Happy Birthday to Someone with a Big Heart

60 happy birthday wishes found:

Somebody with the biggest, brightest, most giving heart is celebrating their birthday today!

May it be a joyous occasion that’s one to remember, filled with love from all those around you who adore you for the wonderful person that you are!
Today is your special day, but you must know that I am the one who is blessed for having someone as dear as you in my life.

Your heart is always growing and your kindness knows no bounds, my friend. Happy birthday to you.
I’m wishing you a splendid birthday
today that’s full of love!

You are such a special person and a
decent human being who touches the
hearts of so many.

You really do deserve to be celebrated
more than just once a year.
A person as generous and as giving as you deserves to receive the same treatment once in a while, and especially so on your special day.

May you have a day full of happy moments that leaves you with some truly incredible memories to cherish. Happy birthday.
I have never met anybody with a more
giving or more generous heart than you.
I feel very blessed to know such a
special human being.

I hope your birthday today warms your
heart and charges it with enough love
to see you through the year ahead.
Happy birthday, my dear.

You have the kindest and most giving
heart of anyone I know, and year after
year it only seems to grow.

I hope your special day today shows
you the same kindness you show
everyone else.
I’m sending out the most wonderful
wishes today, for someone very
special is celebrating their birthday!

I hope your special day this year
leaves your heart feeling full, as
you are just the kindest person
with the most giving nature.
Someone as special as you deserves
a fabulous day full of celebration!

You are the warmest, kindest, most
considerate person there is, and I feel
very blessed to be able to celebrate
this wonderful occasion with you.
Happy birthday to you today.
There are few things in life as precious as
a kind-natured friend with a good heart.

I can always rely on you as you are all of
that to me and more, my dear.

May you have a really lovely birthday
this year.
For someone who gives so much to everyone else all the time, today is your turn to be spoiled as it’s your special day.

There really is no limit to your generosity.

May you have a truly wonderful day today, happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, dear. May you always be the caring soul that you are, as you have a lot of love to give from that big, kind heart of yours.
To have a friend
With a heart so full
Truly is one of the
Best gifts of all.

For all that you are
And all that you do
I’m wishing the happiest
Of birthdays to you.

Enjoy your special day,
My dear friend.
On your special day this year, I’m wishing
for only love, joy, and happiness to bless
your life!

You’re a kind man with a big heart and
deserve all of life’s wonders to flood your
days! Happy birthday to you!
Happy 7th birthday to the loveliest
little youngster!

You are just the sweetest, kindest
kid I know and you have a big heart
with a lot of love to give!

I hope that this birthday brings you
lots of happiness and lots of gifts!
You have a big heart
Full of warmth and care
With so much to give
And so much to share!

Happy birthday to you!

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