other. Actually, come to think about it, not a lot has changed really, little sis!
The fact that you’re turning another year older simply makes me feel older than ever! Thanks a lot, little sis!
We had our share of bickering,
quarrels and ups and downs, but
we will always be great friends.

Happy birthday, little sis!
Is this day just special? No, it's the most special day of all. It is the birthday of my baby sis. Your birthday is even more special than my own. For this was the day I gained my best friend and companion for life.

Have an awesome birthday!
The day you were born was the most unforgettable moment in my life, little sis!

May you have a sweet birthday and many more spectacular days to come!
Happy birthday, lil sis!

You might be another year older but you’d never be able to tell. I wish I’d inherited the youthful genes that you clearly got!
Happy birthday, sister!

Enjoy your youthful beauty while you
still can, little sis, because once you
get to my age that all starts to change!
Many years ago you were born and I must confess it wasn’t love at first sight. I was used to being the centre of attention, but that all changed very quickly. It was like I went to bed one-night being number one and woke up the following morning in second place. There was a new baby in the family.

I may not have been the best sibling during your first days of life and I may even have wished that you had never been born. But I quickly learnt that my worries were unjustified, for I was still number one. Maybe not to everyone anymore, but that no longer mattered. There was now a new little someone who adored me… you.

I want you to know, little sis, that I adore you too. Have the greatest of birthdays.
Happy birthday, little sis! You keep trying to catch up with me but you never will! I’ll always win when it comes to being older than you!
Happy birthday, little sis!

I hope your birthday is equal parts
crazy and fabulous, just like you!
You might be growing up in age, but we’re yet to see you grow up in maturity! You still have plenty of time for that though, little sis! Happy birthday!
We have always been together and forever
we shall be! We are friends for life, little sis!

Happy birthday and may all your wishes
come true!