124+ Birthday Wishes for Your Younger Sister That Will Touch Her Heart

Happy birthday to my little sis who is blossoming into a beautiful young woman!

I’m so proud of the person you’re becoming, my dear!
There aren’t many little brothers
Who are quite as lucky as you
That have an elder sister like me
As in the world, there are few!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, sis!

You know that I’ll always support you in achieving your dreams unless, of course, that dream is wanting to be younger! I’m not a miracle-maker!
I’ve always looked up to you, sis.

When we were younger it was simply because you were taller than me so I didn’t have a choice, but now it’s because I actually respect and admire you!

Happy birthday to you today.
Happy birthday, sis! Although you can’t rewind and get any younger, at least we can stop counting from this year onwards to make sure you don’t get any older!
It’s no secret that we all wish we were younger, but I hope for your sake that wish comes true for you! You need it more than most, sis!

May you have a truly wonderful birthday and a calm year ahead!
Happy birthday to you today, sis!

Isn’t it funny how when we were
younger we would annoy each other
and never want to hang out together,
but nowadays all I wish for is that we
could spend more time together! 
Happy birthday from your better-looking
and totally awesome younger sibling!

It can’t have been easy growing up with
me, especially as I would get away with
anything! Don’t feel bad though, sis, the
younger sibling is always the favorite of
the family!
Sure, you’ve still got some growing
up to do but you’re definitely getting
there, little bro!

Happy birthday from your fabulous
elder sister!
The best brother in the world deserves
the very best wishes on his birthday…
I hope that guy has a wonderful day,
wherever he is!

Of course, I hope you have a great
birthday too, little bro! Happy birthday
from your fabulous elder sister!
Many see getting older
As something that is
Annoying and a bore
But to me, I think it’s  
Only a good thing
As I only like you better
Each year more and more!

Happy birthday from your
Favorite younger brother, sis!
Happy birthday, sis!

When we were younger, there were definitely times where I couldn’t stand to be around you. Nowadays, I can’t stand being away from you!
Happy birthday, sis!

It might appear obvious who’s the
youngest between me and you, but
only we really know the truth!

I’m happy to keep the secret if you are!

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