Happy Birthday to Me and My Twin Sister

Were found 30 happy birthday messages:

Two gorgeous girls with matching
birthdays are celebrating their special
day today: me and my twin sister!

We’re blessed to have so many loved
ones to celebrate with!
It’s mine and my twin sister’s joint birthday
today! Feel free to send lovely messages and
lavish gifts our way if you’re feeling generous!
Happy birthday to me, and to you too, I guess! You are a gift that keeps on giving, my dear sister!

In you, I know that I have a friend for life and someone who will always be by my side. We will stick together forever, sis!
Not everyone is lucky enough 
To have a twin sister like you, 
In fact, in reality
There are very few!

There are many reasons
Why I love you so dearly
But for each one alone
I cherish you sincerely!

Happy birthday, sis!
A shared birthday is twice the fun and I’m privileged that I get to share mine with you, my twin sister!

Happy birthday to us!
Today is your birthday, twin sis, which
means that it must be mine too!

Happy birthday to us and may we both
enjoy our very special day!
Today is the birthday of not one,
but two beautiful beings!

That’s right, my twin sis and I are
celebrating our identical birthday
today! Happy birthday to us!
Forever hand in hand
Always two by two
I’m so blessed to have
A friend and twin in you!

Happy birthday to us!
Having a sibling is all about sharing so I'm honored that I get to share my special day with you, twin sis!

Happy birthday to me and to you!
Isn’t it funny how it’s impossible for me to
forget your birthday, yet totally possible
for me to forget to get you a gift!

I have no excuses but really, who needs
fancy prezzies when we have each other!

I don’t want to speak for you, but a twin
sister like you is the best gift life could’ve
given me! Happy birthday to us!
Two tremendous twins are celebrating their birthday today: me and my sister!

I am so excited to celebrate this special day with all of our friends and family!
It’s my birthday today and although
I don’t get it all to myself, that's okay
because I get to share it with my twin
and best friend in the world!
My beloved twin sister,
We share a connection 
That runs deep, 
A bond truly unique
Built strong enough
To last all eternity.
You’re a faithful companion
Through and through, and
I know I’ll always have
A true friend in you.
As much as I would like today all to myself, I’m also happy that I’m able to share it with my twin sister!

We’re lucky to be a part of a unique minority that has this privilege, and I’m proud to be the twin of such a wonderful human being!

Happy birthday to us and here’s to many more birthdays together, sis!
As twins, we possess a truly special
bond and I feel so blessed that we’ve
been able to share our journey through
life together since day one.

I’m sending lots of love your way today
as we celebrate yet another birthday
of ours, sis!